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Brookvale has traditionally been a happy home for the Sea Eagles over the past decade, however, this season, it had been quite the opposite.

They’ll look to overturn their 1-5 record against a Raiders side looking to build on two successive wins in recent weeks.

While not overly convincing last week, they did enough to get over the line against the Roosters and will welcome back Josh Papalii from Origin duty this week.

Their edge combination of Joey Leilua and Jordan Rapana is getting stronger from week to week and will need to be strong this week against Jorge Taufua and Dylan Walker.

Manly have a big opportunity to take another step up the ladder this week and will do so on the back of Daly Cherry-Evans and Jake Trbojevic once again. The latter, in particular, has starred in 2017 and the Sea Eagles will need him to continue that form in the second half of the season as they push for a top-four berth.

The bookies have this one split right down the middle, but we’ll back the Raiders to steal one away from home in a high-scoring affair.

Raiders by 4.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Sea Eagles   Raiders
4 Tries 3
2 Conversions 3
Penalty Goals 1
1 Field Goals


Sea Eagles   Raiders
171 All Runs 183
1,623 All Run Metres 1,589
3 Line Breaks 3
13 Offloads 13


Sea Eagles   Raiders
614 Kick Metres 327
272 Tackles 310
48 Missed Tackles 27


Sea Eagles   Raiders
6 Penalties Conceded 4
8 Errors 15
Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats

Top Run Metres

Jordan Rapana243
Martin Taupau227
Matthew Wright197
Junior Paulo161
Jack Wighton157

Top Kick Metres

Daly Cherry-Evans349
Blake Green199
Blake Austin164
Aidan Sezer132
Dylan Walker66




  1. Walker is a must pick for the blues! What he produced today in one game was more than Dugan and Hayne have done in the last 2 years. And DCE keeps proving that he is the next best half behind Cronk and JT in fact he’s been better than both of them this year. QLD are stupid if they don’t pick dce, their loss his manlys gain. #WORTHHISCONTRACT100%

    • As Tallis said, Queensland are a mafia, screw one of the clubs over and you’ve screwed all of them, including the QRL. He won’t be picked for Origin for the remainder of his career. He has also had troubles with senior players playing for both Manly, and Queensland. They say he plays for himself which doesn’t surprise me. With an attitude that he’s got, I’m glad he back flipped on the Titans.
      Ash Taylor and Milford be the next gen halves. Behind them will be Norman, Hunt, Morgan and possibly Elgey. DCE won’t ever be picked regardless of his form.

      • His attitude is great and look at what he has done for manly already in his career. Best halfback behind Cronk and JT and next year will be the number 1 half in the game. QLD are seriously the selfish ones, I’m glad he backflipped, if he hadn’t hve we would have been stuck with a turnstile at 7 lol.

      • Gorden Tallis is the biggest hypocrite in rugby league history, he’s calling out DCE for backflipping on the Titans yet he sat the whole season at Dragons not wanting to play. As for DCE, he’s been one of the best halves this season and is one of the reasons why Manly are dong so well this season.

    • Yes he had a great game, but again, as they won there will only be forced changes. So unless Dugan or Hayne, or Morris or Fergo are injured he won’t be picked this year. Even then there is every chance Bird will start. If he keeps up his form he will be there next year.

      For the record your future team on the Dugan article looks pretty spot on I think.

    • Really? because looking at a quick comparison I did on

      DCE is actually last for everything, including line breaks, except for tackles made and try assists (Ash Taylor would be in front if it wasn’t for the Titans playing crap over the weekend.) So no, you’re wrong, it does boil down to form. However, the fact that he’s an absolute w*nker who only plays for himself, and the fact that he backflipped on a Queensland team at the eleventh hour despite signing a contract (look it up mate, he put pen to paper), doesn’t help his case for selection 🙂

      • Who would want to go to the Cocaine capital of Australia! If he play for himself then I present you last year vs Knights he gave the ball to starling instead scoring himself. DCE is a great player and inspirational skipper! And a great person, not selfish at all! And he is the form Halfback of the NRL and 3 best in the league, I don’t see Taylor winning any games single handedly!

  2. As a Manly fan I hope you’re right about your last sentence. If Qld keep losing it may test their reluctance to pick the best players though. On that point, DCE is ahead of all the players you listed for line breaks and most other stats- so it will boil down to politics over form. His leadership at club level is outstanding and the team is responding, so I don’t see the attitude problems you are asserting.
    Tallis proved himself in his playing days to be void of morality when he sat out his St George contract. For him to lecture DCE (who acted entirely within the rules and never had a contract in place with the Titans) on what is wrong or right, is hypocrisy in the extreme.

    • Really? because looking at a quick comparison I did on

      DCE is actually last for everything, including line breaks, except for tackles made and try assists (Ash Taylor would be in front if it wasn’t for the Titans playing crap over the weekend.) So no, you’re wrong, it does boil down to form. However, the fact that he’s an absolute w*nker who only plays for himself, and the fact that he backflipped on a Queensland team at the eleventh hour despite signing a contract (look it up mate, he put pen to paper), doesn’t help his case for selection 🙂

      • You must be related to Gordon Tallis or something Titans2012, so single minded and facetious towards an excellent NBR 7 and this year is ahead of many others in his position. Maybe you have many memory losses or dont look at statistics to much but you need to do a bit of homework. In reality I was quite happy he was not picked as he was available and fully fit to represent Manly and was at the peril of Qld in Origin 1. Go and visit Gordy’s Dr and maybe he can fix your memory lapses. Get a life and move on.

    • Stats aren’t everything, DCE is winning games while Taylor is doing nothing of the sort and couldn’t tackle a kitten!

