TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 27: Luke Kelly of the Eels runs the ball during the round 20 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on July 27, 2015 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have re-signed back rower Jack Gosiewski until at least the end of the 2017 season. The Rabbitohs have also added experienced half Luke Kelly to their roster, with Kelly signing on for the 2017 season.

Gosiewski, 22, made his NRL debut in the round ten victory over the Parramatta Eels and went on to play five first grade matches in 2016.

The Rabbitohs under 20s graduate will be working towards cementing a spot in South Sydney’s top 17 in 2017.

Kelly, 27, has played a total of 47 NRL matches during stints with the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels, having made his NRL debut for the Storm in 2009. In that same season he was captain of the premiership-winning under 20s Storm team and he was named man-of-the-match in the Grand Final against the Tigers.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire says he’s very pleased to see Gosiewski staying in the red and green, and to be bringing in a player like Kelly to the squad.

“Jack worked very hard to earn his first grade debut this year and we’re looking forward to helping him with his progress,” said Coach Maguire.

“I’ve worked with Luke during my time in Melbourne, as has Greg Inglis and Robbie Rochow, so I know what his work ethic and drive to compete is like.

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“Luke can play five-eighth or halfback and his addition to the squad, as well as the retention of Hymel and Jack, adds to the depth in our playing group as we prepare for the 2017 season.”

South Sydney Rabbitohs 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Dean Britt (Melbourne Storm, 2019), Braidon Burns (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Anthony Cherrington (2017), Adam Doueihi (2021), Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers, 2019), Tyrell Fuimaono (Parramatta Eels, 2019), Campbell Graham (2021), Brett Greinke (Mid Season: Brisbane Broncos, 2017), Gabriel Hamlin (2019), Dean Hawkins (2018), Mawene Hiroti (2019), Robert Jennings (Penrith Panthers, 2018), Sam Johnstone (2018), Luke Kelly (Parramatta Eels, 2017), Sitiveni Moceidreke (2017), Robbie Rochow (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Ky Rodwell (2018), Lucky Ta'avale (2018), Tyrone Taukamo (2018), Connor Tracey (Cronulla Sharks, 2019)
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Kirisome Auva'a (Parramatta Eels), Nathan Brown (Parramatta Eels), Joe Burgess (Wigan Warriors), Paul Carter (Sydney Roosters), Brock Gray (Sydney Roosters), Chris Grevsmuhl (Gold Coast Titans), Tom Hughes (Newcastle Knights), Luke Keary (Sydney Roosters), Samisoni Langi (Leigh Centurions), Cameron McInnes (St George Illawarra Dragons), Michael Oldfield (Canberra Raiders)
Jason Clark (2020), Damien Cook (2019), Jack Gosiewski (2019), Hymel Hunt (2019), Greg Inglis (2020), Zane Musgrove (2020), Adam Reynolds (2021), Cody Walker (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Dean Britt, George Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Braidon Burns, Damien Cook, Jacob Gagan, Mawene Hiroti, Matt McIlwrick, Mark Nicholls, Bayley Sironen, Tevita Tatola, Connor Tracey, Kyle Turner
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  1. thank you rabbits. Most useless player on our roster and did nothing when we had a half out. I like toutai’s game tbh and adds size to our edges/wingers

    • parrafan012

      “Most useless player on our roster”

      Don’t think we don’t realise that but he is just a backup for our backup half.

      He should be playing park football along with Rein and Lichaa IMO.

      As for young Jack G., good news. He is still developing and shows more promise than either of the three aforementioned ever did.

    • Sorry mate disagree with you on Toutai – whilst you are correct, he does add size to our edges, despite having huge hands, he drops too much ball for my liking, also his defensive reads are not getting any better whether playing centre or wing. Watch the game against Canberra when he played centre (he is known more as a centre than a winger) and 5 tries go through him in one half.
      Luke was always a battler and tried his hardest but his best is not up to the standard required. Good luck to him.

  2. First T-Rex get a contract, then Dave Taylor gets a contract and now Luke Kelly gets a contract.

    All that’s left is for Ben Pomeroy to return from the Super League and the circle of mediocrity will be complete.

        • Manly could conceivably trotting out a backline next year including butter finger Uate, greasy hands Taufua and Jono ‘sun in my eyes’ Wright? Ouch.

        • westernsharky/Miltontoaster

          Wow! Now wouldn’t THAT just set the cat amongst the pigeons? It might explain why we haven’t heard from ronald-m? 😉

        • Why are people so unkind ,,,,,, Miltontoaster , I agree with your sentiments , HOW EVER , don’t go dissn Gorge T , he played busted all year ( against surgeons orders) and if our 10 million dollar baby had half of the commitment that Gorge showed then we wouldn’t have finished 3 friggn last !!!!

