SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 29: Junior Paulo of the Eels runs the ball during the round 25 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Cronulla Sharks at Pirtek Stadium on August 29, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Canberra Raiders have confirmed the signing of Junior Paulo on a two-year deal commencing next season in a short statement.

Paulo will finish the year with the Parramatta Eels before moving to his new club.

Read the statement from the club below:

The Canberra Raiders can confirm the signing of Eels forward junior Paulo on a new two year deal commencing 2017.

The Raiders would like to wish Paulo all the best for the remainder of his time at the Parramatta Eels.

The Raiders will be making no further comment on the signing.

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  1. Big big loss for us, in his second year at the raiders i personally think he will be top 3 props in the game but from all reports I have heard to much money for the eels to compete with, especially since the offer we tabled was no where near that of the raiders.. Raiders are quite lucky their halves are on peanuts my only concern for them is when all these people are off contract it is going to be hard for them to retain… All in all though well down Canberra, looking the goods for a big push for a long awaited premiership within the next couple of years

    • Retention will be a problem I agree. Stick is building a short window, probably 2 years (2017/2018), where we will be contenders and then we’ll drop off again. We have heaps of people coming off contract in 2018.
      Paulo fixes the biggest weakness we had leading into this year.
      Weakest position now is winger.

      • How is the wing your weakness??

        Sisa Waqa is your best winger and he’s not even playing
        Then you have Rapana who does his job week in out

        Erick Lee would be my back up

        • I said they are our weakest positions. Which positions are weaker than our wings?

          If you think Sisa Waqa is our best winger at the moment then you don’t follow the club closely enough. His form has dropped off big time in pre-season and in NSW cup.
          Still he’s likely to see game time against the knights at centre given Leilua will probably pick up a week for his lifting tackle given loading.
          I’m hoping Waqa has a blinder. It’s a lot of salary cap to have out of form and sitting in reserve grade.

        • I’d actually say we are short at centre depth wise than any other positions cause I don’t really rate brenko Lee but that’s just my opinion

    • What reports are those that he is on big coin please link otherwise only rumoured I’ve been hearing 450k plus 50k third party from that sports journalist seems fairly resonance to me

      • I’ll say it again mate from all reports that I have heard!! Never said it was written in stone lol but if parra offered him 500k and he came out and said I have to look after my family then I hate to tell you it more then likely ain’t 450k lol we will find out soon enough though

        • I seriously think you underestimate all the crap happening behind the scenes at your club if the raiders offered like for like why would he not take 500j is it that hard to believe that someone may just not want to be there like Jesus Milford knocked back a mil for 450k from the Broncos cause that’s where he wanted to be.

        • This deal was in the pipelines way before any of our cap issues came out, as you know this rumour was around at the end of last season before any governance review was required on our club! If you think Milford was only getting paid 450 a year from the Broncos then you are kidding yourself, 450 off the cap maybe but a nice chunk of third parties would of seen the raiders offer matched! Would you take 550k less? Also brother no need to take my words literally as I said just what I heard (never said I was on the money) if you want me to say rumour no worries lol I take my good words to Canberra back now and I hope you don’t push for a premiership 😝 Lol and if reports come out saying he is on more then 500k I don’t want you to act surprised and shocked haha as I said before mate nice work from recruitment at the raiders regardless of what they are paying because I believe within the next couple of years he will be one of the top props in the game, shame to lose such another talented junior but such is life in this day and age…

        • See your pretty uninformed milf is on 450k the NRL actually said they were looking into it as it was around the time Andrew Gee quit. Suck it up princess there’s actually atleast something out there to back up my claim of 500k a year for Paulo where’s your evidence to prove otherwise your clubs a basket case enjoy points being taken away lol 😂😂😂

    • Mmmmm shouldn’t be too hard to keep our players. Remembering we have a couple of older front rowers in Lima and FPN who will most likely retire by 2018. Giving us a bit more coin to put into Austin’s and Sezer’s contracts. I think an extra 150k (Making it 650K) each would keep them there, especially if the team in successful this and next season. Actually IMO I can see another club throwing some coin at Williams, so we may lose him…again. But if we can keep our spine, Wighton, Austin, Sezer and Hodgson. I think we should be OK for a few years.

      Wighton is always improving at FB. He puts his body on the line, hits and runs hard. He did prove on the weekend that his passing is terrible. That long ball to Rapana that actually hit the front row in the crowd proved that he is not a half. Wighton just needs to tackle, catch bombs, support and run at holes.

      Austin and Sezer, in only 30 mins of game time, they proved that they will always be dangerous. A cool head and superb kicking game is that of Sezer, and Austin…well, he just keeps making the opposition panic when he has the ball. Top 4 Halves these two, behind Cows, Broncs, and Eels.

