SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 17: Robbie Farah of the Tigers passes during the round seven NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Melbourne Storm at Leichhardt Oval on April 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have signed Robbie Farah for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Farah has played 247 NRL games to date for the Wests Tigers since making his first grade debut against the Sea Eagles in 2003.

Farah has also played a host of representative football for his state and country over his 14 year career and is the incumbent New South Wales State of Origin hooker.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire is pleased to be adding Farah to his squad for the 2017 season.

“Robbie has accomplished many things in the game and we look forward to him joining our squad and pushing for a spot in our top 17 each week,” Coach Maguire said.

“Competition for spots is a driving factor for success at any Club and by adding a player of Robbie’s ability we will be increasing that competition within our squad.

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“Within our organisation we believe Robbie will strengthen our Club and we look forward to working with him when he joins us for pre-season training.”

The Rabbitohs have also agreed to a request from Cameron McInnes to release him from the final year of his playing contract.

South Sydney Rabbitohs 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Dean Britt (Melbourne Storm, 2019), Braidon Burns (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Anthony Cherrington (2017), Adam Doueihi (2021), Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers, 2019), Tyrell Fuimaono (Parramatta Eels, 2018), Campbell Graham (2019), Brett Greinke (Mid Season: Brisbane Broncos, 2017), Gabriel Hamlin (2019), Dean Hawkins (2019), Mawene Hiroti (2019), Robert Jennings (Penrith Panthers, 2018), Sam Johnstone (2020), Luke Kelly (Parramatta Eels, 2017), Sitiveni Moceidreke (2017), Robbie Rochow (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Ky Rodwell (2020), Lucky Ta'avale (2019), Tyrone Taukamo (2019), Connor Tracey (Cronulla Sharks, 2019)
2017 Losses
Kirisome Auva'a (Parramatta Eels), Nathan Brown (Parramatta Eels), Joe Burgess (Wigan Warriors), Paul Carter (Sydney Roosters), Brock Gray (Sydney Roosters), Chris Grevsmuhl (Gold Coast Titans), Tom Hughes (Newcastle Knights), Luke Keary (Sydney Roosters), Samisoni Langi (Leigh Centurions), Cameron McInnes (St George Illawarra Dragons), Michael Oldfield (Canberra Raiders)
Jason Clark (2020), Damien Cook (2019), Jack Gosiewski (2019), Hymel Hunt (2018), Greg Inglis (2020), Zane Musgrove (2020), Adam Reynolds (2021), Cody Walker (2020)
Off Contract 2018
Billy Brittain, Tyrell Fuimaono, Hymel Hunt, Robert Jennings, Richard Kennar, Vincent Leuluai, Jesse Martin, John Sutton
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  1. Not a bad signing. Would’ve preferred to just have Cook playing the full 80 mins… He actually seems like he could break a game open. I would’ve liked to have seen the bunnies use the money to sign a decent back rower… Ol’ Elijah Taylor would be a good suit in my opinion. ALSO would have liked to have seen the signing of some decent outside backs… I know about the Jennings brother but other than that I’m not a fan of Aaron Gray/Alex Johnston. Bryson and Hymel are doing well . Should’ve made a play at keeping Joe Burgess, thought he was just starting to settle in.

  2. I just hope that the “Competition for spots” won’t force Cook out the door. Cook should be starting Hooker all year, Farah off the bench or starting at lock and covering at hooker to give Cook a rest.

    If Cook leaves because of this it will be the dumbest move Souths have made for a while. Just when we had a spine that was a real threat, if Farah goes to hooker they will never see the ball.

    • That’s the problem I fear with Farah. Stewart never wanted to leave Manly and never committed to the culture at Souths. He never appeared to give his best like he did playing for Manly. I just hope Farah comes with the right attitude and tries to fit in rather than change things to HIS liking.

      • SSTID i reckon Farah willl want to prove his worth, i think he will do well at the bunnies, has a good kicking game .

        • If his ego can take a back seat and he can buy in to the culture and be prepared to play a different role (i.e. lock and relief hooker). What I fear is he will try to work Cook out of the club and try to call the shots.

