David Stagg

David Stagg has this morning announced 2015 will be his last season in the NRL.

After a 13-season career, that included a stint with the Bulldogs, Stagg will hang up his worn Nike boots at the end of the season.

Ever the club servant, Stagg said he would continue training until the end of the year in case the Broncos need his terrier-like tackling skills in September.

Stagg has played just one NRL game in 2015, but it was the kind of effort that epitomised his career, doing the job for coach Wayne Bennett in May when all the Broncos’ Origin stars were out.

The humble Norths Aspley junior Stagg currently sits on 205 NRL matches and will retire at the end of the season with many achievements.

“For a guy who has never been the flashiest guy, who just went about his work and did his job for the team, I have been pretty lucky to have played over 100 games for the Broncos and over 200 NRL games,” he said.

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