Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan has revealed that while he wants to remain at the besieged Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs next season, he is not interested in a “token” deal that takes advantage of a salary-cap exemption available to the club because of his long service.

His contract expires at the end of the season and while the snipers, via the web, have questioned his form, he insisted the protracted negotiations were not an issue. He described his dealings with club management as “relaxed”.

The Bulldogs could use a salary cap-exempt $200,000 to pay Ryan under the long-serving player allowance. The amount is available to each club to share among players who have played eight consecutive seasons for them. Ryan is the only Canterbury player who’d be eligible in 2012.

However, the proud 32-year-old said he would baulk at being retained because he was considered a bargain.

“There is a long-serving player [dispensation] available to each club,” said Ryan who joined the Bulldogs from Parramatta in 2003. “While I would fall under that category, I’d prefer to get a contract because I deserved one.

“I wouldn’t want a token contract just because it was available. If I am going to play here next year I’d want to contribute and be a massive part of winning a premiership for the Bulldogs. I’ve told [management] I feel I could contribute to the Bulldogs next year, but there’d be no hard feelings if they decided otherwise.”

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Greenberg last night told the Herald Ryan’s future at Canterbury was not dependent upon the salary-cap concession.

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