          I expect his greatest performance to be reserved for the Tigers. Unfortunately no one else will see the ball that day!

  3. if you want an example of desperation here it is!! rabbits signing this pensioner … good luck with finishing near the bottom again …believe that

    • Souths finishing near the bottom next year, do you think? Were you watching their last 5 games this season?

      The form they were in would have made them a handful for any remaining team. Once they stopped making mistakes, turning the ball over in their half and completing their sets they looked pretty impressive. If Souths can keep Farah in the back row and as relieving hooker and let our spine: Inglis, Walker, Reynolds, Cook work their magic they will go alright I think.

      Musgrove looks great and missed almost the whole year, Creighton looks very promising along with young talent they signed recently. Hunt was solid at centre after missing half the year and Gray will be better next year in the centres as well. The Burgess boys are back in form as well. All in all I feel quite optimistic for next year.

      What team do you support?

      • Pay no attention to Shark bait.
        He hates on all teams but the Sharkies and is the chief toilet seat licker at the NRL (told us himself).

        • Thanks for looking out for the newbie. I have been reading ZT for years so I am well aware of how “believethis” likes to wind people up with “believe that”. Trust me the only thing I will believe is that he/they are entitled to an opinion… but it doesn’t have to be right! And from what I have seen it almost never is. 😉

        • Wow, you hide in the shadows for almost 24 hours until no one was looking to post a weak ass comment like that! Really?

          Have the guts to man up and face your target instead of waiting until they’re not looking champ.

          Pity we are the only two who will read this. Now slither off and cause trouble elsewhere you serpent you really are wasting your time with me. I don’t like to fight with mentally inferior people.

  4. One positive is that Cook can cover the halves in case of injury or rep commitments for our halves leaving Farah to play hooker (assuming of coarse Farah doesn’t get picked for the Blues which given the last series would be a shocker of a selection!)

  5. I dont really get the move by Souths – no disrespect.
    Cook is growing in the game week by week. McInnes can be used as a utility.
    Robbie could have gone to Newy and guided the young guys around and help rebuild a club.

    • Totally agree (as do most – if not all – Souths supporters opinions you will read here). McInnes could cover lock and had a good work rate. I also would prefer him to Farah. I am worried Farah will start trying to control things gradually at first and then more and more. Does he think he is too good for super league? I thought that would have been a logical alternative for a one club player at the end of his career.

  6. Rather farah than mcinnes. New environment might bring out the best too. Will be gutted if we lose cook though. Can’t believe he didn’t get more game time this year..

    • It took a little while for him to fit in (as I always expected he would) but by the last 5 games of the year he was looking very good and has a great understanding with Walker which was evident throughout the pre-season (they seem to know where each other will show up). I have full confidence that Cook will out shine Farah in any competition for hooker next year. A year further on the combinations between Cook, Reynolds, Walker and Inglis will be a lot better. Just remember how little time they had together for most of the year but by the end of this season things were starting to click. I expect more of the same next season.

      • My fathers side of the family are staunch souths supporters and i said to them you watch cook go when given the chance.
        Farah is class no doubt but i don’t see the logic in the move.

        • Agreed. I was very keen on Cook coming to Souths. Watched all I could of him in the pre-season games and training sessions. He looked sharp, quick, clever. Cook and Walker seemed to be in sync so many times, they just understood each other.

          When given his chance it was for short periods at the end of the game 15 – 20 mins, no real chance to get into the game. Early on his defence failed him and he was found out a few times but that all changed by the end of the season.

          As Phil Gould would say; “He’s a Good’un”. Souths need to stick by Cook and it will pay off I have no doubt.

          From day one he was part of the culture and promoted McInnes ahead of himself. He has good speed but great acceleration around the ruck, great soft hands and short passing game and can read a game and create an overlap. He also has a good short kicking game which he will continue to develop.

          Farah’s greatest contribution would be to invest into Cook’s development and help him to improve his game while playing a different role for a change.

  7. I think the bunnies fans would be very surprised with how well farah well go next year. He has alot of critics to prove wrong and is going to come out guns blazing. He will turn into a real good buy as long as they don’t lose cook.

