Joel Monaghan
Amongst the Wolves

The rumour we all hoped wasn’t true has been confirmed. Canberra Raiders star winger Joel Monaghan admitted to being the man at the centre of an alcohol-fuelled prank which went horribly wrong at the Raiders’ Mad Monday end of season drinks last month.

Disgraced Monaghan has expressed remorse and disgust after a photograph of him simulating a sex act with a dog was published on the internet.

“Joel can’t blame anyone but himself for an act of stupidity that will haunt him for the rest of his life,” Monaghan’s manager, Jim Banaghan said.

The question now is, what will be the fall out from this scandal.

NRL chief executive Mr David Gallop said that he was shocked and appalled at the image circulated.

“We have a system of allowing clubs to take the initial action in relation to disciplinary issues as they are the employers and we will maintain that principle,” Gallop said.

“It is important that the club deals with it appropriately and that it reports to the NRL as soon as possible on the outcomes.”

See the photo of Joel Monaghan and dog, click here (WARNING: explicit image)

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