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  1. Heads up Fiji. Bravo to the Bati. Take a bow. Tremendous achievement at this WC and so much to be proud of. Unfortunnately a terrible start made an exceptionally difficult hill to climb impossible. No shame in that though. Learn from it and move on.

    The one positive I can see from the loss is that it virtually guarantees that Pappa Smurf won’t get the silverware and no statue at Suncorp stadium either. That is assuming England do the unthinkable and defeat Tonga today.

    Nothing against England english fans but you need a new coach who isn’t still locked in the past. Look at your halves alone and you can see he has lost the plot.

    I don’t see anything new, enterprising or creative coming out of England today. Unlike Australia. Their opening try was pure genius! I’m not sure whether it is Meninga or “the Big 3” or all of the above that deserve the credit. They really played the old ball and 3 cups hustle on Vunivalu. Had Slater received the ball (as he ALWAYS does) in that block play Vuni would have creamed him. But he didn’t. He came rushing in (as Australua KNEW he would) and opened a corridor down the sideline for Valentine Holmes. It was a gift and along with Hayne’s ill-discipline, poor pass selection and inability to control the team under pressure Fiji sadly never recovered. Great effort Fiji nonetheless.

    Can’t wait for Tonga to stand upto England this afternoon. Go Tonga!

    • Tonga may not have triumphed but after a VERY controversial last second call which decided the match they had every reason to feel upset. But boy oh boy did Tonga stand up to England!

  2. We were never going to beat Cam Smith and the referee tonight. Albeit we made it extremely hard for ourselves with the rubbish game we played, let’s face it if the game went down to the wire, Cam would have gestured to the ref to pull out the bias calls and decisions.

    All in all well done Bati. You have made us proud. 3 consecutive semi finals isn’t a bad result. Let’s hope next time round, with a couple of better key players and retaining the current key players along with a better structured game we will go 1 better.

    We are proud of you Bati!!!

    Los’e time boys!

    • Maybe you just need Pappa Smurf? Perhaps Cam Smith holidayed in Fiji once just long enough to stake a claim? For me I felt they lost in the first 20 mins mate. They were overawed by the occasion which is understandable. When Hayne was hit late by Klemmer and no penalty was forthcoming and Hayne then tried to square up against Slater the refs drew the line in the sand from that moment. Beyond other ill-discipline that gave the Aussies good field position two glaring errors by Vunivalu that resulted in 2 tries send the Bati’s WC into a downwards spiral they never recovered from. I would have been very happy to see Fiji vs Tonga final but it was not meant to be and I would not have liked to see any chance of Bennett win a WC with England without them having to go through Australia first to prove themselves. Like you said there is much to be proud of in the Fijian boys efforts and performance overall and at least you were spared the heartache of what Tonga has been forced to endure.

      But of course the NRL won’t have any problem with that, just like skipper in Madagascar, Greenberg will just say; “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.”

    • I forgot to mention greenlabel, although there was no mention made of it, the head on angle of the Slater try clearly shows him catching a pass on on side of an Australian player before running behind them to the other side. Clear obstruction but no call. They may say that the defenders were not interfered with but just where do they draw the line and for whom?

      • I responded to your response but typical zero tackle did not load it.

        Not bothered to repeat myself again. All I’ll say is I’m very much in agreement of you SSTID.

        • Next time hit the back arrow on your browser (either on your PC or phone) and what you typed will still be there. Try to review what you have written to see if there are any words that may be filtered or blocked. Just a tip. Don’t let yourself be silenced mate. We need people who can make sense, see reason and articulate themselves clearly on this site.

  3. SSTID, I didn’t write anything vulgar, it was just too lengthy and decisive for zero tackle to handle 😂😂😂

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