AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 02: Dane Nielsen of the Warriors is under pressure from Shaun Johnson (L) during a New Zealand Warriors NRL training session at Mt Smart Stadium on April 2, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Jason Oxenham/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have today confirmed the signing of former Queensland State of Origin representative Dane Nielsen for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Neilsen, 30, joins the Rabbitohs after making his NRL debut for the Sharks in 2007 before stints with the Storm (2008-12), Warriors (2013-14) and Dragons (2015), amassing 111 NRL games.

Nielsen was part of Grand Final victories in 2009 and 2012 with the Storm, and would also go on to represent Queensland in three State of Origin clashes in 2011 and 2012, as well as the Indigenous All Stars in 2013.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire is pleased to be bringing Nielsen into his squad for the next two years.

“Dane brings with him big game experience which will be invaluable for the young members of our backline,” Coach Maguire said.

“He’s prepared to put in the work and fight for a spot in our backline, and competition for spots is what every Club looks for.

“We’re looking forward to having him join the squad this week.”


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  1. Good depth signing. Madge will bring the best out him

    Despite all the doomsdayers we are building nicely and are in for a big year.

    Anyone who backs us not to make the 8 have no respect for money.

  2. Now that seems like a good even trade, Neilson in for walker… Lol… Useless old player in, young rep player out.good business there rabbits…

    • Cheap bandaid. Not depth… But can’t bag the rabbits as we did the same at saints.
      He needs to fix his head space first before anything. . .

  3. How can people claim being involved in those storm grand final victories as positive achievements.
    They were involved in a terrible crime.

    • Hussell don’t speak too soon mate.

      We won the comp on the back of Madge pissing 12 players off and signing

      Tom Burgess
      Grevo who didn’t play a game

      He also had 6 players debut in the same year.

      He’s doing a bit of rebuilding again and seeing as he has made the finals on every attempt with 3 top 4 finishes and a premiership I think I will back him over a nuffie like yourself mate. No offence

      • No offence taken mate. Im still standing by my comment that madge is the worst recruiter in the nrl, who agrees?

        • ha titans supporter here— nah i think neil recruited fairly well but didnt expected roberts to go or elgey to do his ACL

          rabbits will struggle to hit 8 this year, comp is to close and there on the down

        • Don’t forget Henry once had DCE going to the Titans, aswell as interest from players such as Napa and Gagai. Also his 2011 shake up at the cowboys was pretty good.

        • Good call hussel, you won’t get any argument out of this Bunnies fan . He won a premiership inspired and lead by Sam and Ben Teo . Those 2 made ordinary players look really good and last year showed . He thinks he is Bellamy , who is able to get blokes to rise after labouring at other clubs for years . He tried and failed . And after last years woeful performance , he could never emulate Bellamy .

        • You have NFI at all and should be ashamed of yourself. Your not worthy of supporting this great club with woeful comments like that.

        • You flop , learn the game . Souths were pitiful last year . They should not have even made the semi s . They got the points over the Bulldogs by default , Ridge drops the ball over the line for the Titans and they had all the momentum . They were outmuscled by every pack in the comp , their backs were sh-thouse with the exception of Inglis and Goodwin . Know a bit about the game and not a one eyed supporter . Crowe spoke out and told Keary and McInnes they didn’t earn their money and there was a lot . They were leaderless and without an enforcer, they were woeful . Keep dreaming , if you knew anything about the game you would have clearly seen the rubbish we were dealt . Maguires acquisition of Stewart and Grant laughable and to now purchase Neilsen as you let a champion and origin star of the future as Grevsmuhl go . Crazy sh-t , yeah I have NFI hahaha

        • jtraynor67,
          You’re a RORTERS fan in sheep clothing.
          You used the term “THEY WERE”, twice, not WE were!

          This proves you are NOT a Souths fan.
          Otherwise, you would have used the term “WE WERE”

