The Rabbitohs have sacked forward Paul Carter effective immediately following his a recent alcohol-fuelled bender that saw him miss training.

Read the statement below:

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have terminated the contract of player Paul Carter following a breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct and specific clauses of his NRL contract.

Rabbitohs General Manager of Football, Shane Richardson, said: “the Board has made a decision today to terminate Paul’s contract immediately as a result of his recent conduct.

“We have given Paul all of the support, and every opportunity, to get his career and life back on track but unfortunately he has been unable to meet the standards we had agreed when Paul joined the Club.

“This is a bigger issue than football for Paul. Needless to say we will continue to provide welfare, support and assistance to Paul in his continuing rehabilitation.”

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  1. What a waste I can’t see another club picking him up anytime soon. Addiction is mongrel and will destroy your life.

  2. Sad to see it happen, but good on Souths for saying enough is enough. He should be forced to sit out for a year before some other club snaps him up, but in reality, he will probably be signed by another club asap.

    • +1. Going to rehab in Thailand.. Since when does Australia not have good rehab services??? I don’t see him changing much. He’ll get signed to another club, he’ll continue to behave poorly, he’ll go back to rehab (blaming something other then himself.)
      Sad but at the same time, not.

  3. If he does get another shot at playing in the NRL it should be under either Bellamy, Hasler or Bennett. All 3 have proven track records turning wayward blokes with ability into solid first graders. If that doesn’t set him on the straight and narrow then he better get used to working 9-5.

        • Some guys just don’t learn. Hasler couldn’t fix carter. Bennett couldn’t fix Julian o’niel Bellamy couldn’t fix that Mathew lodge. Some idiots just don’t deserve the chances they get.

        • It sucks hey? Assuming you have a 10 year first grade career you can well and truly set yourself up for life with the money. If he never plays again, I reckon in 10 years time he might look back on it and give himself an uppercut.

    • When he was at canterbury before titans grabbed him, his dad steve former penrith player,reckons he was
      At the best club before he went to the titans

  4. Once again Souths make a hasty decision, this will come back to haunt us just like Roberts, Walker and a number of players Souths have go rid of , the bloke has checked himself into rehad let’s see how he deals with that, Bellamy has already said he wants him, watch him go then, stupid decision and no compassion for the player

    • Roberts hasn’t been in devastating form. It took him three clubs to get to the Broncos.
      Walker well it seems he had one good game then he took up punching walls.. $10k fine and four weeks out. Yeah he reformed.
      O’Neil pooped in a shoe during a binge then went to England.
      Can’t see any bit makes yet!!

  5. Personally like the way he plays,a bit old school, im surprised he didnt play middle forward 13 at souffs

    • Too right he’s a little mongrel he has alot of what’s missing in the modern day footballer he should’ve played in the 80s 90s no one would care about his alcoholism. More to the point it’s the technology advances that help the media make sure we all know famous peoples lives indescretions.

  6. Are you kidding penso? The bloke has been flicked from two clubs then he’s stuck working a normal job then souths gave him another chance on strict guidelines in regards to his drinking problem then he gets on a bender mid season and doesn’t turn up training when their season is in limbo and they’re stacked with talent good on souths I say. Btw I’m a Paul Carter fan I was gutted what he did when Titans had to let him go after his second stuff up. Penso you can’t help someone that can’t help themself.

    • Tend to agree with you. I too was a fan. He played hard and fast and added hardness back into our pack…BUT…enough is enough. Gotta take a stand or else the culture seriously declines.

      The question is – has it already happened, things are looking mighty ugly at Souths at the moment.

      • Have faith, Souths are just getting rid of the deadwood. Roberts got the sack from Souths and look what he did at the Panthers. He’s not setting the world on fire, just helping the Broncos with their salary cap.

        Walker got upset because Souths wanted to fine him and stand him down over the drug issue with Grey. Look at him now, bashing a door down, out for four weeks and fined $10k. And don’t tell me he is SOO material – if Morris had been fit he would not have got a look-in.

        Give them time, true believers do.

        • Hear what your saying Chalky. I’m sensing some cultural issues though. It wasn’t long ago that Reynolds asked for a release, we’re playing players out of position (e.g. Goodwin to second row?), we’ve got a revolving door with the hookers alternating each week, and why are we not playing Cody at 5/8 now, with the view to getting some time on the paddock with Reynolds? Where’s the impact off our bench, apart from a Burgess bro? Where are the rumours on Souths signing some good talent for next year…not hearing anything but an echo?!

        • I’m guessing that they are trying a few things with the rumour getting louder that
          Inglis wants to be at the Broncos in 2017. I agree about Goodwin and Auva’a in the forwards.

          Madge doesn’t have a lot of talent to fall back on. We have to believe that Madge and Richardson aren’t stupid, but if they are, we’re in trouble.

        • I agree with you Whitey. Very quiet, the silence is deafening.
          The exodus continues, no signings.
          The 20’s are not world beaters and the Bears are ok, the squad is shrinking!!
          Started the year with 31 players now down to 25 and a stack of injuries!!
          What the hell is going on??

  7. Any player that gets sacked from an NRL club for off field indcidents should be banned by the NRL for 12 months

  8. #bunnybuster – and don’t you just sense the difference in attitude and belief on the park…yes there’s plenty of effort, but it wasn’t that long ago that we’d go into a game thinking our pack was going to steamroll just about anyone….now we’re back to the old days of saying ‘just hang on…please just hang on’.

    Liked what glimpse I saw of Zane Musgrove when he was given a chance..but other than that is it fair to say our bench is one of the worst in the comp….

    Gotta go shoot myself, getting to negative!

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