Despite reports last month that Timana Tahu would re-sign with the Parramatta Eels, it now seems more likely that the Eels will walk away from Tahu.

Tahu doesn’t want to return to training until early next year. Parramatta coach Stephen Kearney is keen to set a standard and waiting around until February for Tahu to come back isn’t the message the Eels coach wants to send.

The decision by Tahu’s wife, Kasey, to leave Sydney adds more doubt over the former Test centre’s already clouded future at the Eels.

Tahu has apparently spoken of plans to remain in Sydney and commute back and forth to Newcastle.

But Eels team-mates and officials believe it’s virtually impossible for Tahu – a devoted family man – to focus on his football without his wife and two kids nearby.

Tahu’s decision to quit rugby union coincided with his struggles to spend lengthy periods away from his family.

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