SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 12: Martin Taupau of the Tigers heads for the tryline dring the round 14 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on June 12, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Manly Sea Eagles have today secured arguably the best forward in rugby league with the signing of New Zealand international Martin Taupau.

In a stunning coup, 25-year-old Taupau will join the Sea Eagles from 2016 on a four-year deal in one of the club’s biggest signings since Malcolm Reilly.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for me to play in a strong team alongside some of the game’s biggest names in Jamie Lyon, Brett Stewart, Daly Cherry-Evans, Peta Hiku and Steve Matai,’’ Taupau said.

“The Sea Eagles have recruited well for next season and to have the opportunity to play with Australian and Queensland prop Nate Myles, and fellow Kiwi international Lewis Brown, was an added bonus in securing my future with Manly.

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“It is a fresh beginning at the Sea Eagles under new Head Coach Trent Barrett and I’m really looking forward to playing under him.

“The Sea Eagles are one of the most successful clubs in the history of rugby league and I want to be a big part in getting them back into the finals next season as they celebrate their 70thAnniversary.”



  1. Holmsey gonna bust a nut over this. Thats assuming he has any juice left from squeezing it out over the trbojevic brothers on a daily basis.

  2. F$ck yeah!! I would be playing him 80mins in the second row on the right edge. Cherry can either hit him or pass out the back to snake, to lyon for hiku to go over untouched! It says in the article manlys biggest signing in years, well i disagree with that. The cherry backflip is the biggest signing in my opinion. If he goes we are screwed for 10 years. Now we are back,all in the space of 6 months

  3. A big congrates goes to the titans, who decided not to sign nate myles! Thanks titans for making us a force again

  4. Funny how manly fans ie manlydes go on about how manly are bred not bought but majority of their team is now other clubs juniors hmmm
    And LOL at him being the best forward in the game right now hahahahaha Hargreaves sh*ts all other him

    • Yeah Manly fans who think we don’t buy players are kidding themselves. And I am a Manly fan myself.

      To be fair to us we kinda have to since our Junior area is tiny, but there are bugger all Manly juniors in our side.

      • All clubs buy other clubs junior players it’s how it goes nowadays
        Trying to say your club doesn’t is laughable
        But at least there is one manly fan with brains

    • Has to be a manly fan who wrote the article… I could name 5 forwards better than him
      1. Hargreaves
      2. Matt Scott
      3. Klemmer
      4. G.burgess
      5. James graham

      • It says arguably not is. Means on his day he can be the best. Yeah scott and some are more consistent. But taupau can change a game when he wants to. Its I different type of front rower. Like klemmer just waaaay better..

      • +1 @canterburybankstownbulldogs
        Jesse Bromwich
        Corey Parker
        Paul Gallen
        Greg Bird
        Jason Taumalolo
        Boyd Cordner

        Taupau is good and at times very tough to stop but he isnt even best Lock/prop let alone best forward hes good and im a fan but hes not “arguarbly the best”

      • Do you know what “arguably” means.Define that before you talk trash!Tell me when you guys sign someone on taupau quality.I bet if he signed for the dogs you’ll be going on and on!!

    • Well it is arguable, just like how Jason Taylor being a good coach is arguable. You aren’t going to win the argument but you can still do it.

  5. Very good signing but not top 5 probs top 10 forwards his impact is amazing great addition to our team top 8 is def happening top 4 maybe now IMO we finish 4th

  6. There’s a lot of good forwards out there and you could never seperate or say some are better then others they all play differently. But one things certain taupau will bring aggression to a mably pack that very much lacked it last year.

  7. The nrl will have to look at there salary cap as wasn’t long ago there salary cap was stretched then how do they then go buy a kiwi representative ?
    Good player but more of a impact player needs to be able to play more minutes

    • My only thinking is that Manly have released quite a few players and bought similar amount but I can only assume Wests are paying some of his contract otherwise I’m not sure how we could afford him considering Myles was bought for 500K a season also.

      • He wanted the release, i highly doubt Tigers are paying anything from his salary. Any how i think you guys let Gutherson go for that extra 100-150k room to fit him in.

  8. This is the greatest signing we have had since Jamie Lyon in 2007…the most destructive and the strongest forward in the game is coming to brookvale..we will be winning the comp again

  9. As a league fan.. I really hope he plays at he’s best more often.

    As much as I love to hate manly.. They will be a strong side next season.

