Jason Ryles
Hoping for new contract

Sydney Roosters prop Jason Ryles is still yet to be offered a contract for next year.

The senior Roosters player remains in talks with coach Brian Smith about his future beyond the 2011 season and is hopeful he will stay with the Bondi club for another season.

“From what [Smith] told me it’s looking pretty good at the moment, touch wood,” Ryles said after making 99m and 27 tackles yesterday.

“I’ll just keep playing as many games as I can this year.

“I’m 100 per cent keen to go again next year. As long as our halves stay healthy and our junior players continue to develop, I think it’s going to be a great year for the club. I know I can handle it.

“It was a real good win today, hopefully we can begin to build on that.”

Ryles, 32, and Smith had initially agreed to discuss Ryles’ future before round 18, but the club’s disappointing form has delayed any formal negotiations. Ryles has said he is keen to stay on to mentor the Roosters’ young forward pack, including Mose Masoe, Martin Kennedy and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

He said his body will be able to cope with another year of heavy impacts.

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