Reece Robinson

The NSW Waratahs have today confirmed the signing of former rugby league player Reece Robinson on a contract that will see him join the Super Rugby side on a two year contract from 2016. Robinson, who played with the Parramatta Eels in the 2015 NRL season, was recruited to add depth to the options for the Waratahs on the wing.

NSW Waratahs Head Coach Daryl Gibson says the addition of Robinson would provide good support for the team in the backs, and add a diverse experience to the squad.

“Reece will add a lot to our squad, we’re really pleased to have secured him for the 2016 season onwards,” Gibson said.

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“He’s an excellent finisher, and his versatility across the field and experience in rugby league will definitely bring something different to the team – and to be able to add someone of his quality to our back three depth is a real bonus for us.

“We’ve got proven experience in transitioning league players into the rugby environment and we’re constantly improving this development process, we’re confident that Reece will achieve success with us and look to players like Israel and Sam [Lousi] for guidance along the way.”



  1. Was hoping he would stay another season like him as a player added alot of punch back there good finisher aswell.

  2. Eels had plenty of time to offer him a new contract. He is a great player very underrated and I really hope it slays it in Union.

  3. yet another player the eels paid overs for and failed. He was much better at the Raiders and more involved. The list keeps growing doesn’t it.
    Hoppa Sandow Norman peats faaoso robinson beau champion lussick watmough next in line reek and scott. plus many many more who have been sacked over the years. #dissolveparraAsap

    • manlydes1 – you and marldon must be mates, you both constantly dribble the same old crap each and every time.
      get back under your rock you old crab

    • You just seem to talk smack to every team but manly. Robinson has developed since leaving, Norman has improved so much, Peats was great again, Sandow was alright. Hopa was coming back after being out, Champion was about to retire just wanted the money. Eels do seem to make some 50:50 signings but it’s not as bad as you say. It’s not like Mateo, Mason, burgess, Horo have been great signings. Cherry Evans was overpaid and the way Ballin is treated is shocking.

      • Hit us with a current Parra great list old friend we need a good laugh. Luke burt future immortal hahaha ahhh yeah
        Dooiiin the slippery eel bop

        • If you want the list again I’m Happy to give it to you:


          And burt is better than Stewart, Lyon and Matai combined!

        • Peats, Taka, Ma’u, Radradra, norman haven’t even played finals your a joke. Luke burt is no where near the level of those 3.

  4. Robbo, Champion and Fa’oso were on 100k for a 1 year contract how is that paying overs. Norman and Peats are far from failures. Peats is the future NSW hooker while Norman and Foran will be a great eels combo but New Zealand aswell if Johnson gets injured. I’ll admit Lussick, Hoppa and Sandow were failures. But what about Mateo, DCE, Myles are getting payed overs. And for Watmough once he has Foran and Scott with him hill be a better player he started off the season poorly but came good at the end until he got injured.

    • How is DCE getting paid overs when he is better than Foran but they are getting the same amount? Foran can’t step in big games it’s a known fact in the northern beaches!

      • DCE can’t stand up in big games either. Look how he played when Cronk was injured for origin. He was complete shit.

        • I was taking club level, and is ben hunt better than DCE for qld is he? Ben hunt how about him going and losing the gf yeah he really stood up that game!

        • Lol. Ben Hunt was the best half this season other than Thurston. How many good games did Cherry play? 3? But at least DCE got you guys to the top 8..oh wait

        • Just because DCE has won a GF and the cc medal doesn’t make him better than Hunt. Before this years GF, Thurston hadn’t won one or a cc medal. So is DCE better than Thurston aswel? This season Hunt has easily been one of the top 3 halfbacks. Oh and you guys should stop with insulting Foran. Before DCE backflipped yous were saying how amazing Foran is. And imo he is better than Cherry

        • I have to disagree. Foran for me is the best five eight around (other than when Thurston plays there) and not being bias but I truely think Hunt is a better half than DCE. Although not by much

        • I don’t know about that. Sure in origin he’s never quite excelled but he’s still won a premiership in his rookie season and won a clive churchill medal.

    • Dude your clubs a failure. why do you think your trying too buy your way into the 8? following the roosters and Souths plan.. Mateo is a dud and so is burgess. we didn’t buy them for overs fool they were there to Fill the gaps left by Glenn and twatmough. Mason filled in for king. don’t think you know nrl mate your an eels fan you know ? mike.
      peats could of won a premiership with souths. no finals footy
      Norman hasn’t played any finals footy since leaving broncos. sounds like more eels failures too me bud.
      question would you consider Norman a current Parra great like big timmy mannah braaaaah does?