    Now I gotta hope for Newcastle to sign a good forward and centre.

    Hurrell.. power but inconsistent
    Grant.. big and a solid player when healthy… But affordable for the knights left over cap.

    Where is manlybarratt at?? Thought we would of had a few words of wisdom from him.

  10. Manly fans this is so exciting! I think to be a top4 team you need rep 2nd rowers ( we have). Strike centres (getting old but we have). A good kicking game ( we have). Good go forward ( we have). Speed out of dummy half (???). A superstar playmaker ( thanks for backflipping cherry) and a gun fullback ( wouldnt swap the snake for anyone.
    1. Snake
    2. Jorge
    3. Lyon
    4. Matai
    5. Hiku
    6. Turbo
    7. Dce
    8. Myles
    9. Kourisau
    10. Trbojevic
    11. Brown
    12. Taupau
    13. Buhrer

    14. Parcell
    15. Lussick
    16. Lawrence
    17. Leary
    Thats a good team boys!

  11. The Tigers have rejuvenated the careers of Blake Austin & Martin Taupau after many touted them as bad buys 2 years ago…. So whats to say players like Chee Kam or Rankin don’t setup and be guns? Have faith Tigers supporters

    • Nothing to lose faith about. Taupau has potential, but he’s more interested in lifting weights than playing footy. Not a great loss.

      Woods sh*ts on him any day of the week. Arguably the best in the League? Not even in the best in WT. Sironen is better than Taupau.

  12. Manly still suck. I hate Manly too much and words cannot explain it properly. Anyhow as a RL fan, i have to be honest and admit Manly look good for next season (I STILL HATE MANLY). The only issue is, team chemistry and your coach. Have the senior players gotten over the treatment of some of your club legends and coach? and your second issue is your new coach, Barret. Not saying he is horrible, but either he is going to be a diamond or a rock and that will define your 2016 season. Goodluck to every team in the NRL except Dogs and Manly. Hope you lose every game and when you guys play against each other its a draw.

    • Wasn’t gonna say anything but then you say you hope the dogs lose every game hahahahaha wow all those wooden spoons must be getting to your brain .. Is it the fact you guys got back to back wooden spoons or Hayne leaving or is it that parra haven’t been in a finals series since 2009 wait wait I know why you must be butthurt it’s cause parra haven’t won a premiership since the days of sterlo, kenny and the 80’s
      Go back to supporting the worst team in NRL history buddy

      • It is actually all of those mixed into one. Nevertheless i love my Parra. Btw how is the preparation for Throw the Bottles 2016 campaign going for you guys?

        • Funny .. How is it knowing that parramatta stadium favours the Wanderers over the eels .. He’ll parramatta favours the Wanderers over the eels
          Maybe you should support wentworthville magpies at least they are decent

        • 1. Parramatta have Eels flags all over town, so I’m sure their focus is Parra.
          2. How does it feel to share your ground with a few teams and sports?
          3. How does it feel to have a local ground that sucks so bad? Yeah Parra stadium shits all over Belmore.
          4. What’s on the menu for 2016 from your hooligan fan base?

        • Hahahaha our ground belmore has state of the art training facilities.. We have the best grass and sold out our two home games there which all up was 40,000 people unlike parra stadium which only sells out during the A-league season
          We share Anz cause we draw an average of 19,000 and get all the profits cause renting the stadium is free .. And we are one of the richest clubs in the NRL .. Don’t compare buddy we are in the last 20 years we’ve made GFs and won minor premierships and premierships
          What have parra done ?

        • Wow I forgot you guys bred tapau , myles , mason , Lyons , korousai , brown and buehrer .. Manly buy players too idiot

