Anthony Minichiello

With so many great players retiring a the end of the season, we thought we’d see what they’d look like if they all lined up together. Pretty impressive team to be honest.

  1. Anthony Minichiello
  2. Beau Ryan
  3. Brent Tate
  4. Jerome Ropati
  5. Jharal Yow Yeh
  6. Braith Anasta
  7. John Morris
  8. Brett White
  9. Kevin Kingston
  10. Luke Bailey
  11. Ben Smith
  12. Liam Fulton
  13. Ashley Harrison
  14. Michael Witt
  15. Anthony Quinn
  16. Cory Paterson
  17. Jason King

Do you think they any of them could still compete in the NRL or have they all made the right decision to hang up the boots?