The  Gold Coast Titans have been given no indication Greg Bird wants to leave the club before his contract expires despite reports linking the forward to the Roosters from 2017.

Reports emerged from Sydney last night that the Roosters were chasing Bird for next season but Gold Coast chief executive Graham Annesley said there was nothing to the speculation.

There have been no official approaches from Bird or his management to the club suggesting he will not fulfil his contract, nor has there been any suggestion the firebrand forward is unhappy despite being passed over for the club captaincy this week.

“There’s nothing to it as far as we’re concerned,’’ Annesley said.

“Birdy’s under contract to the end of 2017 and as far as we’re concerned it’s business as usual.’’

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  1. Go to Roosters and Bird won’t get any holiday during September. Graham Annsley has a point, bird should stay.

  2. They may as well let him go. Use the money to buy someone who will actually have a dig. As long as it doesn’t affect his origin chances. He is such a bonus for Qld.

    • Are you serious?? And high? Greg bird is an origin player. He’s never played a bad game for the blues. Queensland won the last series before a ball was kicked because he couldn’t play. I only wish he was a Queenslander.

    • “Leagueguru” judging by what you just typed. Professional couch coach who’s never played any level of rugby league in his life. – believe this AHAHAH

  3. Bird is one of my most dislike players all because of off field actions. He would of been banned from NRL for life if I was in charge when he glassed that woman.
    In saying that he is a great performer at origin level

  4. Seriously i reckon about 90% of elite players eg. Internationals, Origin get linked with the Roosters.
    Unlimited salary cap. other explanation.

    • Really how many ever sign though really very few its proably just lazy journalism.

      Looking at the last names linked with the Chooks. Fifita nope, Jeremey Smith nope, Farah nope, Jack Bird nope, Alex Johnston nope and Tom Troboavjic all rumoured to go to the chooks and none did its just lazy journalism.
      If the Roosters have an unlimited cap they suck at it they have lost Jennings, RTS, Maloney, SBW and a few others in the last 2 years.

    • Perhaps you should be less gullible and not believe everything you read.
      Tedesco linked with easts, Foran linked with easts, Hayne linked with easts, if I recall correctly Merrin was linked with easts before he signed with Penrith. If easts has an unlimited salary cap as you have been easily led to believe then each of these players would have ended up at Bondi because who wouldn’t want to play for a club that has been at the top end of the comp consistently for the last few years and has a greater chance of winning a premiership than the clubs that the above mentioned players are at.

      There is considerable wealth at easts through its ownership and it’s considered a glamour club because of its location within the wealthiest part of NSW so naturally would-be reporters will link every and any good player with the club, most of these reporters wouldn’t have lasted a weekin the job 20 years ago when their was actual credibility to stories.When easts buy all the elite players then I will be the first to admit you are right about the unlimited salary cap, until then, try to see things for what they are, a mature reporting with no factual information to back up the claims.

  5. balmainmagpies no drama all good waiting for the parra game on fox tonight . interesting to see if the still soft in defence . good luck with the tiges . they will go ok . a solid pack and some good kids around the park . cheers

    • Tigers will finish 13th which is a slight improvement.
      Eels will battle it out for 8th place with Manly and Panthers.

      Looking forward to game 1 Eels vs Broncos. Might go to a pub in Parra and watch it.

      • i think tigers will do better than 13 th .. imo 9th or 10th .. mate as long as the beers cold i would watch it in a prison cell if i had too . parra have a pretty good record over the broncos and also winning there 1st game of the year ,, its the in between that worries me

        • Jennings will do well and likely be the Blues centre again. Michael Gordon should score a lot of points.

        • balmainmagpies
          Posted February 20, 2016 at 9:51 AM
          Seriously i reckon about 90% of elite players eg. Internationals, Origin get linked with the Roosters.
          Unlimited salary cap. other explanation.

  6. He won’t be missed if he goes. He only plays three decent games a year and none of them are in Titans colours. Nate Myles was a bit the same.

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