  5. As if robinson will make it in union, but wish him all the best. I cant believe another team didnt pick him up. Would of been a good buy for the chooks

  6. Manlydes and holmsey yet again showing how much of a spineless snake u both are.
    Just because of u to… I hope manly get flogged all yr next season.
    If u can not put an honest opinion on here… Why write anything!!!
    Foran is a fantastic player and u to are just crying because he left Manly for whatever reason it was..
    I do remember the manly club putting all their money into foran and happy to let DCE go…until Foran signed with parra.
    So either the club know nothing?? Or u 2 know nothing?
    P.S if u relpy…. Reply with something worth reading!! Not dribbling sh!t about nothing relevant.

    • DCE is a better player stats prove it! DCE won man of the match awards this year while kieran was out! I never wanted to lose either and I never said kieran was a bad player I said he never stood up when daly was out.

      • He got a few MOTM awards when Foran was out…. Honestly look at the team u had this yr for the most part… Who else would of got a MOTM award?? Mason?
        The only guys other than DCE Foran and J turbo that had a few good games was The hit man. The rest for the most part were either out injured or sh!t.

    • Before Foran signed with Parra, manly fans were saying they’d rather keep Foran over DCE, even that turn coat Matt Johns said they should sign Foran before DCE. As soon as he signed with Parra they all turned on him the grubs

    • Ah ballsack go clang your wooden spoon on your table and do the eagle rock you bloody woman. Forans a fantastic player wah wah he’s our player you gronk we know him and have watched him turn into an international and we were proud of him. now he’s an honorless dog like you. Enjoy the crumb life you flop. maybe you and foran can goto the dog park together with your masters. woof woof ?

    • DCE dog shit? Hmm I don’t understand u, what would u know about good halves you’ve never had any. DCE is easily one of the top 4 halves in the game so I don’t get ur comment.

      • Yet again you flop , you show your lack of knowledge of the game . Your one eyed Manly Bulls–t gets tedious . Elgey has done Sh-t but a lot more than your future immortal . He is a great you talent you tosser and anybody who knows a little of the game , would recognise this .

        • More than tom oh yeah! Tom is a lot younger and has shown more in nyc and nrl than elgey, tom made his debut at 18 elgey made his at 20 that shows tom is the better player.

        • Ignorant twat . Elgey was the nyc player of the year and is not a winger, you uneducated gronk. Not a Titan fan at all but the kid can play . Future immortal bahaha

        • Tom is the best nyc player in years full stop and is Australia’s future fullback elgey will slowly disappear into dust if he continues at the titans.

        • Elgey is stuck behind no one tom is stuck behind one of the great fullbacks, pretty hard for him to get a shot at fullback.

        • You keep talking trash , need that idiot button where we can boot you and your nonsense of this site . Hope he makes me bite my words but your delusional thoughts on this kid are very typical of your one eyed views . Lots of young fullbacks ahead of your boy and the best nyc player another blinded view . Plenty of 18 year olds have done a lot more at that age . I’m not going to bag him , just unbelievable the superstar you making him to be . As I said Elgey has plenty of talent but you to wrapped up in your ignorant bs to recognise . Watch the game , not only from brookvale.

        • Lots of young fullbacks like who? Tom is the best nyc player easy 486 meters 4 tries in one game 2 tray assists that is the best nyc performance ever. Tom is the best nyc player he only missed out on nyc player of the year because of first grade duties.

        • I wouldnt say hes easily the best @holmsey… Latrell Mitchell aint far behind… But there are Valentine Holmes, James Tedesco, Cameron Munster, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as other guys who will be around awhile… Trbojevic and Latrell Mitchell were best in the nyc followed by Kalyn Ponga

      • Damn you have to be in my Top 5 ‘Guys who think they know everything about NRL but actually know shit’ list. Elgey won NYC player of the year in a team which got the wooden spoon, do you know how hard that is? He practically carried the team. As for this year, he has shown more maturity and composure than most halves would ever show. But tell me Holmsey, what have you achieved in 1st grade? Or you some fat fella who couldnt even make the 1st XIII in High School?

        • Save you breathe champ . He is a statue . Can’t educate the toss . Elgey can play the game and as you said , he knows diddly.

    • Paying 10 mil is smart coz we needed a halve at the time, he would have been paid the same amount at another club, u had him 1.3 a year but when he signed his manly deal he was getting 1.2 a year.

  7. Great Player, but he didn’t really seem happy at Canberra or Parra, never saw a smile on that mans face since 2012, oh well. Best of Luck over in Union.

  8. Holmsey43 top ten
    1 JT
    2 cooper Cronk
    3 Ben hunt
    4 shawn Johnson
    5 Mitchell peace
    6 benji marshal
    7 Trent hodkinson
    8 Adam Reynolds
    9 Jamie Soward
    10 Kane elegy

      • I would put DCE in my Top 5, he has a great kicking game and is a must for Manly, this year wasn’t his best but he beats Ben Hunt by a Mile in my book.