        • I can categorically confirm that I am not Ronnie. For one, if you check my record I was very much pro-shark in the lead up to the GF. I only brought up Pomeroy as I was a member of the Sharks due to geographical convenience for a few years and had to suffer through Pomeroy’s lack of hand eye co-ordination.

          Silvertail – I would never diss Jorge’s heart, he is a tough SOB. I do doubt his hands though. He’s several rungs above Jono Wright though, how that guy has played at 4 NRL clubs is beyond me.

        • Miltontoaster

          Sure thing Ronnie 😉 (BIG wink!)

          Hahahahahahaha just kidding Miltontoaster, sadly, ronald-m has not been able to stay as rational for that long but it WAS a funny thought at the time.

        • I am absolutely shocked and disgusted by this decision.
          The Bulldogs are the team who usually take all of the eels rejects and then they go on to bigger and better things at the Doggies.
          Johnno Wright, Kris Keating, Reni Maitua, Jacob Loko, Wil Hopoate and Patty O’ Hanlon to name a few in recent years.
          Damn the Bulldogs, damn them to hell!

        • Grunta for your info, Maitua did debut with the Dogs and win the premiership with us and Hopoate came to you from Manly, was dead average at the Eels and has improved with us ;). Loko didn’t even get a game and acted like an idiot and was shown the door but I will give you the other players.

        • Dogs took Maitua back.
          Hopoate played for his state when at the Eels.
          Loko acted like an absolute idiot at the Eels too…which was my point.
          Oh, how did I forget Trex?

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but before he had his first grade debut with the Dogs Reni Maitua was a South Sydney Junior. He played Kensington United, La Perouse United and the Maroubra Lions. Just saying, one of ours that got away around the same time as Braith Anasta and Craig Wing because of Souths due to Super League.

  3. Now that’s what you call desperate! And I doubt Reynolds will get another chance at origin next year, so there is no point. and I get their backup was injured again. so that makes it even more what? and Reynolds gets injured so much, Kelly will be there in his spot most of the season if Reynolds tears or breaks something.

    • quethedoctor1

      “And I doubt Reynolds will get another chance at origin next year”

      Until Cleary is ready (which won’t be for a year or two) Reynolds is the best option at HB for NSW by a long shot. Even the retired players in the media agree. He had another disrupted year due to injury (he played just 16 games out 26). He should have plenty of time to recover over the off season and looked like he was already getting back to his 2014/early 2015 form by the last 5 games this year. My tip is he will be in better shape next year and paired up with Walker will have a much improved season.

      Or is there another half (other than Cleary) that you think should get a run ahead of him? If so I would like to know who? Believe me, better all round for Souths chances if there was.

      • I think Cleary will be ready by Origin 2017. I like Reynolds but Cleary is NSW’s best half talent since Johns. They need to put him there with Maloney and injury permitting stick for the long haul.

        Ash Taylor will still be better and, IMO, will be the best 7 of generation next.

        • tommyknocker

          “I think Cleary will be ready by Origin 2017”

          And we are going to take advice from QLDers on our origin team, I don’t think so! Just, kidding mate, I have no doubt he is the future but I am mindful of what happened to Jarrod Mullen who was pushed in to that arena before he was ready and he never seemed to recover afterwards.

          My hope is that Cleary is given the opportunity when he is ready. He is a total natural (like Taylor) and is already killing it in first grade and will go up a gear or two next year, but the Origin arena is a cruel place for any young inexperienced player, far worse when they are charged with leading a team around and calling the shots at 19 yrs!

          If Cleary is given a shot next year I have little doubt that QLD will be on a mission to “break him” (mentally). IF Cleary is deemed ready then I agree, otherwise Adam Reynolds will keep his place warm.

          “Ash Taylor will still be better and, IMO, will be the best 7 of generation next.”

          Time will tell but I think Cleary vs Taylor will be akin to Sterlo vs Mortimer, a struck match between them (though I always favoured Sterlo). One day they may even play in the halves together, who knows. Both look set to be the leading halves in the game for the next 10 years or so.

        • tommyknocker

          “Cleary is NSW’s best half talent since Johns”

          High praise and I agree.

          “They need to put him there with Maloney”

          I agree he needs someone with Maloney’s experience to help him to adjust to the pressure of Origin. Despite previous poor performances at Origin level, for mine Maloney was consistently one of NSW’s best this year.

        • Cleary, his defence is NOT up to Origin standard.
          Daley will stick with the Club combination of Farah and Reynolds.

        • 3hats

          “Cleary, his defence is NOT up to Origin standard.”

