With the Greg Inglis saga seeming no closer to a resolution, the rumour mills are swirling with what could be the answer to the problem.

Latest rumours suggest that the Melbourne Storm are going to sign Beau Champion and David Tyrrell. This would free up enough room for the South Sydney Rabbitohs under the NRL salary cap to sign Inglis. It would essentially be a swap of players although no doubt both Champion and Tyrell would be receiving some extra compensation for their troubles.

It seems to make sense from both sides. The Storm don’t want to have to pay Inglis for 2011 and if no one actually signs him, he’s still contracted to them. Also, their have been rumours swirling around for weeks that Champion is on his way out.

It does seem odd that the Storm could end up being the likely saviours for Rabbitohs fans hoping their club will sign Inglis though. Especially considering they spent so much effort to release many of their top tier players to get themselves under the salary cap for 2011, only to turn around and sign two new players. But as stated above, they might be feeling like they have no choice in the matter.

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