      DCE has all these on his record

      Rookie of the year
      First year premiership
      Runner up dally m 2013
      Clive Churchill 2013 (on losing team)
      Halfback of the year 2014
      Tests for Australia
      Origins for QLD

      DCE should be next in line Wether you like or not he is also the best halfback in game at the moment based on form and leadership.

  3. Haha just checked the stats

    DCE 11 try assists Taylor 10 try assists
    DCE 10 Line break assists Taylor 3 Line break assists
    DCE 293 tackles Taylor 172 tackles
    DCE 27 missed tackles Taylor 43 missed tackles
    DCE 15 tackles breaks Taylor 14 tackle breaks

    • DCE missed tackles…27
      Taylor missed tackles…47
      That says it all!
      It was good to see all the Manly supporters at CBUS Stadium..once again the away teams dominate the crowd!

  4. The only change I would make to the Blues would be to replace Dugan. Walker would be my choice, but i wouldn’t be opposed to Crocker either.

    A for DCE, i feel like QLD have been playing the Cronk/Thurston way for so long now that when they put DCE or Milford in, they cant play their style, which will be hard for someone who is used to running a team like DCE, or playing off the cuff like Milford. As a Manly fan, I dont mind if he never gets picked

  5. Off topic but was wondering what the manly supporters on here think. we have snakes and matais money to spend next year, I know we upgraded a couple but would of though killers salary covered most from last year,and with the salary increase we should have a lot to spend but haven’t really heard of players being linked to Manly. We need another forward and backrower what are people’s thoughts???

    • Top line prop, second rower, and another winger. But no one really worth it on the market this year except Jordan Kahu, can kick goals and is very versatile.

      • Why do we need a winger, Uate and Taufua are doing a fantastic job. Jorge is playing his best footy in his career, his carries are beast. He may struggle under the high ball but he makes up for it with his carries and try scoring ability.

        Second rowers is covered with Sironen and Winterstein, resign Frank and bring in Ben Trbojevic.

        I feel like we need a prop, someone like Klemmer would fit perfectly in our side. He’s very close with Jake too which is positive.

        • 1 Trbojevic
          2 Taufua
          3 Walker
          4 Kelly
          5 Uate
          6 Green
          7 Cherry-Evans
          8 ?
          9 Koroisau
          10 Taupau
          11 ?
          12 Sironen
          13 Trbojevic

          14 Hastings
          15 Perrett
          16 ?
          17 Fonua-Blake

          Taufua should be re signed but the ACL will affect his negotiations, I’d keep him, one of the best wingers in the comp atm but would not surprise me if he is cut loose by the club. We need a big name prop who makes heaps of meters, wait till next year though no one good to buy this year. Second row is very weak, both are doing a solid job but both are on notice and we need quality backrower who run good lines, again wait till next year. And another backrower on the bench would be nice, Alex Glenn would be my pick or wait for next year.

        • Thanks for the replys.
          I dont think we need a winger either, I’m a massive taufau fan and uate great we have Parker and the wrights as backups. My eyes certainly lit up about klemmer but surely he won’t leave dogs. Would give anything for Fifita I think winterstein doing a good job this year but a top notch backrower be awesome, think sironen will only improve so happy for him to stay. Personally happy with or whole 1-7, kelly been great and so has green, and once he goes Hastings would slip into 5/8th or tom wright, once he ready. There doesn’t seem many props this year, matulino would of been good but he tigers bound. Hope they don’t waste the money on goats instead of waiting a year…

        • Manly are lacking a bit up front but dont forget they have this monster of a young gun coming through that they signed from the Tigers earlier in the season. He stands tall at 199cm and around the 120kg category, I watched some video of him a few months back and he is huge, strong, fast, mobile and good defensively. Why the tigers let him go I dont know as many clubs were interested in him. Unusual name and can not remember it.

        • Lawrence and Myles are apparently leaving at seasons end, wouldn’t mind Klemmer but most likely going to stay with Dogs. Winterstein is doing his job, nothing fancy but gets the job done (Just needs to get more involved).

          How good is AFB and Perrett being off the bench this year, these two needs to be re-signed. I feel Paseka is going to replace Lawrence, I think he’ll be great off the bench especially with the body he has. A bench like this will destroy other teams –

          14. Jackson Hastings
          15. Addin Fonua-Blake
          16. Lloyd Perrett
          17. Taniela Paseka

        • I would be a happy chappy if Myles left and the sooner the better but will be very disappointed if Lawrance leaves at the end of the year. Myles is now basically useless and the Qld selectors did manly a favour by picking him for Origin 1 and getting injured. He was the worst player for Qld.

        • Certainly won’t loose sleep over forrid leaving, but I’m a fan of brenton lawrnece, but think he will go also. Someone like knights would benefit huge from his experience and no nonsense leadership. Thatnwould he a great bench and yep AFB been huge this year. Still think we need a big prop to start and a quality backrower to play on the left

  6. One stat that you can’t rate for DCE is the knob factor. The Maroon’s camp won’t have a bar of him, due to the extreme rating on this factor.
    He keep’s showing his class in the way he manipulated the Sea Eagles over the Titan’s deal, the way that he conducted himself on the Croker kick, it’s endless.
    Yes, he is playing well, yes Manly are going very well. What happens when the chips are down & Manly aren’t in it. DCE will reflect that.

    • Your entitled to your opinion, but the chatting at the croker kick was justified by the way raiders done waybworse to Dylan walker 4 weeks back, if I was the manly captain I woulda been doing and saying a lot worse to croker then dce actually did.

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