    • That would be great but then Cook will be gone, Farah will be gone in 2 years tops and then what? At 25 Cook has enough years left in him and Souths have time to develop another young hooker.

      I have no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities for Robbie to play at Hooker with Cook injured or suspended or shifting to the halves to cover a loss but he needs to be content with playing another role other than the one he is used to. From all accounts this does not appear to be in his nature. I hope I am proved wrong but I want to see Cook in the starting hooker role. Better for Souths all round.

  8. I reckon Farah will be exceptional for our team , he has pride in what he does and will give 100% to Souths, his experience will be invaluable and our spine will be awesome, Cook is brilliant and will be a major part of our success over the next 4 or 5 years, make no mistake here Souths have made a great decision and Cook has also said it is good he is coming. I honestly believe that we can win the comp next year, on a different note , how did Pearce get in front of Adam Reynolds for halfback, is he injured, i mean Reynolds was outstanding in Souths last 5 games where Easts only won 2 of there last four, don’t get it hey!!

  9. Love your passion SSTID. You are a true supporter of your team. Two years ago I saw a lot of Rabbits supporters who are now probably cheering for the Sharks (Raiders, Panthers) You are right about Cook. They hardly gave him a chance until late in the season. The Farrah reality show will now move to Redfern.

    • Cook can be a special player in the right team. He was at the Dogs (still cannot believe they let him go for Lichaa – a NSW cup player – no offence). I think Souths have the right make up and style to suit Cook and I can’t wait to see him further develop his combinations with Inglis, Reynolds and Walker in particular.

  10. Farah is going to carve it up at the Bunnies. He will get their pack rolling forward and Reynolds will excel playing off the back of it. Bunnies are essentially getting a drama free Farah with something to prove at a fraction of what he is worth. If Tigers don’t make the finals in 2017 I don’t see how JT will be keeping his job

    • “He will get their pack rolling forward”

      Only if they stand deeper, time their run and don’t drop the ball. THAT is where Souths failed for the majority of this season. THAT is what they corrected at the end of the season to find form again. That and a willingness and commitment in defence.

      I see Cook, like Isaac Luke, darting out of dummy half, drawing tired defender to create opportunities for support play. Farah can be more dangerous out wide and doesn’t have the acceleration around the ruck IMO.

  11. SSTID I like your passion for the rabbits, a real supporter , like myself, i believe that Farah will be good for us and Cook will benefit also, for some reason we didn’t click this year but what Sam Burgess said at the end of the season about lessons learn’t and they now know what to do , it gives me confidence about next year, i reckon the twins will peak as they are at there premium years and Farah will be right there with experience, all good 2017 just watch!!

    • Cheers. It all depends on Farah’s attitude vs Farah’s ambition. Yes, potentially this could be a great opportunity to reinvent himself and distance himself from the baggage behind him.

      Can’t help feeling genuinely sad for the Tigers supporters having to see him in a Souths jersey but that’s the business these days. I still can’t get used to seeing Issac Luke not playing in the cardinal and myrtle.

      Yes I hope the twins have a big 2017. Their handling let them down big time this year, all 3 Burgess’ either dropping the ball or in the play the ball. Let’s hope that is all in the past. The other forwards all tend to follow their example in all things, and in this too.

      It will also help to have Sutton, Reynolds and Inglis fully fit and playing each week.

  12. This is a win/win. I’m sure Robbie will pay Souths back in spades for giving him the chance to retire on his terms etc. he will add depth, and help develop Cook.

    All that aside, I rate McInnes, but don’t follow him as closely as a Bunnies supporter, and think losing him because of it is a big mistake. He’s young and inexperienced now, and gone for all money from the Bunnies going forward, but is a player with a big future.

  13. Don’t see it working. Cook has been playing great footy of late – darting out from dummy half, getting the roll on for the big boys, and has good halfback-like capability. Farah….he was a great player, but he’s well past his prime IMHO. What do we achieve here…risking Cook looking for another opportunity just to get the little bit of playing life left in Farah. Cook needs more experience, but getting game time, not playing second string to Farah.

