26. People who claim Queensland’s success at Origin level has come mainly due to loyalty infuriate me. It’s easy to pick and stick when your spine contains the likes of Slater, Cronk, Thurston and Smith. QLD pick and stick due to success. NSW sticking with a losing side is akin to banging ones head on the table over and over. The argument is ludicrous. They’re loyal due to success, not the other way around.

27. I’m not sure reducing the number of interchanges has that big of an affect. Forwards are now fitter and capable of playing bigger minutes. There are still many teams carrying utilities on the bench, which was expected to reduce as teams named four forwards to counter the reduced interchange,

28. Unless the Warriors win eight of their next ten games, Andrew McFadden’s coaching reign will be over. Trent Barrett and Jason Taylor may join him if results don’t pick up. My money is still on McFadden as first coach let go.

29. The Eels can look to the Storm for motivation in the wake of their salary cap dramas. The Storm were expected to be torn apart after their second set of books were uncovered. The only horror season the Storm suffered was the year they were unable to play for points. They’ve been fine since.

30. I’m pretty sure I said this last year, and unless it changes I’ll say it again next year, but NRL jerseys are ridiculously expensive. It’s cheaper to buy a Premier League jersey and have it shipped internationally than it is to buy an NRL jersey on game day.

PART 1: 50 Random NRL Thoughts


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