Dylan Jhugroo

Why its ‘no-worries’ for the Wolfpack

After the Toronto Wolfpack fell 28-10 to the Castleford Tigers last Sunday, here's why there's less cause for concern than meets the eye.

How the Draft system could work in the NRL

The NRL aims to create the most level playing field it can year-in, year-out. Is this the next major move they make?

Anthony Seibold – The most overrated coach in the NRL?

With Brisbane's abysmal start to the season, is it time to start pointing fingers?

Why as a Rooster, I want the club to relocate

With expansion/relocation the hottest topic in the NRL right now, here's why it should be the boys from Bondi being the first to pack their bags...

The Story of Young Dylan Parker

When Dylan Parker went down in his Gold Coast Junior League match, he certainly didn't expect this to happen...

The two sides of the coin at the crisis-ridden Bulldogs

The second half of the 2018 season was tough for the Dogs, but what about one of the best feel good stories of the year?

Why the NRL assault cases are letting the game down

With the current headlines circulating the rugby league world, the players are letting the game down and hindering its development.

How the RLWC is changing the game as we know it

Despite still being over 1000 days away, the ball is well and truly rolling on the next RLWC, which this time, is so much more than a tournament.

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