CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 26: Titans players react after John Olive scores a try to win the match during the round four NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Gold Coast Titans at GIO Stadium on March 26, 2016 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Stefan Postles/Getty Images)

Gold Coast somehow got out of Canberra with a victory, but their two competition points could be in jeopardy due to and interchange mix-up.

Titans prop David Shillington is believed to have strayed on to the field of play while five-eighth Tyrone Roberts was seeking treatment for a knee injury.

Ultimately, Roberts stayed in play for as long as he could to save the team an interchange and coach Neil Henry, who questioned why the interchange official would hand over the substitution card before Roberts was off the field, said Shillington was on the field for only “about five seconds”.

If Shillington is found to have run on to the field before Roberts was over the sideline, the Titans risk losing two points that also came about in controversial circumstances.



      • Oh so you had a view that no one else did get real, in anycase FPN lost us that game hands down what a clown

        • What are you talking about lol in the replay where they zoom in you can clearly see the ball millimetres away from the ground with no chance of anyone having their hand under it!! Was a try for all money take off your bias rose colour glasses buddy…

        • Foxsports showed it on the zoomed frame and not to mention the touchie actually did have the best view and he didn’t hesitate. Either way as you say FPN cost you the game

  1. What a disgusting game. What disgusting refereeing. Disgusting by the Bunker. After the Broncos and Cowboys game and now this the Bunker needs to investigated, Bunch of brainless monkeys up their

    • I agree but you have to admit it was a tough game could’ve gone either way plus it was a 9-4 penalty count your way but your team should be proud of that effort they put in they played well but we managed to hold on without DCE hoping he’s alright crossing my fingers

      • @birdgang47 oh absolutely im speaking both ways they got a lot of calls wrong some poor decisions here and there is okay human error will always exist but the referees seemed clueless at times, On a whole game overview I think they were poor Manly were hard done by in a few calls aswell as Toovey says its rediculous

    • Frank Paul is the brainless monkey, but also agree with the brainless bunker, their taking just as long as last year but have to listen to, have a decision going to the board. F ing over it and it’s only Rd 4.

      • The bunker is much faster than previous years. Some calls are very very hard to make they don’t want to get it wrong you can only make half the people happy.

    • I am a Broncos fan so let’s get that out of the way. To me the Broncos game the decisions were fair. If they ruled Gillett knocked on then Thurston knocked on.

      In the Titans game my opinion was that I didn’t believe they got the ball down. As soon as the touchy told the ref to he grounded it and the ref called it a try they were never gonna come back as anything but a try.

      On a side note how great is Ashley Taylor going. He already has better game management than Ben hunt and brooks.

      • I am a big fan of Ben Hunt but Ash Taylor will be the best 7 of his generation. One day Brisbane fans will be talking about how they lost a star, just like Bulldog fans do now.

  2. Roosters have no fight in them. Its hard to stay loyal both this game and Raiders were both games we should have won. Pathetic effort by the team SKD is the only player trying 100% week in week out

  3. The raiders need the calming influence of seizer and Austins running game . Onwards and up from here hopefully

      • Flakes you c0ck drip. Look at the improvement in the Raiders since Ricky got there. He may have gone the wrong way about it but at parramatta he cut 14 drop kicks that were well and truly over paid and under skilled. Since then parramatta have started climbing the ladder. Yes he created salary cap problems but paying overs to the likes Reni matua was never going to give them a chance of improving. How about you use some intellect instead of your never ceasing dribble against the Sharks or Ricky Stuart.

  4. Hayne2rooster they played better then manly because they scored more trys,goal kicking let them down

    • @tonyarcher it makes you wonder who decided Hastings was priority over Maloney. Why let one of our best kickers go when we have no goal kicking replacement, If we got our kicks we beat Raiders aswell so it could be 2-2 stupid

  5. Roosters can’t take a trick at the moment. Just too many faces missing from the past few seasons. I’m sure things will improve when the big names start returning in about 6 weeks. Problem is the damage will be done by then. Chin up roosters fans.