        • CBB even though this Parra supporter is being a douche you are not being much better.
          You say that you guys have the best grass but I will argue that as it is well known that Parra stadium has one of the best playing surfaces of any stadium in Australia.
          Yes you guys have a state of the art training facility but we do to. With the new facility at the old sale yards we have two full size training fields that are NRL quality and by the start of the preseason we will have a state of the art training facility and recovery centre. one of the main reasons we have been going so bad for so long is because our training facilities have been the worst in the NRL. We have been using a dodgy gym in Parra and training on a footy field that is only 70 metres instead of the full 100 metres. Parra stadium gets an upgrade at the end of next season. The whole stadium is to be demolished and a new 40,000 seat stadium based on Suncorp will be built.
          Also to say that most of Parra supports only the Wanderers is pretty stupid. You can actually support two teams in different sports you know.
          Yes your Bulldogs have achieved more than my Eels in the last 20 years but it doesn’t say much for you guys that we have a bigger supporter base than you and out did the dogs in the membership drive this year.
          As for manly their biggest weakness has been their forward pack but Taupau will strengthen that a hell of a lot. I still think they will struggle without Foran.
          As for my Eels the siging of Foran is the biggest signing for us since getting the big four from the dogs during the super league war. That aside I still think the signing of Watamong was a mistake and I think you can now add Scott to that. Are biggest weakness is our backline. Yes we have Semi who is the best winger in the NRL but the rest of our backline is pretty average.
          I don’t see us making the top 8 again next year.

        • Lmfao what are you 12 ? Bottle throwing campaign ? hahahaha what kind of life do you have ? Do you sit down and write these jokes or is it just off the top of your head ? and ‘i hope the dogs and manly never win a game’ hahahaha both teams have acomplished more than your miserable pathetic team (which is only still around to make numbers) will ever acheive. Deep down i know you wish the parramatta brand had the same facilities/passion as us. Your team is full of players that ether couldnt make it anywhere else or couldnt turn down the money. WSW is the heart of parra

        • Well said bro .. Now let’s go organise out bottle throwing campaign
          He’s an idiot but then again he supports parra

        • Wow you’re an idiot … I was saying all teams like manly and the dogs buy players .. You can’t say manly is bred not bought .. Stop being a one eyed des loving idiot and realise every team including your mob buy players

    • Aww come on, you can’t hate us too much with so many Manly players in your side. Hoppa, Watmough, Foran, Gower, Hasson etc. You’re right about Barrett potentially being an issue- but I’m confident he can do better than BA’s 43% win rate whilst being way over the cap

    • You know whats funny,he’s actually stating whats gonna happen to parra.Buddy get over it,Parra 2016 wooden spooners for surrreeee!

  13. Good signing I’ll be honest Manly could make top 4 if lucky with injuries and I think top 8 is almost certain they have the players not sure about coach though. As long as eels finish higher than manly next year I’m happy

  14. MCK only signed with the Tigers for one year, he apparently has a handshake agreement with Bob Fulton to come back to Manly after one year. His two younger brothers are still at Manly.

    The same person who leaked the Tapau rumour to me a couple of weeks back also said Manly are trying to get Jack Bird. With the idea of playing him at 5/8 for a couple of years then possible move to centre.
    The rumour is Fulton will help him make the NSW SoO team and Aus tours.
    Also could be a swap deal with Matai, if it turns out to be a swap deal with Matai manly will pay a part of his salary and Gutherson may stay at Manly.

    • Gutherson already signed at parra I think.. better not swap matai. He may be getting on but he’s manly through and through and we’ve shafted enough club legends lately. .

      • News is he is signed, but it is weird cause we announced three other signings but then again they were second tier signing and Gutherson would be a 25 signing, i think we waiting for the court case with Mormon dud to finish.

    • That’s pretty much my 17.

      Although Leary will have stiff competition from Symonds, Starling and Mateo.

  15. Roostersrock, the broncos yes, the chooks??? You guys just lost half your spine. If you couldnt do it this year, then you are no chance next year. Im tipping 5-9

  16. YES! good signing and he will strengthen our forward pack. Pita Hiku convinced him to go Manly (That’s what I heard). Manly are building nicely next season.

    Manly 2016 line up.

    1. Brett Stewart
    2. Jorge Taufua
    3. Pita Hiku
    4. Steve Matai
    5. Tom Trbojevic
    6. Jamie Lyon
    7. Daly Cherry Evans
    8. Jake Trbojevic
    9. Matt Ballin (Api if Matt is released)
    10. Nate Myles
    11. Darcy Lussick
    12. Jamie Buhrer
    13. Martin Taupau

    14. Matt Parcell
    15. Lewis Brown
    16. Brenton Lawrence
    17. Tom Symonds

    Imagine Steve Matai, Jorge Taufua and Martin Taupau combination on the left side with their fancy hairstyles. This team is top 4 bound IMO, very pleasing to see our forward pack strengthen.

