Jordan Drew

Bronco and Junior Kangaroo centre Jordan Drew is the latest Sharks acquisition, with the young Queenslander set to join the club for the 2016 season.

Drew, who has played one NRL game and was a member of the Bronco NYC team in 2015, has signed on for two years at the Sharks after being released from the final year of his contract by Brisbane.

After making his NRL debut with the Broncos as a teenager back in 2014, Drew played the 2015 season with the Brisbane Under-20’s in a team which finished inside the top four, with the new Sharks recruit crossing for an impressive 19 tries in 22 matches played.

The 20-year-old Drew also has experience at a representative level, this year playing for the Junior Kangaroos in their Test Match against the Junior Kiwis, while he was also afforded the honour of being named in the Holden Cup Under 20’s Team of the Year just a month or so ago.

He will add to the depth of talent in the Sharks squad, complementing the earlier signings of James Maloney, Chad Townsend and more recently Manly forward Jesse Sene-Lafao and is set to put pressure on the incumbent backline stars as he pushes for a place in the Cronulla NRL side next season.

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Drew will join the rest of the Sharks NRL squad for the start of pre-season training early in November.



  1. Wow really? So
    1. Holmes/Bird
    2. Beale
    4. Nu Brown
    5.Gagan/ Leutele
    8. Fiftia
    10. Heighington
    11. Lewis
    12. Sene-Lefao
    14. Barba
    15. Roqicia
    16. Prior
    17. D. Fifita

    18. Tagatese
    20. S. Saluma

  2. Good player, sad to see him go but he wouldn’t be able to crack a spot in first grade for us at the moment. Wish him the best.

  3. 1. Holmes
    2. Gagan
    3. Bird
    4. Drew
    5. Leutele
    6. Brown
    7. Maloney
    8. Fifita
    9. Ennis
    10. Heighington
    11. Lewis
    12. Graham
    13. Gallen

    14. Barba
    15. Tagataese
    16. Fifita
    17. Prior
    If Barba is fullback, then Holmes will be on the wing instead of Gagan, and then the first bench spot can go to another forward or something to replace Barba.

    • Sene-Lefao instead of Prior sorry. He will be number 14 or 17 depending if Barba starts at fullback or plays off the bench.

  4. Sharks have really developed into a good team and good squad now.
    1. Holmes / Gardner
    2. Feki / Gagan
    3. Beale / Saliluma
    4. Bird / Drew
    5. Leutele / Brown
    6. Maloney / Brailey
    7. Townsend / Murphy
    8. A Fifita / D Fifita
    9. Ennis / Pollintoni
    10. Tagatease / Arona
    11. Lewis / Bukuya
    12. Graham / Roqica
    13. Gallen / Prior

    14. Barba
    15. Topou
    16. Sene-Lefao
    17. Heightington

    Probably just need to lure another back up half and further continue he what they are doing.

  5. 1. Holmes
    2. Feki
    3. Leutele
    4. Bird
    5. Beale
    6. Maloney
    7. Townsend
    8. Fifita
    9. Ennis
    10. Heighington
    11. Lewis
    12. Graham
    13. Gallen
    14. Barba
    15. Tagatese
    16. Fifita
    17. Sene-Lefao

    Sharks top 4 spot definitely on the cards.mthe signings of Maloney and Townsend will only improve them. Robson isn’t a loss but Gordon is but Holmes will do a great job at fullback I think he will be a contender fullback of the year and replica when RTS went to fullback from wing

  6. Nice signing, also nice to see some sharks line ups for a change haha
    Personally, I would go for something like this (I know it won’t be the team but yeah…)
    1. Holmes
    2. Feki
    3. Beale
    4. Leutele
    5. Gagan/ Drew/ Rogers
    6. Bird (imo he’s better than the Chad)
    7. Maloney
    8. Gallen
    9. Ennis
    10. Fifita
    11. Lewis
    12. Graham
    13. Bukuya
    14. Barba/ Brown
    15. Sene-Lafao
    16. Tagatease
    17. Heighington

  7. Tbh They need to get rid off Barba 800k a year is far to much for a bench player. Better off signing a couple really good YOUNG second rowers. Nothing to expensive just as replacements for Lewis Gallen Heightington Topou as they are getting on abit. Backs are all to still reach prime, halves are about to have great year, experienced and deep forward pack. Just need to swap some players like Prior for young stars. Barba will free up the funds.

  8. 1.Barba


  9. This should be the team NO BARBA go to union u dud. He isn’t worth the $400,000 for this year and definitely not the $ 800,000 he will get next year from us.
    1 Holmes got give him first crack sorry Birdy but you are awesome in many positions.
    2 Drew
    3 Beale
    4 Leutele
    5 Feki
    6 Bird
    7 Malomey
    8 Gallen you are now a prop that should only play 25 min each half bud
    9 Ennis
    10 Tagates
    11 Lewis
    12 Topou
    13 Graham he should be lock
    14 Sene-Lefao
    15 Nu Brown what potential this is why Barba has to go
    16 Sene-Lefao
    17 Fifita if he can get into shape

    Bukuya fix youe defence son
    Heighton lie him but getting on
    Prior in for Fifita
    Townsend overrated

    Should give it a crack next year if we have some luck

    • @sharkytowin if Andrew Fifita isnt your starting prop your an idiot he be a walk up starter in every teams props except Cowboys maybe. Even then Tamou would probably shift to second row to allow Fifita a spot

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