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The Bunnies had their season ended in the Shire last Friday night, yet can be somewhat proud of their efforts. They pushed the premiers all the way, and had a few things gone their way, who knows?

The Raiders had it all to play for last weekend, yet came up short against the Storm, despite last year’s Grand Finalists being without Billy Slater and Cameron Smith for an extended time.

Ricky Stuarts downright strange attack on the referees was an obvious ploy to deflect attention from the loss, but the equation is now simple, lose on Saturday, and whatever slim hopes of finals footy are dead and buried.

Cody Walker moves back into the halves, and FINALLY, we see Damian Cook named in the run on side. Bunnies fans will be asking why these changes weren’t made a month ago, or more. Too little, too late.

Raiders 7.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Rabbitohs   Raiders
3 Tries 5
3 Conversions 5
Penalty Goals 1
Field Goals


Rabbitohs   Raiders
156 All Runs 185
1,496 All Run Metres 1,689
1 Line Breaks 6
10 Offloads 12


Rabbitohs   Raiders
356 Kick Metres 468
343 Tackles 271
36 Missed Tackles 35


Rabbitohs   Raiders
9 Penalties Conceded 10
13 Errors 10
1 Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats

Top Linebreak Assists

Blake Austin2
Josh Hodgson1
Jarrod Croker1
Jack Wighton1
Cody Walker1

Top Kick Metres

Adam Reynolds234
Aidan Sezer229
Blake Austin198
Cody Walker36
Angus Crichton33




  1. If Souths reckon a fit Inglis and Gaigai will propel Souths to next years premiership or even a top 4 semi spot there dreaming, next to Canberra (Ricky Stewart) we are the worst coached team in the comp, bar none, Ricky can go on all he likes about how good Canberra was , the fact is his team should be contending, not missing the finals, if Souths don’t make changes to the coaching staff and players, more the coaching staff, re- head coach, we will have another gap year next year, if only Cleary had still been available , but regardless Maguire has to go.

    Please Souths bite the bullet and re-invent our team.

  2. I think they’ll give Madge 4 – 6 games next year.. I would have gotten rid of him last year.. team looks very stale..
    On the flip side (season was over a long time ago) – we need to look for positives… Cam Murray to hold down a starting backrower spot next year Sutton will struggle to keep his spot (assuming they re-sign him)..

  3. Penso and 1eyed, as an impartional outsider looking in, the biggest problem appears to be your props.

    Madge has done an awesome job as a coach in his early years, and unless he has lost interest / passion, and I doubt that, he’s probably not your problem. He’s turning rookies into FG’s, Chrichton the most impressive, and has been trying things, albeit some, like Sutton to 5/8, which I can see the basis, haven’t worked.

    But look at your props. They struggle to hold onto the ball, let alone get any (successful) offloads or line breaks. There’s not much wrong with the rest of side, and getting Inglis back, and bringing in Gagai seriously firms that up, but if the Burntus bros. (Tom and George), keep turning the ball over, and you don’t have alternatives, a new coach will have the same fundamental problem.

    • eels, what you said makes sense for sure, and i appreciate your imput, to me i think we need change and your suggestion about needing a prop is correct, we need a good prop, but i feel that perhaps a change in the coaching structure could refresh the club, Maguire is a good coach and he would be awesome at say the Warriors, but right now we need to start again, he is out of ideas.

      • he’s a bit like Des in that regard isn’t he?
        Yes, the style of play won them a premiership, but the game is played differently now and as a coach you need to change with the times….you would think that Madge with his tutelage under Bellamy would be one to know when to do it.
        There is a good nucleus with likes of Gagai, Johnston, Reynolds, Sammy Boi and Crichton but outside of that the others haven’t risen to the challenge.
        Maybe too much salary cap tied up in under performing forwards and players who seem to be injured or missing more than they are on the field (inglis, grey, etc).
        You need to seriously off load to Tom and George back to the super league, the return on investment in those two is seriously poor and has been since 2014.

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