  6. Any news on Dce? moa did the same to walker he’s a dog needs to get suspended but definitely won’t

    • Will roosters give the 2013 trophy back after manly were ripped off? roosters got all the calls tonight especially at the end there. I can already hear the cheque book opening and politis dialing

  7. Aubusson was onside imo. Get rid of the on-field rulings already. If they don’t know what happened just send it upstairs.

  8. Aubusson, was about 2 metres offside on the first original kick not the second kick, whilst there decision was actually right they just called it on the wrong kick. So all worked out fair anyways….

  9. I blame the referee when i watched it live it was a try how could any cameras see it better then him.. the refs need to wake up . Titans are just the underdogs. And raiders will be hard to beat in the finals.
    Milford monbye tedesco… did u see Roberts speed from centre he hit the gas moved over and reeled in milford to get the pass dang that boys fast .

  10. With no loyalty to either side last night, I thought Aubusson was clearly on side and that it should have been a try. Disappointed that the bunker got it wrong

  11. Raiders got robbed again yesterday it happened last year aswell it can’t be a coincidence that all the big game changing calls go against Canberra they would of been in the 8 last season if it wasn’t for the shocking calls that went against them hopefully the same doesn’t happen this year because the Raiders play great footy and don’t deserve this

  12. Great win by manly, if lyon plays well we win. Good to see him have the goalkicking boots on. Manly fans what a f/$king joke the nrl draw is. One 5 day turn around, then a 5 day turn around to play souths. Then 9 days but play in nz on a sat night. Then play parra on a thurs night. How is that fair??

    • Good win last night and the boys played well last night. Walker and DCE combination starting to click, Lyon back at his best. How good was Darcy Lussick last night, IMO he should be starting ahead of Josh Starling…

    • Yep the draw is disgraceful, and we will get clogged by rabbits next week cause they are just going to be too tired and sore to compete for 80 mins, the draw definetely favours some teams and not others, also 2nd year ina row manly has most Monday night games…

      • It’s going to be very hard with cherry out but they have players out too. We can win walker needs to step up lol. Mateo will play 7 I reckon. The draw is a disgrace they talk about player welfare yet….

  13. And also yeah, starling should be no where near 1st grade, hopefully dce not our for long and taupau and Lawrence will make a big difference this week, been our best 2 clearly this year

    • +1 I hope Starling goes back to NSW cup, even Lussick had a better game than him. What’s the options at halves? Isaac John possibly or Mateo.

      • Is there something below nsw cup we can send starling too??? Eels first grade qualifies I guess….. As dce is our main kick in option I’m thinking would have to be Isaac John to come in as he is the only actual half we have the others are more make shift, but with snake Lyon and walker improving and mateo out there ball playing won’t be a problem just kicking might hurt

    • 9-4 penalty count to (Roosters 9 and Manly 4).

      Tom Symonds and Steve Matai out injured before the game. DCE and Buhrer injured on the field.

      The last Roosters try from Daniel Tupou was two meters forward.

      Not bad aye Mr Mreel.

      • Aubusson was never offside. It was a fair try and a major blunder by the ref and the bunker.
        Once again manly needed the ref to get them home.

        • Instead of carrying on and showing how little you actually know, watch the replay… The first kick out in Aubusson is about 3 metres offside and is within 10 metres when they touch the ball again and is obviously involved in the play, so whilst they never looked at that it’s the right decision anyway, and all the injuries and 5 day turnaround roosters had there chances but manly deserved it…

  14. cherry out for a month. does that piece of fecal matter moa get suspended? not even a mention. He tried the same on walker he is a massive dog. must of learnt it off jwh the peasant

  15. The Raiders lost that game themselves…had plenty of chances to go 30+ to put the game beyond doubt. But they didn’t…they relaxed and got done! FPN was just one piece of the puzzle. Shillo should never have scored that try…soft soft soft. It’s our own fault imo…The dogs will run all over us next week if we play contented like that again.

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