Rugby League Podcast

Over the past five years or so the sports media landscape as we know it has changed drastically.

With the drastic emergence of social media and independent websites (Zero Tackle included), there are now so many more platforms for people to have their opinion than ever before.

One of the other mediums that has made a huge emergence is podcasting. Podcasting allows you to choose when you want to listen to your favourite shows. You don’t have to tune in at a certain time like radio. You can listen at home, on the bus, while running or driving your car.

We’ve recently learned of a few #PodcastWarz on Twitter about who is top of the pops and so we want to identify the number one rugby league podcast in the world once and for all!

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So vote for your favourite podcast below and share it with your mates. You might find a new podcast to listen to along the way!


If we have missed any other podcasts let us know!