Todd Carney
Sharks not an option

Wherever Todd Carney ends up next year after his seemingly inevitable split with the Sydney Roosters, it will not be at Cronulla.

There has been speculation that the Sharks could pick Carney up despite his history of alcohol-related indiscretions at the Roosters, and at Canberra before that, but the Sharks chairman, Damian Irvine, says there is no chance of that happening.

”Never even close to being serious,” Irvine said yesterday, when asked whether Cronulla were interested in the wayward star. ”We’re not interested in signing him, and we won’t be interested in signing him [if Carney parts company with the Roosters].

”Shane [Flanagan, the Cronulla coach] doesn’t want to get involved either. We’re not disrespecting Todd as a footballer, but I don’t think the reasons need to be outlined. I think he needs to get himself better and sort himself out before he gets on with his football.”

Flanagan said if it was simply a case of considering Carney, the footballer, it would be a no-brainer, but the reality was much more complex.

”Anyone would like to get his ability on the field, but there is a lot of stuff you would have to deal with along with that,” he said. ”We haven’t considered him, and there are no plans for that to change.”

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The Roosters last week delayed a decision on Carney’s future until the end of the season, after the player and his manager requested an extension before having to face the club’s board, or a board-appointed disciplinary committee. Carney is contracted to the Roosters until the end of next season.

The Heraldunderstands the most likely outcome is still that Carney has played his last game for the Roosters. The possibility he could play for the French club, Les Catalans, in the Super League next year remains a genuine one, and it could well be that Carney and the Roosters part by mutual agreement in the end, without the club having to sack him.

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