SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 02: Joseph Tapine of the Knights is tackled during the round 21 NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights at WIN Jubilee Stadium on August 2, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Canberra has signed boom Newcastle backrower Joseph Tapine for the next three seasons on a deal worth close to $1.5 million.

Tapine informed his Knights teammates of his impending move at training on Thursday morning with the club unable to get near Canberra’s monster offer for the 21 year old.

It is understood the Knights’ offer was closer to $1 million.

“We are obviously extremely disappointed because while he is not a local junior, we brought him here and helped develop him,” Knights CEO Matt Gidley said.

“But it’s hard to get your head around the Canberra offer and all I said to Joe was to wish him all the best. It’s difficult to blame him for accepting that sort of an offer.”


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  1. Sticky signing at his best. Seems like massive overs at this stage of his career.
    Guess Paulo is staying at Parra now?

  2. Wow great signing by Canberra, this kid looks the goods from the few first grade appearances he’s had. All the makings to be a genuine superstar of the game.

    • Yes cause we’ve never seen kids show glimpses of promiss then amount to nothing
      He sure as hell inst worth this much money
      He could be the next superstar you say yeah okay
      But he could be the Martin Kennedy
      You know promising young talent next origin superstar signed a massive deal like Tapine
      Then we’ll we know ho that ended up

  3. he’s barely been able to crack the knights NRL squad its usually only through injury and even when he does play he’s nothing special WTF Canberra!!!!

  4. Canberra already has an outstanding back row in Fensom, Soliola and Papalli with Elliot Whitehead coming off the bench I assume. So to me this is kind of a strange signing.

    • There must be a method behind Sticky’s madness…He obviously thinks he’s gonna be worth that sort of coin. I’m gonna wait and see, give it a chance at least…

      • More then happy to back sticky but 500k for a forward who has potential and a lot of it but I am not sure if its smart cap management for the Raiders when they already have such a strong back row.

        This has the potential to be a bad contract IMO but I hope Im wrong and he fulfil his potential cause I like the Raiders and wanna see them do well. Good luck to your team I think they will compete for a spot in the 8.

  5. Wow 450+ a yr!! Well done Tapine for getting that type of coin.
    Hopefully he can reach the level to match the price??
    He has the ability to be a huge name in rugby league… Though he is also like many other 20yr olds in which he only plays well for 15-25minutes a game and is mia the rest.

  6. I’d say this why Newcastle are signing T-rex… But for less then the knights contract offer to Tapine!! Kind of a win for the knights really.
    Can also keep Rockow who is without doubt the best back rower at the club.

    • Defiantly PANGAI Jr is a massive gun… one player Canberra shouldn’t let go. Im pretty sure it was a done deal with Brisbane and money was going to change his mind. especially with Brisbane’s unlimited salary cap who know what he was offered.

  7. He does have promise but that’s a massive amount for some promise. So would that be starting this year or next? Knights were struggling enough now loosing some young talent, although on Canberras part why want him, thy have a good back row that can all play 80 mins were does he even fit in there??

  8. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH green blood nice recruitment going on down there AHAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

      • QUALITY BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH half the people here have no idea who he is. You’re more backwards than Canberra have fun in bottom 4 buddy

        • So because no one has heard of him makes him a bad player does it? Is this your logic? This is the best you can conjure up is it? This is the peak of your intelligence then? “Have fun in the bottom 4”. Mate I don’t have to prove to anyone how much of a idiot you really are, cos you do that all on your own.

        • Funny how you pay 450k a season for a reserve grader with ”””’potential”””” and brisbane sign roberts for 300k a year, gee the difference in clubs is astonishing.

          Don’t let me get in your way bulldogs of your circlejerk.

        • Andrew, yes that is the sad part, Roberts signs for $300k + ??? in TPA and Canberra has to pay full price because they have no TPA, hardly fair but that’s the way it is. Any genuine NRL supporter understand the added benefits that some teams get and others don’t. So fairly silly of you try and compare, its not the same playing field.

        • I dont know if this was possible but you have just proved that ur an even bigger idiot if u believe Roberts is only on 300K.

        • @footyfan its just good busniess. if a desperate bottom 8 team wants to pay 450k a season for a reserve grader with little to no nrl experience go ahead.

    • Good signing Canberra, media always says they pay more than what they do. Probably payed overs anyway but think he will be a top shelf player… No one would even care if Broncos won it as the are allowed to cheat..

  9. Tapine is a solid player and no doubt will be a great buy. was one of Newcastle’s best of the bench in about 4 or 5 games at the and of last yr. with the salary cap going up over the next 3 yrs it will be handy to have players of Tapines calibre on your bench. Might be overs now but in 3 yrs it will be money well spent to he a gun in your roster

    • Mate Tapine only played a handful of games last yr in the wooden spoon side!!! He’s best game all yr was against Brisbane but he still only had 2-3 good runs and that was it.

      • He played 13 games last yr and got better and better as the yr went on.Tapine will be a high quality player in 2 to 3. is no where near a 500k player but by then he will be and Canberra will have him locked up

  10. I don’t know how I’d feel about this if I was a Knights supporter? Assuming to keep him you would have needed to front up at least 400K. Did you dodge a bullet or miss an opportunity?

  11. Oh this sucks… Kid had a future but after the Knights stood my after he f@#ked up and he still leaves he is about as loyal as the local hooker.