          He looked pretty impressive standing up to Junior Paulo and Joey Leilua in the finals and put his body on the line each time. I just can’t rap this kid enough. I agree though that I don’t want to see him rushed in to rep football and suffer as a result but when he is ready he will be like Sterlo, Johns, Thurston and Langer (impossible to replace!)

        • 3hats

          “Daley will stick with the Club combination of Farah and Reynolds.”

          With any luck Farah will play 90% of his time at Souths at lock and hopefully won’t be considered. He was far from impressive at hooker in the last SOO series for mine in any case. Time to look to the next generation I think.

  4. I can understand Jack G, but why Kelly? Madge worked with him at Melbourne: didn’t he also work with Neilsen? Souths need genuine cover, not Kelly.

    Reynolds goes down, Walker to halfbach, Sutton to 5/8 (or GI)
    Walker goes down, Sutton or GI to 5/8
    Walker and Reynolds both go down, Cook to halfback and Sutton or GI to 5/8

    Surely Krlly is not the answer unless they got him very cheaply. But you have to have faith (no matter how thinly it is stretched).

    • chalky

      Kelly is just a backup for our backup half (Connor Tracey) who is having his 3rd knee reconstruction in as many years! Not good, sadly for a bright young prospect.

      According to 3hats:

      “Kelly will be Cheap and 2nd tier, around $38k to $52k”

    • chalky

      Also “Cook to halfback” should be an option for us (provided Cook stays of course). Beyond being “our” first choice hooker he adds depth to both hooker and half and is a genuine impact option off the bench.

      My preference would be to keep Walker at 5/8 (or half to cover Reynolds) and resist the pressure to move him to FB to cover Inglis. He is more dangerous and valuable to Souths in the halves. That said, he is still an option at FB and will do the job well.

      From what I could see from Sutton at the back end of the year (particularly in the Bulldogs game in the last round) he still looks sharp at 5/8 and is also a good option there.

  5. I don’t want to sound negative but am really glad Kelly has now moved on. He tries hard but just can’t cut it in first grade. Good luck to him at Souths. I’ll be very surprised if he makes it in their first grade squad, even with players missing on rep duty, injury etc.
    I think the last time I was this excited to see a player leave Parra was when Justin Poore was moved on (no offence Kelly).

    • gotheeels

      Kelly shows glimpses of skill and ability but when put under pressure everything falls apart. He should be a solid backup if 3 of 4 (Reynolds, Walker, Cook, Sutton) are unavailable. Remember he is a backup for Souths injured backup half (2nd tier cap).

      • @SSTID, agreed mate that Kelly is only required as a backup player to your other backup halves. You know your team’s in deep strife if you need to ever call him up to first grade, hopefully for Souths they won’t get that desperate.

        • gotheeels

          On the positive side though, he has had enough first grade experience and has been through a similar system with the Storm (with Madge) which will help him to settle in and to pass on some of that experience to other young halves coming through like Riley Travers, Liam Coleman, Beau Cordtz, Chad O’Donnell.

        • SSTID, I agree re Madge having worked with him before, back your coach, as I know you do, and I’d go beyond him just passing on (his fairly limited) experience to junior players to he’s a good reserve half.

          As per previous comments, he won’t set the world on fire when he’s needed, and probably won’t win you a game, but he’ll give 100%, and probably won’t cost you one either.

        • eelsalmighty

          As long as he can cover the basics and we have another experienced halves partner to assist him he should be able to do the job. I remember he has signs of a good kicking game but it is too irregular, too inconsistent. Perhaps training with Adam Reynolds he might pick up a few new tricks. He seems like a decent kid and will do his best, but I think his opportunities will be extremely limited (otherwise Souths will be in trouble with so many quality players down!)

    • To be fair to Justin Poore, Chris Sandow was probably the biggest flop signing in the club’s history. My apologies to Justin, we can pencil him in as our second biggest flop import (closely followed by Lee Mossop).

      • Can I get an honourable mention for Carl Webb and Paul Whatuira? Also, did ‘The Man Who Refuses To Tackle’ Chris Walker play for Parra? If so, throw him in the mix.

        • Miltontoaster

          Don’t talk to me about Chris Walker! I saw him play a trial game for Souths against the Tigers (2003) in Gosford and it was the most embarrassing and unprofessional display I have EVER seen from a first grade footballer.

          At the time he wanted out of his contract to go to the Roosters and Souths weren’t prepared to release him (he had JUST arrived!!) He was positioned on the wing and moved in to within an arms reach of his centre (I think Owen Craigie) and left his winger unmarked 15+ metres outside him! Craigie looked at him in shock and tried to push him out to the wing but Walker was having none of it. They ran at least 2 tries in outside Walker (gifts!) before he was hooked, in a game we lost by about 50 points! He was released soon after. He isn’t a footballer, he is a disgrace!