    • If u think that’s the top 10 it’s pretty obvious ur a titans supporter, u have the same IQ as your teams home crowds

      • I’d switch Johnson and DCE on your list. The Warriors probably wouldn’t even win in nsw cup without him. Going off this year ONLY, I would put hunt over DCE too. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes with no more contract pressure for his entire career, because he did drop off from his explosive start to the year just as he signed the 10m deal.

        • Foran has stepped up at higher levels, if you say he was a passenger in the kiwi team I think that’s a joke. Foran makes the other player’s around him better. Something DCE couldn’t manage to do at state of origin. Playing along such a quality player allows you to develop your game better as well. DCE took on the long range and short kicking game, whilst foran hit the line more. If playing the same sought of game it would be interesting.That’s my opinion

        • The fact you have hodkinson on that list and above Maloney proves what a flop you are. Foran over cherry don’t be an idiot. He’s a manly player we know our team better than all you flops

    • Hahaha at that top 10.. Foran not even top 10? Heck id rather have Sezer then half of that bottom 10.. Holmsey is right DCE is atleast top 4..

    • hahah ur joking right,how can’t u put DCE there and yet u still put elgey at 10.Luke brooks is better than elgey!

  9. 1 JT
    2 Cronk
    3 Johnson
    4 Hunt
    5 DCE
    6 A. Reynolds
    7 Maloney
    8 Widdop
    9 Milf
    10 Pearce

    Young halves
    1 Milf
    2 Egely
    3 Keary
    4 Mybe
    5 Hastings

    • Yeah that would be a pretty similar order for me. However I noticed Foran is missing. Do you not rate him or something?

    • I do rate Foran it’s more or less no room. Maybe 9/10 with Milf and Pearce but I believe Milf was to good this season and Foran is on par with Pearce

  10. Based on current signings and squads for next year. Who do you guys reckon make the eight and who misses out.
    For me (in no order)
    Broncos, Cowboys, Roosters, Warriors, Sharks, Sea Eagles, Storm, Panthers(if they can keep their side on the field)

  11. Everyone here knows I hate manly with a passion but he is easily in the top 5 halfbacks in the NRL .. Don’t like what he did to the Titans but still a very good player .. Onto Robinson he is underrated and will go well with the tahs

  12. Surprised, he wasnt offered a deal else where, I thought he was one of the most underrated backs in the NRL .

  13. My top 8 for 2016

    1. Broncos
    2. Roosters
    3. Cowboys
    4. Warriors
    5: Bulldogs
    6. Souths
    7. Manly
    8. Raiders

  14. I don’t understand why people think the eels are going to do badly. Unbiased, what is wrong with that team? Is it Watmough and Scott? Is 4 months not enough time for the spine to blend? Having appointed a new physio and tackling coach Brett O’ Farrel their defence in theory should get better, as well as that they appointed a new video analyser. They’re on the rise.



    • Nice name buddy. Reek would of been better. that team sucks big time. bar the manly players of course. 3 juniors in there starting line up. Pathetic really.
      Look at what I started hahaha enjoy it you mutts

      • I see you have zero logic or reasoning. Why can’t shiet cnuts like you jump off a damn bridge? You offer nothing but pain and stupidity to society. I’ve been looking at the forums for a while and all you seem to do is start shiet. Im an eels fan, but I have a soft spot for manly, and I respect them.

      • Mrrrr gronk. pain and misery hahaha what a flop. need some tissues you woman. gi clang your spoons. what a flop changes his name to a manly players lol. you know nothing about the game at all. especially our players champ. Dce is a much better player but foran is a gun but a dog at that. Brett Stewart matai and des hasler made foran. He never excelled at international level but W’s the perfect partner for Johnson. Enjoy his hammys woman

        • Mate I think I’ve met you before, were you the one in hospital born with an extra chromosome or were you the one that got dropped on their head as a child? Do you short term memory loss as a result? Because I remember an angry des when Foran was staying and DCE was heading up to the titan’s.

          I mean if it’s necessary the NRL can set up a handicapped team for you.

  15. Holmsey mate I think Tom is a great player and could be anything…
    Though Sione mata uata had a rise to fame 12 mths ago and ended up playing for Australia and becoming the youngest ever to put the Australian Jersey on.
    This year he was shocking… Granted he was moved around from fullback wing centre and lock… Though he still has done more than Tom has and is the same age.
    Just saying relax and wait and see how the kid goes after a yr or two in NRL before calling him a future immortal or the best.
    U need to go hand out some of that passion u have to a few manly players.. Heck they mite make the 8

    • Cheers mate it’s pretty obvious I have big wraps on tom, future immortal is a stretch is agree but to me he is a very special player.

  16. The finishes for 2016

    1. Broncos
    2. Storm
    6.manly (they’ll bounce back from their good signings unless barrett is crap.
    11.South Sydney
    12.Penrith (if no injuries they’ll be in the top 8 but i don’t see that happening.
    15. Newcastle
    16. West Tigers

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