Sports has always been an accessible mode of entertainment, but during the last few years, it has really gained traction across the world.

There seem to be more talk about sports in our daily lives, and with continuous coverage of events, fans have the opportunity to enjoy games not just held regionally but around the globe.

This increase in sports viewership has also led to a boom in the sports betting world. As a result, 2020-2024 predictions show that sports betting will increase by a whopping $144.44 billion.

Never before has it been so easy and accessible for Rugby League fans to bet on matches, player stats, the premiership race and a whole range of quirky markets.

The flexibility and capacity to customise bets has changed the landscape forever and made every NRL game more appealing to a wider population.

Behind the global success is the fact that more governments are opening up to the concept of sports wagering, be it to allow their constituents to earn money or to collect more taxes. With the idea of sports betting looking bright in the future, we can also expect some significant changes in the business down the line.

For now, though, here are a few things you can already experience.

Live Betting

Technology has been awesome when it comes to the gambling world, making it easier for people to bet from home, and without much hassle. It is because of all the progress we have seen in mobiles and faster internet connections that punters can partake in live betting these days.

If the Panthers, Storm, Eels or Roosters are trailing by a handful of points in a live game, you can pick up the phone and back these powerhouse sides to overrun their opposition with value odds.

Since it is possible to make last-minute wagers through bookmaker apps on your smartphones, one can be watching a game and simultaneously bet on an outcome that might happen a few minutes down the line. Making the entire process more exciting, it is perfect for people who feel a little hesitant about picking up odds days before an actual game.

Merger with Online Casinos

For a long time, the online casino and sports betting industries operated separately. For gamblers, it means that they would have to join a minimum of two websites to have all the options to win money.

Now, most online casinos have a sportsbook as part of their catalogue, and the same is true for bookmakers whose websites often link to games such as slots, poker, and blackjack. Not only does this allow players to bet on sports and play casino games without switching sites, but they can also use their free casino bonuses on either of the two options.

Virtual Gaming

We all know that sports events get cancelled suddenly for different reasons, from weather conditions to political issues. For someone who has waited long to bet on a game, this can be unpleasant. Solving this issue is the growing trend of virtual sports these days.

Virtual games are computer simulations of actual sporting events. While they might lack the social aspect of a real-life game, they are equally thrilling and exciting. The process of betting on virtual games is the same as you would in the physical world. Moreover, punters can indulge in virtual games during the off-season or even as an additional bet to increase their profits.

Stricter Rules

One of the biggest issues with sports betting is that one problem can literally bring down the entire house that took years to build. Any scandal, player cheating episodes, or partaking in illegal activities can take away people’s trust from sports betting.

Let us remind you that the NRL banned all betting on the Dally M Awards after NSW Police charged two men with rorting the 2019 coach of the year category for thousands of dollars.

Therefore, as the popularity of betting on sports grows, expect organisations to be more strict with their players. There is likely going to be more vigilance and random checks to make sure that no one takes the trust of the people for granted. This also means that sports betting will become more secure every day and with governments involves one can indulge in it without a worry in the world.