GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MAY 16: Chris McQueen of the Titans runs the ball during the round 10 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Sydney Roosters at Cbus Super Stadium on May 16, 2016 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Chris McQueen is up for sale and will embark on a tour of Sydney clubs as the Titans face a $1 million contract battle to retain their most consistent forward.

The Courier-Mail can reveal McQueen will visit three Sydney rivals next week after fielding the most lucrative offers of his premiership-winning nine-year NRL career.

McQueen is happy at the Gold Coast, but the Titans have been trumped by rival Sydney offers that have swelled to $900,000 over two seasons.


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          I think st47’s point is that you were quick to criticise his spelling but had no regard for what he was trying to say. So that means people who have English as a second language (regardless of their knowledge of the game) had better not post on this forum for fear of being censored by those who care more about spelling and grammar than the purpose that site exists to serve. In case you missed it, this sites purpose is to discuss and share opinions on the sport of Rugby League.

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      • Back in your hole mate. That is 2 comments, both of which have nothing to do with the article, just having a shot a someone.

        Now, back on topic, $450k per year sounds about right I think. Personally I hope he stays at the Titans, things are looking good there at the moment.

        • I like Macqueen. He’s a whole hearted team player. He will serve any club well and I recon 450k a season is a fair price.

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        • greggo

          $450K – $500K a season is what I think McQueen is worth under the current salary cap system and would love to see him back at Souths for that.

          Just like the Dogs fans and how they feel about Ennis, no one wanted to see him leave the club.

    • I agree mate but too much money for mine. If he can get it good luck to him but if he can shave $450K – $500K off that Souths should sign him.

        • FF2016, I don’t think Chris is worth more than $450K – $500K no. Not under the current salary cap. I may need to revise this upwards under the cap but for now that would be about right even though I love the bloke (in footballing, tribal sense of the word) and would dearly love to see him back at Souths. Currently he does not play enough mins or have a big enough impact on games to command more IMO.

        • I agree with the sentiment about McQueen the player but your statement ‘shave off $450_500k’ makes no sense to me.

          So with that in mind you want to sign him on $200-250k per year. A premiership winner, a former SOO, one of the most consistent players over the past three years and a guy that can cover a lot of positions on the field.

          To me $450k is fair, possibly a little low in comparsion say Vaughan 700-750, Hoffman 500, Myles 500, J Turbo 700

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  1. It would be a shame if McQueen did leave. The Titans have built up a very competitive team. I reckon they will do well this year. However, every year we are seeing players swap clubs. A loss for one club is a gain for another, but it also creates an opportunity for someone else to fill that gap that has been created. Sometimes that opportunity turns up a star (Ash Taylor).

  2. what a strange article becoz chris was looking for a house to buy with his girl friend on the gold coast last weekend?a mate of mine called me up and said he was interested in his house so i doubt chris is going anywhere…

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  4. No chance of him leaving with Zillman off contract The Titans should have a good amount to keep the Nucleus of this side together.

  5. Love watching people that have never played a game of A grade rugby league go at it……the same 3 or 4 people hijacking a story to belittle each other and add nothing to a debate of the real story……please do us all a favour…..if you have nothing constructive to say about the article…..then do say anything!

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