        • 3hats , I usually bypass your remarks . They are nothing but garbage. You claim to have inside knowledge but dribble Sh-t. FYI , I will give you a little insight to my past and why I bleed red & green . I was born and raised but a few hundred metres from Redfern oval , just up the road on Elizabeth st . My weekends were filled playing footy for Mount Carmel and Waterloo Waratahs where I was coached by the Bunnies reserve grade hooker Stevie Magnus ( they use to do that back in the day ) . Or on every other weekend I would be sliding down the hills on cardboard beside the old scoreboard , collecting a stitch or two . This would usually be at half time when otherwise I would be watching my heroes Pittard , Simms , Sait and many others who played their hearts out . My old man , I have been told was the oldest player ever to play presidents cup. Cheeky prick . He was a hooker and unfortunately at the time only played a couple of 1st grade games , that happens when you have E Walters and Piggins ahead of you . Even when we moved out west the old man quickly change the local teams colours to cardinal & Myrtle . On the odd occasion the old man would make phone call and get the odd Souths player to stack his side. If ever a grand final appearance occurred Reggie the Rabbit would be sure to be there . I’ve been through the good , bad and the ugly with my beloved Rabbits . They were terrible when we were returned to the league but they had fight . If you believe last years Sh-t we were dealt as defending premiers , you know as much about the game as liverrabbit. NOTHING . Maguires acquisitions were a joke and the majority of the team were woeful . They were leaderless cream puffs , no one had the balls to take over from Burgess and Teo . Goodwin stood out and was our best back , he couldn’t get a game the year before . I am not a one eyed supporter , though as I said I bleed red and green. I call a spade a spade and if my Bunnies don’t show the heart and passion by donning those famous colours , i will voice my disapproval . I’m not a dreamer and think last years effort was a good one , it was sh-t. Yes , Souths will make the 8 because Sam will inspire and lead as he does. And because we got rid of dead wood and players Sam and Ben made look good . Yeah , I’m a Roosters fan . Now twaddle off and get us another false headline . Tosser

    • Don’t forget about Jason Taylor lets go good players like Tapau , Austin , Thompson and signs old average players

    • madge didn’t learn anything from tim grant glen stewart did you see any club rushing to sign him not even the titans want Nielsen terrible signing what are you doing shane Richardson. even st George looked for a reason to get rid of him and he gave them one.

  4. Just a depth signing…He would be on peanuts too. I think he’s there just for competition in the backline that is all……..i hope.

  5. This was the same chat when we signed LT, old, past it, has been, why sign an old winger, look how LT finished his career on a high and one of the best wingers that season & with another premiership ring. Personally (IMO) not the centre we needed to fill the gap D walks left but we will need to wait & see unless Madge is doing the kick n clap mentality & big Sam in At 4 lol

  6. NSW cup for him and we will only see him in the NRL through injury or long suspensions.
    He was poor for the Dragons (he didn’t score 1 try if I remember correctly) and even worse for Salford. He is a 10% player but did/does have potential, and I agree with Pedro he needs to clear his head and
    focus on footy.
    Good luck to him.

  7. Feeling the glory. Madge may start with something like this:

    1 G Inglis
    2 A Johnston
    3 B Goodwin
    4 K Auva’a
    5 M Oldfield
    6 C Walker
    7 A Reynolds
    8 G Burgess
    9 D Cook
    10 D Tyrrell
    11 K Turner
    12 J Sutton
    13 S Burgess

    14 C McInnes
    15 P Carter
    16 Z Musgrove
    17 T Burgess

    • I hate lists and I generally don’t comment on them, but I would have Grevsmuhl in for McInnes – Carter can cover No 9.

      • Grevs can be a bit of a liability in defence.

        I don’t think he will be a walkup start in the 17. Personally I’d play him prop. He tends to make some big runs close to the line but isn’t real keen hitting it up off his own line.

      • I think Madge will persevere with McInnes…it’s just the way it is, Grevs doesn’t always appear to be switched on…and fell away last year.

    • Mate I think Clark will be there for sure.



      • I forgot Clarky!!! My thoughts were we still need 4 frontrowers, and Zane is as big as the Burgess brothers, and hopefully mobile. Goodwin deserves to start the season on the back of his last years performance. Madge seems to like McInnes on the bench…has he improved since last year? I think we need Turner’s defence, running, and agility in the second row.

        • It will be interesting which way he goes mate.

          We certainly have some options. We have as good forward depth as any club in the comp.

          If he played the side I chose the resrve grade would look something like


          Brock Gray

          That’s not even getting onto the bears squad which has a bit of quality about it as well.
          Add A few gun prospects from our 20s and SG ball teams Like Cam Murray Gabe Hamlin and young Talaki and the future is looking awfully good.

        • There’s Tevita Cottrell as well. Noticed Ed Murphy has been added to the squad on South’s web site.

          There’s a lot to be excited this year…Sam, the Twins yet to peak…can the young players step up…can Madge bring it home!!!

          and I think he can! 🙂 kicks off in my birthday week. Howzatt!