  17. Manly 2016
    1.Brett stewart
    2.jorge taufua
    3.jamie lyon
    4.steve matai
    5.tom trbojevic
    6.peta hiku/ tom wright
    8.jake trbojevic
    10.nate myles
    11.lewis brown
    12.jamie buhrer
    13.martin taupua
    14.matt parcell
    15.brenton lawrence
    16.tom symonds
    17.darcy lussick
    18.liam knight
    19.addison demetriou
    20.blake leary

    tim moltzen
    isaac john

  18. parra go count your spoons use your feet if you have to, Forans not going to save you. Good player with stars around him so no stars no wins-simple.

  19. From one dysfunctional team to another. He should play about 4 good games in 2016 which will be one more than Myles.

  20. Good old chequebook Manly. They loose a few players and they start raiding weaker clubs. Just like the old days.

  21. Manly 2016


    Second row-Walker/Green/Symonds/Garner/Knight

    Manly 2017


    Ballin won’t ever play again at manly

      • True but everyone has also listened to “tooveyslefthand” or “manlydes” or whatever crap on about how Manly are sooooo different. Just does to show, a bad year and good old Manly fall of their pedestal and have to buy players like the rest of us.

        • hahahahahahahah Manly was built on buying other teams star players. You must be no older than 15.

          You are pissing in the pocket of old Wests and Norths fans and trying to convince them it is raining.

          The only reason Manly didn’t buy players was because they did not have too. Don’t pretend it is because they are special.

          Manly have bought 3 test players for next season. Explain to me how that is different than the Roosters. You have bitched about the Roosters for a long time and now attempt to justify Manly doing the same thing.

          You are the biggest hypocrite on this site and if there was a poll I would bet a vast majority of people here would state they are tired of listening to your crap.

          You give the rest of Manly’s supporters a bad name.

        • Times certainly do change and Manly after one tough year are going back to what they did so well for decades.

          I am not Rooster fan but laugh at your hypocrisy. You get your panties all wet over Manly players than bag them when they leave.

          You bag Parramatta and Roosters for buying players then make excuses when Manly follow suit.

          You are a stain on this site and the fact that you have been reported and banned plenty of times speaks volumes.

  22. Good signing for manly hopefully he can become more consistent and active player and play to his abilities each week not another dave taylor wasted talent hoping we’d secure Tapaus sigature we could’ve used the extra impact . Definitely tigers for the spoon was thinking that our salary cap room was going to be enough to sign Tapau wonder if we will spend it.

    • I think the Titans would be better off saving their cap space and making a targeted recruitment and not just spend it because it is there. Even if they have to take a poor season or two, they are better off waiting for that marquee player and going for broke.

      History has shown that one right player can turn a club around. Hopefully that player is not too far away for the Titans.

    • Don’t want Ballin at the Tigers, we have still got to pay Farah and have younger blokes there, why pay another hooker. I think the talk of Ballin going there was if Farah left.

  23. the photo to this article is great! that game against Souths. Taupau was awesome that night.
    other than that night, I don’t see him being that good.
    tigers just avoided the spoon too.

  24. Dude cherrys show and go with this guy on the edge or inside not to mention Killa is just a cutout pass away…..DCE cutout to and go on the outside then a inside flick to Taupau to crash over out wide sounds alright eh?

    • Absolutely mate he will have he’s own bandwagon at Brookie should get a chant going every home game when he winds up everyone’s like “Kaaaaaaaa (then his about to throw some poor guy about 5 metres with that fend) and….Powww!!!Can you imagine Big Willie and Nate getting in his ear revving him up?then there’s the bouncey Lewis Brown just waiting in the back…..when T Rex was wearing a Maroon jersey he was unstoppable every time I see that Julian Savea bumping blokes i can see T-Rex in him and he was quick too back then

  25. Barrett has to take these guys into the top 4 next year no questions asked defs be one of the favourites for the flag next year that’s a boss forward pack experience mixed with youth just stay injury free

  26. Barrett has to take these guys into the top 4 next year no questions asked defs be one of the favourites for the flag next year that’s a boss forward pack experience mixed with youth just need to stay injury free