        • Milton – in 2011 Kearney signed Carl Webb, Chris Walker, Chris Hicks, Paul Whatuira, Reni Matua and Casey McGuire all in the one go – that was the biggest flop signings in the history of the Eels and no wonder Kearney didn’t last there with his eye for talent.
          Of that lot only Reni and McGuire had a go, the others were the biggest flops any club had signed.
          Charlie Webb can still be spotted at the pie shop all day every day

        • billy

          “Charlie Webb can still be spotted at the pie shop all day every day”

          Hahahahahaha! Is BIG George Rose with him? I miss BIG George!! I would literally love to see him at Souths. We would need to make a lot of room for him though (not under the cap!) 😉

        • I do remember that signing spree from Parra, set the club back another 3 or 4 years as they were paying off these idiotic contracts for awhile.

          Hopefully for the Warriors sake, Kearney doesn’t have creative control when it comes to recruitment.

        • Milton – that was a ridiculous moment when signing all that mob, it smacked of desperation. Even though the majority of those guys HAD been decent players in their time, they were all well past it.
          Webb was fat and lazy.
          Walker just wanted a contract (like he still does now)
          Hicks was only ever a bit part player at this best.
          Whatuira had just come out of the mental hospital.
          Reni was coming back from his drug ban.
          McGuire was just a journeyman who could never really nail down a starting sport anywhere but was possibly the best of this lot at the time.
          That was the start of the Eels salary cap problems, signing multi year contracts for has-beens or never-were’s and compounded every year thereafter and topped off by the worlds greatest coach Sticky getting rid of 12 players in one go (it had to be done but could have been done a whole let better) and adding another 1m of contract payments to an already underperforming roster.
          SSTID – George and Charlie are best mates with pie shop owner, they are allowed to sit there all day and eat as many pies as they can while they relive their glory days to all and sundry passing through. George regales everyone with his stories of how he was the leader and fittest player in Manlys golden run and even had jerseys specially made for him. Charlie likes to tell how him and Uncle Wayne were best of mates sitting on the porch with their shotguns and warning off the locals bra’s.

    • crowy3301

      Well they gotta celebrate something! Back in the day (when Souths were struggling at the bottom) if we won the toss we did a lap of honour! 😉 Too soon? OK.

      • Well I would imagine there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the schmeels with Luke Kelly gone, that means they have lost Kelly and Morgan in 1 hit, that’s like signing an international

  6. Good luck to him.

    I don’t think he’ll ever own a spot in his own right, but I don’t think he’s half as bad as some of the comments. He gave 100% to the club, and I for one thank him for that, and wish him all the best.

    • That is all you can ever ask from a player. 100% commitment. I bet plenty of us wish we could have played 1 grade game.

      • Spot on. He gives a 100%, and even though I don’t think he’ll quite get to a permanent (on field spot) I really felt for him this year. With the dramas we had from early in the year re Foran, and later in the year re Norman, he had a chance to give it his best shot, and he was injured.

        Fom my perspective, he wore the blue and gold, and gave 100%, so I wish him all best, except when he’s playing Parra going forward, in which case I wish him all the best, but not to the extent he costs us the game.

        In all honesty, I’m disappointed by some of the comments here.

        • eelsalmighty

          “He gave 100% to the club”

          Sorry if my assessment was a bit harsh before, reacting to some Eels fans comments at the time. I agree with you there (that he gives 100%). If he gets a run at Souths (doubtful) he will have a red hot crack I’m sure. If we can give him reasonable protection and time, and options either of side of the ruck to assist him then maybe we might see something.

          He is not a one man show though, Thurston, Cronk, Reynolds, Taylor, Cleary, Hodkinson. They can lead a team around the park, organise, kick long/medium/short, control the play, read defences etc. Too late in his career to magically produce this but at the Eels he had more responsibility than he was able to cope with.

          It depends on the support structures and patterns of play Madge puts around him. That said, in all probability (except for disaster), he probably won’t even see a game in first grade.

        • I’m not offended by your comments, but I am disappointed by some of the Parra fans comments. He gave 100%, and I’m sure of that, to the club, so I respect him, and wish him the best. That said, and I agree with your comments, except I expect he will play for the Bunnies next year, because I expect he is higher on the pecking order of reserves than you think (possibly first in line in the halves).

        • eelsalmighty

          Unless he looks like a really solid option Souths have (Reynolds/Walker/Sutton/Cook) who can cover the halves. That means two have to go down before he even comes in to contention as I see it. Hopefully a rare occurrence.

  7. I agree re giving 100%.
    I hope that he gets more chances in the top grade than he did at the eels.
    He has proven to be a very reliable back up player for sure.

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