    To me, it’s hoping the past will bring something new (unlikely) rather than investing in the future. I can only hope he has a point to prove and plays out of his skin…..and that it works out well for us in the second year (yes Tigers are paying the vast majority of his first years salary but is he on the same $750k for the second year?!)….

  14. cook going nowhere i got the good oil last week robbie will shine dont worry about that if you think differently you know nothing about footy and farah its a big bonus to our spine he will tighten up the spine big time!!!!

  15. so south sydney now have sam burgess on 1 mill a year they have greg inglis close to 1 mill a year & robbie farraha was on almost 1 mill a year gee MR SHUBERT mc ines was on little coin so is damiean cook so who eles are the bunny rabbits set 2 release id say @ lest 2 more players or there cap would be over like parra scums

    • The Tigers are paying most of Farrah’s salary in 2017, and I don’t think he will be getting $1m in 2018. There is always players leaving at the end of the year so the only player who would suffer is McIness who want to play for the Dragons. Cheers.

  16. If you read the articles before commenting you would see that the Tigers are paying $750K of this amount. Souths are only paying $150K – $200K. BARGAIN!! For that price, with his experience, and with his desire to lead from the front, he should have gone to the Knights. They need him more than Souths and he would have been able to make a bigger contribution to helping them rebuild.

    Btw “onloan”, it’s always useful to know WHICH team people posting actually support rather than hiding behind an ambiguous profile. That way there is no where to hide from your comments when your team comes under fire.

    • Knights never wanted him. They have signed Kostjasyn now, which I think will be a good rotation between him and Mullen, with Levi developing more in the Intrust Super Premiership.

  17. One thing I will say, that I feel strongly about, is that there should be greater transparency of the salary cap. This should be available for all supporters to see along with TPA’s (which there should be a limit set for each club). Supporters should be able to access a website (or at least as paying members of a club have access to a site) that gives this breakdown. That way there may be some faith restored in the system and we can all stop these meaningless attacks on each others clubs. Does anyone agree?

    • Look at the NFL and NBA in the US. Contract $$’s for players are not a hidden secret. It is accepted as part of the system.

      Likewise having a draft and players having to accept the fact that they may have to relocate from one side of the country to the other.

      It’s something that all players have to accept if they want the privilege of playing in an elite competition and a chance to earn BIG $$’s.

      The NRL need to implement a draft system and a system that allows for an equal playing field. The players association is against it but see my earlier comments re the US elite athletes.

      Also all teams need to play each other twice. If there are too many games then the US solution is to divide these into 2 or more conferences. Would rather see it stay the same though and move rep games to end of season.

  18. What a ridiculous signing – surely someone at Souths could see that Cookie is the answer (should have been the answer from the start of the season) – and if they also had Walker at 5/8 from the beginning, we probably would’ve played finals football
    If we lose Cookie over this then bringing Richo back did nothing to settle the asylum centre

    • Totally agree. Walker should never have been moved from 5/8, Cook should be hooker and GI at FB has found his mojo again (as long as he can remain injured free.

      The majority of Souths supporters are in agreement. As long as Farah plays lock and relief hooker OK. Just as long as he doesn’t try and run the show… on or off the field.

    • Give us back Dylan Walker and we’ll call it even. 😉

      Hymel Hunt is developing well (remember he missed most of the year so it’s hard to give him a fair assessment. Aaron Gray is also a quality player. We need fast wingers. AJ (Alex Johnson) is fast and Joe Burgess is quick as well but on a plane to England so… I think a fast young winger is a higher priority. Not sure if Creighton might move to centre but he looks good already in the back row.

    • Btw, Souths have also signed Robert Jennings, Braidon Burns and Tyrell Fuimaono (centres) also signed Connor Tracey and Riley Travers (Halves) all excellent young juniors. So Souths are building for the future.

    • Let’s hope so! But not at the expense of Cook. Farah has 2 years left to play at best while Cook has 6 – 7. Souths need to think long term.

      Also see my comments at the end of this article to save re-typing. It all depends on his attitude whether he will succeed and win over Souths fans. To do this he may have to be prepared to play a different role.

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