    • Wish Gavet stayed with us to be honest but that sucks didn’t Gavet and Taupau play together at Wests?Gavet suits Manly football not so much Bronco football if you know what I mean but Barrett was no slouch in hisplaying days he could build something special at Brookie as for Cherry he will have the same pressure as J.T(prick lol) did but he’s got an awesome team to control and guide around and age is on his side as well I bagged him about the money situation but that shits old and got me nowhere and don’t worry he’ll roam alright….all day and all night he’s their leader in terms of being playmaker

  27. Taupau had the most tackle busts for a forward this year with 91..that’s impressive considering he plays in the middle of the field where there is no space and other forwards can gang tackle him..I would play him as the left edge back rower next to the other samoan boys in matai and taufua what a side of the field that will be

    • I can’t think of a time when Bozo and Arko have not been calling the shots, regardless of who is “in charge”

      Dam it is easy to forget how good a player Bozo was. A great 5/8 IMO an even better centre.

  28. My new ladder


  29. My ladder
    Sea Eagles
    Panthers (barring injuries)

    Rabbitohs (should burgess not sign, if he does 6th)

    Grand Final- Broncos v Cowboys

  30. 1. Broncos (Will be the benchmark)
    2. Manly (Will take the league by storm again)
    3. Roosters (Will be hungry)
    4. Warriors (RTS, Luke and Johnson nuff said)
    5. Cowboys (Hard for champs to back up)
    6. Storm (Origin time will hold them from top 4)
    7. Dragons (Still solid with classy spine)
    8. Sharks (Maloney adds class and experience will sneak in)
    9. Bulldogs (Just miss out on playoffs without hodko’s clutchness)
    10. Rabbitohs (Lose direction without Luke)
    11. Raiders (Dangerous and may shock teams)
    12. Eels (Will make progress)
    13. Panthers (Turmoil and injuries)
    14. Tigers ( Halves will leak as much points as they create)
    15. Knights (Lost 8 starters added 1)
    16. Titans (Development mode)

  31. Roosters still have that beastly forward pack with jackson hastings filling that 6 jersey and looked great and im pretty sure mini will work his magic with the rookie fullbacks or blake ferguson. Expecting big things from manly and that middle half of the table will be a lottery. I reckon about 13 teams have a decent case at cracking the top 8

  32. Sharkies need a fullback too after losing gordon and robson who was their calming influence. Townsend had a good patch last year but when johnson went down he was crap. Gonna be a very interesting season cant wait

  33. Signings in the coming days:
    Dream 2016 Titans team
    1. Dylan Walker
    2. Josh Hoffman
    3. James Roberts
    4. Nene Mcdonald
    5. Daniel Vidot
    6. Kane Elgey
    7. Ashley Taylor
    8. David Shillington
    9. Robbie Farah
    10. Luke Douglas
    11. Ryan James
    12. Chris McQueen
    13. Greg Bird
    14. Nathan Firend
    15. Agnatius Paasi
    16. Tim Grant
    17. Zeb Taia

    • I think the titans should have made this team while they could



  34. Realistically i think they will get McQueen and Grant they need that experience and depth in the forwards

  35. I still think the Roosters are a top 8 team. They still have a great pack and I expect Fergo will step into the fullback role and do a great job. I see the Roosters at 5-8.

  36. Its interesting seeing peoples tips for next season. Im not a betting man but the chooks wont be in top 4. At best will be 5th, if theres injuries they could finish as low as 10th. The cowboys wont make the g.f, like every premiership team, its just to hard to back it up the next year. The broncs are going to be hungry. The dogs are going to struggle, hodkinson has got them home probs 8-10 times over past couple of seasons and dessie is losing his touch and every year a few teams no one expects does well
    1. Broncs
    2. Sharks
    3. Cowboys
    4. Manly
    5. Raiders
    6. Storm
    7. Chooks
    8. Warriors ( if they get it together they have the team to finish 1st)

    • If the rabbits sign burgess back I would put them top 8, he is just a massive boost at every game he plays.

  37. I can see the headline now Tapau walks out on manly
    I bet you within two yrs he packs up and leaves for the NFL

  38. You know when Taupau is telling anyone who will listen he wants to play NFL
    And keen to get over there soon that should alarm manly fans I almost guarantee you
    He won’t see out his deal

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