Gold Coast say they will not be pushed into expediting a further contract extension to Ash Taylor or Kane Elgey by the reported departure of Ben Hunt to St George Illawarra in 2018.

While the Broncos and Dragons continue to make no public comment over Hunt’s future, many at Red Hill are resigned to the half-back’s eighth year as Brisbane first grader being his last.

If coach Wayne Bennett does not find a way to combat St George Illawarra’s offer within the other salary cap decisions to retain Hunt, he would have a choice of whether there was a suitable alternative at another club for a playmaker in 2018.


  1. Boy, how the wheel turns, wasn’t that long ago that the Titans were a basket case , now they are in control, let’s hope the Titans can keep Taylor and be a force in the NRL, i still can’t get my head around Korbin Sims taking less money to go to the Bronco’s cause he wants to be a Queenslander, what a dumb C..t, and coming from NSW, i hope someone teaches him a lesson, then again, i don’t think they will get the opportunity, as he simple isn’t origin materail.

    • penso, I think you will find they are only talking about $85K on the cap. Goodness knows how much in TPA’s. He won’t be playing for $85K, even the Broncos media liaison officer is on more than that! It’s called “creative accounting” mate. Then when the figures don’t add up it’s called something else in front of a judge! LOL

      • Newcastle have already paid him 90k for this year. Players get a portion of contact paid at preseason. 85 from second tier plus the difference on backdated in next years contract. NRL would not register 85k.

        • Cheers boycee. I thought the Broncos might have been signing him on the second tier cap. Any idea how much they have signed Sims for on the cap?

        • I don’t know. But don’t go via the media reports they just guess. I feel sorry for Newcastle paying 90k to train him for another side. Broncos are very good at upgrading contracts when they lose a player rather than getting a like for like replacement. When Roberts goes they will likely just promote another youngster on a base salary and reallocate his leftover funds. However, they will have to pay him the equivalent in his contract of the 90k Newcastle paid Sims.they can’t allocate all of it.I acknowledge the TPAs and other advantages we exploit but Broncs also manage the cap better than most clubs.

  2. I would be concerned… Broncos will get a superstar player for 2018 season no doubt. In the mean time if Hunt doesn’t perform I’d drop him straight to reserve grade and play Benji or Nikorima at 7

  3. I think the headline is correct – both players have contracts for the next two years and Henry wont be letting anything slip Bennetts way for free…

  4. Never before have the broncos struggled to fill key positions.
    It seems Nolan is not effective as he once was with all the heat from player agents being investigated.

    • +1 – maybe he cant find lunch bags stuffed with cabbage at Officeworks anymore and coupled with good ole Andy Gee no longer being around.
      Still struggle to believe this guy still has a job and has had no recriminations for his alleged involvement in Eels salary cap issues.

  5. I would hope the titans can keep them together as should prove to be a formidable halves pairing for many years to come. But taylor came from the broncos system and those players have a tendency to return at some point.
    Lets all hope its after the titans have won there maiden grand final

    • Wayne’s ego won’t allow him to say he was wrong to choose Hunt over Taylor….. not to mention the broncos “never lose players they want to keep”

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