SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 29: Elijah Taylor of the Panthers is tackled during the round four NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers at Pirtek Stadium on March 29, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Wests Tigers are pleased to announce the signing of former New Zealand International Elijah Taylor from the Penrith Panthers.

The 26-year-old has been granted an immediate release from the Panthers and will join Wests Tigers training next week following his commitments with the NSW Residents side.

Taylor, primarily a backrower, will significantly bolster the Club’s forward pack and has signed a contract for the remainder of the 2016 season.

With a total of 106 NRL games experience under his belt, as well as 10 Test matches for New Zealand, Taylor is a superb addition to the Club’s playing roster.

Taylor expressed his excitement in securing a new opportunity with Wests Tigers.

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“It’s really good to be here at Wests Tigers,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get into training and meet all of the boys next week.

“There is a good opportunity to play first grade football at the Club.

“I haven’t played a lot of first grade this year so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.”



  1. Great signing for them! Should go straight into the starting team at lock. Now to get a few more forwards. Abraham Papalii from the Roosters is a good start

  2. Sad to see Taylor go, he is a work horse and does a lot for his team in defense, good signing for the Tigers.

  3. Shucks that was fast. I wonder if we even made a play at him, although joining the Tigers would have been a easier move for him in terms of relocating.

    • Probably in nabbing a spot as well. Tigers will through anyone in their team at the moment, just like the Eels did the last few years

  4. this is an amazing signing taylors defence is top class and he can play multiple positions will help tigers a lot. now they need to get some big guys and experienced half and a few backs

  5. this good for ET as he can get away from a toxic coach and playing group. ET best and most consistent prop/lock and other props are crap and not good. cartwright leads missed tackles and thinks he’s top not. the panthers need an overhaul

    • Bryce Cartwright is young, and he will improve. Also Anthony Griffith has done a remarkable job for the Panthers so far.

    • Having a bad day? Nothing more than a toxic comment.
      But in saying that I think ET has made his decision based on the fact Cleary is no longer at the club, and his connection for any favouritism walked out the door when Cleary went. Got to face it ET was well behind some of Penrith’s other options. He will definitely get a start with the Tigers..lets face it what player with any ability wouldn’t.

    • This must be a stitch up. What sport are you watching? The panthers are doing great and I can see them winning a premiership in next 4 years. I’m a sharkie but I would be worried if panthers made the 8

    • You know nothing about rugby league. You must support Souffs. Your name has been noted ‘quey. LOL.

    • ET is a workhorse.
      He doesn’t have the impact when he hits in tackles or when he hits the ball up.
      The game has moved on from guys who are just workhorses.
      I really like him and said to see him go .

    • @quethedoctor bryce Cartwright is playing terrific, he might miss tackles but they’re not tackles that let in tries. If you want to go on stats Daniel vidot had the most metres 2 years ago. (Teams kicked the ball to him because he was carp). Never go on stats moron. Do you even watch games or just read players stats. If so bodene Thompson is warriors best this year which he clearly I’d not.

  6. 8. Aaron Woods
    9. Robbin Farah
    10. Tim Grant
    11. Elijah Taylor
    12. Chris Lawrence
    13. Sauaso Sue

    Decent forward pack, it’s not the best but they can get the job done. Now all they need is an experience halfback (Get rid of Luke Brooks) and a massive prop who can do well with Woods.

    • Not bad, not bad. I’m liking ET at lock, with Sue to join the 4 prop rotation as starting prop. Let Lovett, Rowdy, Sironen and Halatau fight out the 2 2nd rower spots. Alioi and Grant on bench, and Ballin to come back for Robbie soon. Looking up.

  7. Really piss poor comment mate. Not needed here by anyone regardless if it’s a rumour or truth. Very poor taste imo

      • That’s the rumor I didn’t make it up
        redv13 take the dress off geez. cowards left right and center these days. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😭😫😫😫😫

  8. thats a panthers it shows even more how stupid gould is … theres more players to go from the panthers still under gould hes a fool if they get rid of that guy they might have a chance of winning another premiership ..believe that

  9. Tigers need to shed off Farrah, Lawrence, Brooks, Sironen, Halatau and some more players to free up as much cash as possible then hit the player market hard. This should be their hit list-

    Sam Moa-Can provide go forward with Woods

    Luke Lewis-They need a consistent second rower with good defence and can run good lines and score tries and adds experience to a younger team

    Josh Mansour-Need an experienced back to compliment their young talent and can start sets off nicely aswel as score regularly

    Sam Williams-Cool headed player with a strong kicking game and good at controlling play, should be good for Moses

    Charlie Gubb-Has the potential to be a similar player to Taupau, hits hard and can bend the line. Would play him on the edge

    Abraham Papalii-Strong running aggressive player who could be a star with more game time

    Kelepi Tanginoa-Wrecking ball prop who’ll add some mongrel and will be cheap

    I think the majority of their forward pack needs replacing and ET is a great start.

