AMI Stadium


  1. Take a bow Tonga and Lebanon. Wow! What a game. Three disallowed tries to Lebanon was the the difference in a two point loss. The obstruction try was a tough call but fair (the Cedars forward was lazy and should have run through the defensive line but stopped. There was little in it but it was enough. On two occasions Mitchell Moses made a half break inside the Togan 20 and looked to offload and both times there was no support. Each break would have lead to a try. A lack of effort on effort on those two half chances cost the Cedars dear. But WHAT an effort! Both teams showed how RL SHOULD be played. Open, fluid and unrestrained by boring structures and premeditated sets. Well done BOTH teams and congrats to Tonga (everyone’s sentimental favourites) on surviving this one. When you consider how the Cedars were robbed against England they should have finished ahead of the lackluster poms who have been Pappa Smurfed to sleep. Had that been the case they would have been a real chance of beating PNG and going through to a semi-final. Great tournament Lebanon and good luck Tonga!

      • Same thing against England with an English referee and English bunker officials and some VERY questionable calls. One could almost say that there is a pattern. Surely not? I thought Australians WANTED to see the underdog get up?

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