      Hodgson…well…Isn’t he just a real player. Kicks a 40/20 in the dying minutes to give Raiders the win over the Chooks. Yeah Williams kicked the FG. But it was Hodgson that won us the game with that kick. I think a lot of clubs will also be looking at trying to snare Hodgson into their ranks. He’s a top 5 NRL hooker in my view. Bias, yes most likely, but he’s just awesome! Well done to Sticky for finding him and bringing him to our club…

  2. Raiders depth is pretty darn good all around Ricky has done outstanding. They have the big bodies to match the doggies, Bunnies, Sharks, Roosters etcl Raiders pack has become a heavyweight aswell. They never had trouble scoring points as Raiders and Roosters lead the most points in the regular season. Just defence and closing out tight games were the only issues Aiden Sezer will help with that and they have now won two close games, 1 without their star halves so Raiders seem to have fixed the only troubles they were confronted with so far its early days but their going great

  3. Probs gonna change my name to raidersfan!! They are going to be very hard to stop when they get going!! Come mid season I’m picking them to be the form team of the comp through SOO and fade a little between rds20-24 and then finish strong into the finals but bow out second week. 2017 green machine GF?

  4. 2017 is a realistic goalfor a GF for Raiders imo. Their halves will only get better Wighton is improving with every game remember hes not naturally a fullback he selflessly made the switch at the time. And their young pack with only be bigger, stronger and more experienced.. Not to mention the further possible recruitment aswell

  5. Great signing Raiders. Good to see them make more quality signings. Off topic but the Titans finally have some good news with Kane Elgey extending his contract.

  6. We still have no real super stars…I was listening to Ben Ikin on radio and he was explaining that the Raiders don’t have a Thurston, Gi, DCE, Smith or Cronk…Those peek players that are top tier super star players. But we do have an all round tier 2 group of players. Austin not a super star but with plenty of potential, as well as Sezer, Hodgson, Wighton, Croker, Lee, Soliola, Vaughn, Leilua are all good solid secondary tier players that are not super stars. Our last super star now plays for the Broncos. But we have found a way to be competitive without him, and that’s why credit is due for Ricky Stuart. Losing your star player, but then building an all round solid squad is what he has done. Paulo is the icing on the cake and I really don’t think we need to recruit any more players…just keep the one’s we have now.

  7. Doesn’t really matter what Canberra do, they won’t win a GF or even make the 8 with Ricky steering the ship.

    • Won’t make the 8? mmmm really? Are you sure? Good thing were not actually expected to win a GF, were as Brisbane on the other hand…with that 10 million dollar roster, shouldn’t lose a single game this season. All that pressure…good luck
      PS. Must really grind your gears knowing that your best player came from the Raiders…lol

      • True, and you guys would be killing it with him if he stayed. I don’t hate raiders, in fact I like them. I just think Ricky is just a very overrated coach.

  8. I’m hearing raiders bought Junior Paulo for $750,000 a season.
    that’d be highest paid forward, wouldn’t it??

    • I’ll be very surprised and shocked if he’s getting that much. He’ll be earning more than Scott, Graham, JWH and Bromwich who are all currently the 4 best props in the game.

    • That whole 750k figure was dreamt up on 1eyed eel to help some supporter handle the loss if you look at our roster and take into account fensom on 500k Tapine on 500k Austin Sezer on 500 a piece Hodgson got an upgrade then the likes of frank Paul, Croker and Wighton who just got upgraded. It’s impossible that we payed that much it wouldn’t fit unless we have some serious 3rd party deals in which case awesome Because that would mean the 750k is not in the cap Mac would be 450

  9. The only possible forward (thats not a hooker) that I can think off that could be on 750k plus is Sam Burgess.

  10. A big lose for usus, probably the only player we don’t want to lose since years (taking out Hayne). The only thing we can do is NAB a cheap wrecking ball forward, top up Norman and Peats and aim for a 2017 GF surge (whether we win or not). On another note, wish him the best and just ask he performs for us like he isn’t leaving. Goodluck to him and the Raiders (I don’t mind Reader’s, just hate sticky).

    • All Parra supporters hate Sticky…Just like all Raiders supporters hate Dugan. You do any wrong by any club and that club is gonna end up not liking you much at all…So, we get why you don’t like Sticky. But, we love him here cos he’s doing good things…Paulo being another good example.

  11. It’s sad to see him go. I like Junior, wish him the best, and expect he’ll do the right thing by the club for the season. No reflection on him, or this particular deal, but it’s round 2, 2016 and there’s signings for 2017 already. With 24 weeks to go, plus all of our finals games (half tongue and cheek), where’s this going to stop?

  12. For the first time in nearly a decade (since campo did his knee in the tigers semi) I have genuine hope that the raiders of old will return.

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