    1. Tedesco
    2. Nofoaluma
    3. Simona
    4. Naqaima
    5. Mansour
    6. Moses
    7. Williams
    8. Woods
    9. Cherrington
    10. Moa
    11. Lewis
    12. Gubb
    13. Taylor

    14. Papalii
    15. Tanginoa
    16. Grant
    17. Aloiai

    That forward pack looks intimidating and has both youth and experience. Also the bench players would be strong impact players that’ll keep the team going forward. Also gives the back line plenty of space and time. I think if they can sign all those players they have a chance at competing with the top teams next year

    • I like the look of that Tigers side. Very strong and promising. That team with no drama at all can definitely challenge for the premiership. Moses to also work on goalkicking. I reckon Gubb can play at lock and Taylor at 2nd row, either way the pack is looking very good.

    • We have Drinkwater and Littlejohn in the halves in the lower grades, we certainly do not need to buy another half. If we lose 1 of Brooks or Moses, then we are fine with those other 2.

      Cherrington will probably go to Penrith, but we have Liddle who’s just as good but cheaper so no worries for hooker (and Rob and Ballin till he comes of age).

      Addo-Carr is our winger in training, certainly dont need Mansour.
      Our four props are Woodsy, Grant, Aloiai and Sue. Another 1 or 2 would be good, but they can come from the lower grades. Perhaps one more decent prop purchase needed.

      2nd rowers/Lock, Lovett is going well, Siro, ET, Rowdy and Halatau, 5 good players for 3 (or 4 positions). A good start.

      All in all I am happy with our team at present, with an addition of 1 more decent prop forward being all that might complete us.

    • They Really only need to remove Farrah, and either Moses or Brooks, and bring in an experienced go forward half. the rest of the team works well without injuries.

  10. Good signing Tigers. Too bad Tedesco is gone for 6 weeks though.

  11. Good signing

    1. Tedesco
    2. Nofoaluma
    3. Simona
    4. Naquiama
    5. Rankin
    6. Moses
    7. Brooks
    8. Woods (C)
    9. Farah
    10. Sue
    11. Lawrence
    12. Taylor
    13. Ballin

    14. Tim Grant
    15. Dean Halatau
    16. Sironen
    17. Cherrington

    • Sirronen?…hahaha.
      He had 7 runs last week and not 1 offload. He hides out in the centres when the tigers are defending..he is a waste of money.

      • He didn’t get as much runs as he normally does because he had Lawrence playing 5/8 and not Moses. He does not hide out in the centres in defence tho, as Moses, Kevin are always on the outside of him. He’s only just finding his feet at the 2nd row position tho, transitioning from a 5/8. I remember it took Wade Graham like 3,4 seasons just to find his feet and now he’s one of the best 2nd rowers in the game. I’m not saying Sironen is gonna turn out like Graham, but he needs time like all of the young tiger players.

        • Well said. And I am curious as to where Ballin will slot in. I still believe JT bought him to push Robbie out, and that backfired, but what now. Lovett is doing alright too. Better stats than Rowdy and Hala.

          Looking a lot better after that abysmal pathetic game vs Raiders. Played with a lot of heart vs Souths. Good sign.

        • Thanks bro and yeah I’ve watched Lovett for years since he played 20s, believe it or not he use to be a prop 😂 But yeah I’m not sure about Ballin, I just don’t wanna lose Cherrington to the panthers, he’s our future hooker just imagine a spine like this in the future:

          1. Tedesco
          6. Moses
          7. Brooks
          9. Cherrington

          People say Moses and Brooks are duds but they’re only 22 this year and have been playing behind a average forward pack for 3/2 years now, we get a good forward pack infront of them and they’ll go good I reckon.

  12. Í like Elijah Taylor. I thought he was destined to become captain of the club. He is worthy of becoming that anywhere in the NRL, but it is not to be at the Panthers. Good luck and all the best. The club went a new direction and so must Elijah.

    Both will prosper.

  13. 1. Tredesco
    2. Nofoluma
    3. Simona
    4. Naiquama
    5. Sign a player ** (Linnett)
    6. Moses
    7. Sign someone ** (Williams/Wallace)
    8. Woods
    9. Farah
    10. Sign someone ** (Fonou-Blake)
    11. Sue
    12. Lawrence
    13. Taylor

    14. Cherrington
    15. Sironen
    16. Grant
    17. Lovett

    18. Halatua
    19. Addo-Car

    Winger: Kane Linnett
    Halfback: Sam Williams Peter Wallace
    Prop: Addin Fonou-Blake

  14. Good on ET for getting out. Panthers going nowhere fast with Griffen as coach.
    Improves the Tigers roster so win win all round

  15. They got good players there, help them realize their potential not allowing them to make better plays. develop them into superstars

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