  12. Apparently Brown said that if he signs with Canberra he will see out next year in NSW Cup! Lets see if that happens.

  13. Only time will tell mate. #UpThaKnights
    My round one Team line up
    1.Jaelen Feeney
    2.Jake Mamo
    3.Sione Mata’utia
    4.Dane Gagai
    5.Akuila Uate
    6.Jarrod Mullen
    7.Trent Hodkinson
    8.Kade Snowdon
    9.Danny Levi
    10 Korbin Sims
    11.Robbie Rochow
    12.Tony Williams
    13.Jeremy Smith
    14.Tyler Randell
    15.Jack Stockwell
    16.Mickey Paea
    17.Pauli Pauli

    18.David Bhana
    19.Jacob Saifiti
    20.Lachlan Fitzgibbon

    Newcastle Supporters ??
    Good side if not what changes would you make ?

    • Mate Simone is out for RD1, he’s free to play from RD2.

      Williams I highly doubt will be at the club to.. Big rumor but only a rumor!



      Fully fit



    • Good side but seriously, Why on earth would we want Tony Williams? The man is the biggest fairy I’ve ever seen. He’s a proven myth.

  14. 930609

    Also guys and girls if you dont have a supercoach league to enter or you want another one to enter into i have one right here!!!!
    Good luck to all Players and may your team win


  15. uaholeknights, I’m struggling to see where the win for newcastle is . To lose a good up and comer for Dorothy ? No disrespect dude , i always respect your opinion on zt , Not after a fight i now live in the hunter and follow your boys a bit .But this has to be a backwards step for the club imo .

    • Mate for the best part of 500k a yr… The knights would be crazy to pay that amount for him.
      Yes he has a heap of talent and could be a NZ international one day… Though he isn’t yet and IMO won’t be in the next 2yrs either… So he isn’t worth rep player money.. And T-rex is in the same boat really… Has heaps of talent but mite not see it again… Though for half the price tag! He’s a better option at the club needing to keep to a minimal budget.
      They still need another back to fit in the cap as well… Plus trying to keep Rockow who is ATM a much better player then both above players.

      • T-Rex has won a grandfinal and played for NSW and Aus.
        Rochow is massively overated by Knights Fans. Honest toilers are a dime a dozen.

      • very true , i respect that . 500K atm is ridiculous , imo one day he will command that much . Would of loved to see him stay that’s all .

      • Who says that is what Canberra are paying him.
        That is right the media or Knights saw him sign and read his contract.

        Dont be surprised if Canberra are not paying overs but he has told Newcastle that cause he wanted out or to bait them into upping their offer..good player manager skills.!!!!. Easy way to say your reasons for going to leave on amicable terms.
        Not the first and wont be the last to lie to the media or the club they are departing.

  16. Good signing Raiders this kid is a good player but don’t understand why you would pay him that much if he isn’t going to play first grade pretty strange if you ask me

  17. seems like a big gamble by the raiders.
    tying up that sort of money for a possibly future gun player doesn’t make sense especially if he peaks at the end of the contract and can walk away, you knights supporters would have seen more of him than me but i dont see what ricky sees.

  18. Had too google him, he has played 20 1st grade games and has been offered a contract too good to refuse. 500k? Isnt sam thaiday and nate myles on 500k. Absolutely ridiculous!

  19. to pay a player of his calibre that much ..not to sure about him is pretty stupid , he might be a good player but isnt worth the price.. unless they see something in him nobody else does then this signing would be madness , i guess we will see soon won’t we …believe that

  20. I rate Tapine a good prospect, from the little I have seen of him. 500K a year is quite a lot at this stage of his career.

  21. If he was born in the hunter the Knights may have offered more, but not for a nz conscript:) good player though, I think most knights supporters and especially the club expected a tad more loyalty but hey that’s the business…good luck to him

  22. I rate tapine as a good prospect,can wear a shot and looks at home on an egde. Looks alot bigger up close than on the box.Reminds me of when i first saw lolahea from warriors,good natural footy players,both play like they have been there in 1st grade 100 times before.
    I would have tossed tariq welll before tapine.

  23. Interesting conundrum for the Knights. Do you play him and benefit from his services but gift him and Canberra another 15-20 games of priceless experience or ……. demote to nsw cup? Looking at the squad he probably doesn’t make my bench anymore.

    • If I was Brownie I would be playing him this year. Brownie has to do the best he can with the squad he has at his disposal this year.

  24. Can’t remember the blokes name but Stuart did this exact same thing with one of my bulldogs juniors when he was at the Sharks and signed him for $450000 a year I think it was and he never played first grade !! Anyone remember his name? History may repeat for sticky

  25. Canberra
    1. Jack Wighton
    2. Erdrick Lee
    3. Jarrod Crocker
    4. Sisa Waqa
    5. Jordan Rapana
    6. Blake Austin
    7. Aiden Sezer
    8. Josh Papali
    9. Josh Hodgson
    10. Paul Vaughan
    11. Iosia Soliola
    12. Frank Paul-Nuauasala
    13. Shaun Fensom

    14. Kurt Baptise/Adam Clysdale
    15. Joseph Tapine
    16. Elliot Whitehead
    17. Shannon Boyd

    18. Jeff Lima
    19. BJ Leilua
    20. Baptise/Clysdale
    21. Sam Williams

    Good Starters and Depth now. Might be pushing with a lot of other teams to make the 8.

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