The Canberra Raiders have announced the re-signing of Joey Leilua on a three-year deal, keeping him with the club until at least the end of 2018.

Leilua joined the Raiders in June from Newcastle and scored one try in six matches for the club.

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    • No he got yelled at training by Beau Scott for being fat and lazy, then the coach said “have a go or you will lose your spot”. So he had the cry and played terrible and moved on.. Will happen to Canberra give it time

      • Lol…like us Raiders fans have not heard that one before??? I bet after typing that you felt really chuffed with yourself thinking you came up with somthing original…think again. Also, you probably think were offended and u got under our skins with that hard thought of witty remark, when really we are just laughing at you mate. Change your name to “Imajoke”…

        • Greenblooded Your Canberra Raiders are looking solid for next year mate, can’t wait to see how Blake Austin and Aidan Sezer play together I reckon they will be the best halves you have had for a long time maybe since Laurie Daley and Ricky Stuart

  1. Raiders sharks and warriors are the smokers for next year imo.
    I’m gonna put money on the sharks I think Maloney is the missing piece for them. They made the finals mostly with toughness and grinding there opponents out of the game.. With Maloney and either holmes or bird at Fb will have some speed and class.
    Raiders have a great pack and great halves. but will they fire and will Austin be able to step up now that teams know his game.
    As for warriors… consistency?

  2. 1. Wighton
    2. Lee
    3. Crocker
    4. Waqa
    5. Leilua

    Worst backline in comp.
    Crocker great gk and stuff but bit small other than than crap tbh.

    • Apart from Tigers, Leilua, lee, Waqa wouldn’t make a starting spot in any NRL team. Wighton I don’t rate really and Crocker is great. Obviously there backline can’t be to great if they are bottom 6

      • They do have the worst defense lol
        waqa was a storm player before he’s very good. wighton is good too and young. Lee can be replaced with ease. I’m keen to see how Austin and Sezer go together.

  3. You people who say “i dont rate Wighton” are clueless about Rugby League… Hes very, very versatile for a start hes never played Fullback until NRL he was a centre in his junior years but i believe he played very well at 5/8 when he first come along for Raiders he played a little games there and did well. Hes young but has a great understanding for the game.. He averaged 141metres per game compared to Greg Inglis who averaged 137m Wighton also made 12 Linebreaks to 2less than GI at 14 so hes not that bad… (yes GI had a bad season for his standards) but Wighton did good for his first year at Fullback in any grade of Rugby League hes only young but hes a decent size (1.88m 92KG) hes good at beating defenders and always take the ball on the full he does his job nothing flashy but hes a solid Fullback who will improve as the years go by

  4. Raiders need to sign a 80 minute forward. Fpn, Boyd and Lima can’t play over 40 minutes maybe Vaughan. Now with the 8 man interchange they need to sign a Bromwich or a Tolman. A forward who can play nearly 80

  5. Soliola can play 80 everyweek same as Vaughan but last season ricky didnt go that way but now that the Interchange has changed i think paul will get alot more game time.
    Having soliola for 80 in the back row and Vaughan in the front. Leaving Lima, FPN and boyd to rotate.

  6. Good player..on his day can bust over ten tackles in a game and be really destructive out wide good re-signing Canberra.

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