CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 15: Blake Green of the Storm is tackled during the round 23 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Melbourne Storm at GIO Stadium on August 15, 2016 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Despite being heavily linked with a move to Manly, Storm five-eighth Blake Green has decided he’ll wait until the end of the season to announce his future.

Green moved to Melbourne in 2015 and has made a massive influence in purple colours over the past two years, but said on Monday he’ll be focusing on the finals series and nothing more until the season is over.

“I think I’ll probably wait [until after the season is over] to be honest. The main focus is making sure we win our footy games, we don’t need any distractions for the team,” Green said.

“The main focus at the moment is just making sure we get back into some form heading into the finals, so I’m sure that’ll sort itself out in due course.”

A move to Manly is widely tipped as the 29-year-old’s destination, although he nor the Storm will confirm his future until the season comes to an end.


  1. I love how manly were talking up 2017 with Vave and now, since he signed with parra, he’s a dud they didn’t want.

    • Fatty why you such a knob Manly have money…Vave is not worth what Parra are paying that is why he is leaving. Parra again are paying overs. Go back and read your collection of MR MEN books-you twat.

  2. Oh Vave not worth the money but your keeping myles and brown ?
    Manly fans and their desparate and pathetic comments here make me puke.

    • @ phatty

      not sure you can call Manly fans desperate or pathetic, however, i find cheating the cap desperate and pathetic.

      Keep posting junk mate – this will actually be fun for most readers, even the other parra fans that you’re disgracing.

        • Geez It’s taken me a while but I feel the need to reply to your gronk comments mate!

          If there was fixing involved the NSW Police would have not come out and stated that MWSE have completely abided by the rules and regs as found in their investigation.

          Secondly, good on you for enjoying the Vave signing- clearly you have been watching some Manly games! (I flick off the TV whenever Parra come on)

          Finally, do you think we care what Wolfman thinks? Such a sad reference! I hear silverwater is housing some users and abusers, you should notify recruitment.

        • Ahhhh Fathead,

          Manly has had an independent investigation done – nothing found. And the NSW police crime and corruption mob haven’t even bothered with an investigation. A media beat up caused by some crack head who Hayson pissed off (probably you).

          It’s the gambling on Parra games in 2016 that you’ll need to worry about. A cover up by players and administration. Parra let Foran go to try and sweep it under the carpet… But they’re already onto you. Investigation ongoing but will come to a head in the offseason.
          You have about 6 weeks before your club goes through another scandal.

          Cheating the cap, paying players in brown paper bags in car parks, betting cover ups… Is there anything your club won’t do?

          And to top it off – your still over the cap for 2017 (Choc and Foran payouts) but the NRL feels sorry for you. Lucky escape for a cheating club.

    • Mules and brown are contracted to manly, would cost too much to pay them out to play elsewhere, and besides brown has been quite handy his year with injuries through the team. Vave wasn’t signed and manly have heaps of forwards like him, it’s not that he isn’t good just can’t keep them all. I hear vave is looking to wind down his career also, so where else would he sign

  3. I personally wanted Foran or Hampton as a halfs partner with Johnson at the Warriors in 2017 but Greeny wouldn’t be out of place there and he can kick a FN field goal when required (Tui isn’t a half too)

  4. maybe green got whiff of the stench over on the northern beaches and is having second thoughts – just saying…

  5. mediocre player will fit nicely in with DCE, brown, taupau, williame, wright, leary, starling, parker…….walker, winterstein.. list too long.

  6. concentrate on semis green you will only need to do that 2 weeks in before your out .. then talk manly ..believe that

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