Adam Hayward

NRL Expansion: Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored

Rugby League heartland deserves their own team, writes Adam Hayward 👇

Why ‘expert’ ladder predictions are offensive

Every 'expert' ladder predictions will offend someone out there. And so will this, writes Adam Hayward.

NRL All Stars a cause for celebration, not polarisation

Polarising national anthem debate overshadows All Stars clash.

The Titans can become an NRL powerhouse

The Titans have the resources to build a strong club.

A bandwagoner’s guide to the 2019 NRL finals

A case for each of the finalist's premiership chances and why you should choose them as your bandwagon team.

Manly must expand by inheriting Bears territory

The Sea Eagles must expand beyond the Northern Beaches to grow.

Paul Green and the Cowboys must part ways

Is it time for the Cowboys to go down a different path?

Why the NRL should be hoping Valentine Holmes’ NFL bid fails

Will the NFL become the NRL's newest rival?

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