Shane Flanagan
Extension on the horizon

As the NRL coaching merry-go-round cranks up following the sacking of Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs coach Kevin Moore, the Cronulla Sharks are making moves to secure the services of their coach Shane Flanagan beyond 2012.

Chief executive Damien Irvine showed his support for Ricky Stuart’s former understudy by extending his one-year contract into 2012 at the beginning of the season. Irvine said Flanagan was hands off to rivals, with the club to negotiate a new contract in coming months – more than 12 months before his present contract expires.

”There’s plenty more to do yet but I’m a big believer in that you can’t have coaches of your side going into a season with one year left on their contract,” Irvine told the Sun-Herald.

”Particularly when you are recruiting because you’ve got players signing one and two-year deals and they need to know there’s security. So, we’re definitely looking at doing something.

”We got the right guy last time and we’re very, very happy. We couldn’t be happier and we don’t like to leave things in an unstable environment, so we wouldn’t want to go into next year with speculation surrounding his future.

”We’ll get it done at the end of the season. We’ll sit down and try and finalise a deal.”

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