Experienced forward Todd Lowrie, who had signed with the Newcastle Knights for season 2016, has announced his retirement.

The Newcastle junior made his debut for the Club in 2003 before going on to play for the Parramatta Eels, Melbourne Storm, New Zealand Warriors and the Brisbane Broncos for a total of 202 NRL games.

“I’ve been lucky enough to play in the NRL for a lot longer than I ever thought I would,” Lowrie said.

“I’ve played with some of the best players of all time, enjoyed some success and made plenty of lifelong friends along the way.”

While Lowrie won’t join the Knights on field next season, he looks forward to taking on the Under 20s coaching role.

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    • He called it. Brookvale oval is a Sh!thole. Not being rude or anything, but Manly need a better ground.

      • I agree but brookie is a ground you don’t leave, it’s hard for teams to win there aswell we won’t be leaving a anytime soon just because Morris had a sook

        • The only thing I’d change at brookie is a new stand behind the hill. it would look amazing and fit more fans.

        • Who cares if Brookie is a dump. As long as Manly fans and players love going there and the opposition hate it, it is doing the job.

          We are too quick to remove the character from our stadiums.

      • It is a shit hole lol
        Why I like the aura you get at brookie the turf is rubbish
        It needs a serious makeover

        • Your such a fool. Our turf is great. It had a disease and we fixed it. The council is to blame. everyone hates it but us. Tommy is correct it’s doing its job and doing it well

        • There are grand plans in the works but who knows if and when they will do it. but yeah anz or north syd oval would probably be where we’d play.
          tell you the honest truth I can’t stand watching games at anz. I really like the central coast stadium it’s just the right size. anz is too empty all the time bar origin and the gf. brookie and leichhardt are the best. best atmosphere and passionate fans. I do feel for fans when they come to brookie because they cop it. especially the storm fans hahaha

        • I think Lang Park…sorry Suncorp got the formula right. They kept the essence and shape of the old stadium but upgraded the facilities to first class. The only thing I miss is the hills. It was perfect for families with children who would not want to be confined to a tiny space, sit on a blanket and enjoy a day at the footy.

          Mind you the beer is piss weak, served in a plastic cup, cost as much as a 3 schooners and the food even worse. And there a few options for people who do not wish to eat food that has been re-fried 3 times. Oh and the security are overzealous. If you are carrying a beer DO NOT stand still on the way back to your seat. They will threaten to evict you for loitering with alcohol. No joke.

    • It is called find a source of income to pay the salary for a contracted player who a new coach didn’t recruit, who is not in new coach’s plans and guess what..now wont take cap space. Dragons did that for Dan Hunt.

      Maybe Tigers can convince Farah to take a job picking up glasses at Wests Leagues for 950K a year and he can sit the rest of his contract out with his feet up watching the big screen.

  1. RIP Steve Hanson, a good solid prop for the Bears in the 80’s and the Roosters in the 90’s. I think he even played an origin or two.

    Way too young!!

  2. Anyone know who will be in the all stars team this is my team:


    17.Tom burgess

  3. Solid defender tough little bugger workhorse all round nice guy

    Bit strange though I mean Bennett all but told him he’s done
    And that’s why he was moved on he was adamant he wasn’t done had more to give
    So he signs with the knights just pull the pin weird

  4. Four players from Australia, NZ and the Poms the rest from the Islanders the 3 captains Smith, Graham and Luke plus no more than two players from the same club is the drill for the next allstars if I remember right. World Allstars vs Indigenous Allstars

  5. 1. Tuivasa-Sheck (nz)
    2. Semi (Fiji)
    3. Taufua (Tonga)
    4. Kenny-Dowell (nz2)
    5. Hall (eng)
    6. Widdop (eng2)
    7. Thurston (aust)
    8. Woods (aust2)
    9. Smith (aust3)
    10. Graham (eng3)
    11. Pritchard (Samoa)
    12. Mannering (nz3)
    13. S Burgess (eng4)
    – – – – – – – – – –
    14. Blair (nz4)
    15. Papali (aust4)
    16. Ah Mau (samoa)
    17. K Sims (Fiji)

    Nearly got ever NRL team aswell as only foudke teams being Deagons and Warriors. I chose fan favourite type players aswell as this is what All star teams are like.

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