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In the first article we tackled the finer points of head-to-head, mainly how to build a team and trade. This article is focused around using an overall points strategy, in particularly, navigating the bye rounds.

The biggest difference between head-to-head and playing for overall points is the severe origin and bye round implications. Knowing that these rounds will occur in the middle weeks, we need to avoid having too many origin Gods in our initial starting line up. This means we probably want to put in a few more players like Sonny Bill Williams, Shaun Fensom, Sam Burgess, James Graham, and Issac Luke to start off with, and a few less players like Paul Gallen, Corey Parker, Andrew Fifita, and Robbie Farrah. Cameron Smith however is a must! He is still the most consistent scorer available and while captaincy is worth 2x points, he’s mandatory. Within the second group listed above, it looks like Parker will be the best of them as he regains the kicking duties, and has the captaincy role – both of which will result in more points than 2013. I recommend selecting him as your staple gun second rower, regardless of his origin duties.

One of the best ways of tackling the origin rounds as far as the God’s of fantasy are concerned is to divide the Gods into categories. Then we can plan at what stage we need to bring them in and out of our line up.

  • Entire Season Gods: These are players that we are going to put in our team and barring injury, suspension, or drinking pineapple cruisers on a roof, we will look to keep them for the entire season. Players of this mould are Fensom, SBW, Surgess and Lyon.
  • Starting Gods: They’re big players who we’ll look to start with, but may need to release during the origin period because they are too expensive to have sitting out for weeks on end. These include Smith, Farrah, Gallen, and Inglis
  • Pre Origin pick ups: These are usually players who we wouldn’t consider top dogs, but are still big scorers and because of their non origin nature and a helpful bye schedule they now become must haves. Examples of these players would include Graham, Idris, Tolman, Reynolds, Sutton and Hargreaves.
  • Mid Origin pick ups: These are players who finish their byes early (Manly and Cronulla).
  • Post Origin Gods: These are players who we couldn’t really afford to have in our pre season, but now we have the cash to pick them up and we’re looking for a big run home so they become highly attractive. This can also include players we may have sold in time for the origin rounds but now we need them back. These include Farrah, Gallen, Fifita, Smith, Inglis, and Slater.

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The Players that will do well in the 2014 bye schedule.

Outside of the big dogs we want to look at picking up some of the cheap players who will be replacing the origin stars or getting more minutes because of their absence. I will release a list of these players closer to the time, as they are valuable for generating end of season cash, whilst playing the caretaker role during the bye rounds. Your ability to time the entry and exit of these players into your team will play a huge factor into the result of your overall success (a fine example of this last year was Robert Lui).

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