    • Good luck with that crock of sh*t. You need hard guys in the forwards..Tyrell, Turner, Sutton..they just don’t aim up in that department. And let’s face it of those 3… Turner?..should try netball. If that’s the team you feel they should run out, then NO top 8 happening story please

  8. 1. GI
    2. Alex Johnson
    3. Bryson Goodwin
    4. Kieisome Auv’a
    5. Micheal Olfeild

    Depth: John Olive wing Neilson centre

        • Mate Madge will succeed where Saints failed.

          Mainly on the back of the clause in his contract that stipulates he must wear a muzzle at all functions.

        • He’s horrible, sounds like you have never watched him over the last 3 years pal. Be better off getting 1 of the cheer leaders to come on and play Centre for him. BTW bunny’s my second team turbo…

        • No worries mate. Did he look disinterested? The intensity of playing under Bellamy probably wasn’t quite there with the Warriors.

          Hopefully he gets back to a bit of Storm form and gives a bit of competition to the young blokes.

          I very much doubt he will be starting at first. I’d say he will be playing his way in from reserve grade which is a good thing.

  9. JTRaynor67
    Your a geese. Too silly to be one goose.
    We smashed the top 3 packs when we were at full strength geese

    Why don’t you go and follow Robbo and the Roosters ya breed

  10. We lose Walker,Jennings,Copely and Roberts were up for grabs and we end up with this waste of space and Hymal Hunt..FMD!

      • We just offered Roberts about 400k a year and got This bloke for base rate. Grant was released as well. Plenty of room left mate.

        • Id say the Rabbits have cap space but not plenty, Sam has definitely been a sponge or Madge would have upped the anti $ on Jimmy the Jet.

          Sorry “Its a man’s game” but history repeats itself buddy… Look at all the GF winners in the last 5 years and they are struggling to hold their pack together – Saints were the worst by a country mile!

        • Jimmy the jet went to the Broncos for less apparently. Third party deals that aren’t supposed to be organised by the club, that were in fact organised by the Broncos won the day. He was never coming to Souths mate

          Burgess deal is heavily topped up with third party deals. He’s only on 700k on the cap. The NRL were happy with 500k

          We have room to move.

    • itsamansgame don’t knock hymal hunt this boy can play football, google him, he is young 191cm tall 99kg winger /centre/fullback and he is fast. google him and watch him

  11. He was terrible at the Warriors, ordinary at Saints and woeful at Bradford who were more than happy for him to leave.
    Hopefully he picks his game up at Souths but he seems to have lost his mojo badly and seems worlds away from his storm days

  12. Oh well Richo the NRL’s strategic planist who did not finish the NRL’s strategic plan is back to run everything football at the Rabbits cause apparently no one else can!.
    Day 1 and first strategic signing for the Rabbits. Good luck with Neilson you will need it and as a previous bunny said on this site, Madge will get the best out of him..whatever he may have left.
    No wonder Maguire and Rusty get angry.

  13. To all Souths supporters, I have been on this site for years now and I would always bite at the opposition fans and disgruntled Souths fans dumping on this great club. I was always quick to defend Souths even when they deserved criticism.

    The one thing I have learnt is not to argue with idiots. They grind you down to their level and beat you with experience. I just hope that the club is doing the best they can with what they have. Its called keeping the faith.

    And another thing, don’t use the foul language used by others, it just shows a lack of vocabulary and not great upbringing. Cheers.

    • Here, here Chalky. Your comments hold true for all clubs though. Plenty of people on this site from all clubs unfortunately play the man not the ball (should argue against an opinion instead of attacking whoever posted it). Some of the ‘fans’ from my own club (Manly) do make me cringe when I read their stuff too.

    • One of my favourite quotes,

      “Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference”. Mark Twain

      and not to get all preachy but

      “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him”. Proverbs 26:4

      One thing I have learned is that stupid, pig headed and annoying fans are not confined to any particular club but tend to be evenly spread. The odd thing is that annoying fans appear to be attracted to each other. Some sites it is dominated by annoying Manly fans, on another pig headed Brisbane ones and on another arrogant Souths fans.

      • nobody questions the history of the Victor… ba in modern history HA!
        what about eels fans Tommy old boy they are the worst. they win a couple games and they think they won the comp ?

  14. Ok! Now that I’ve had a good sleep and have got over my shock about this signing back to reality…to win this comp we need forwards to OFFLOAD Madge,OFFLOAD!!! and get Reynolds RUNNING Madge taking on the line.

    • Those 3 tries will probably be offset by the 6 he bombs for his winger. I don’t want to knock a bloke who has 100x more league talent than myself, but surely Souths have better players coming through than his bloke. Then again, Souths did pick Reddy 19 times, so anything is possible.

      • I agree, we do have players coming through but maybe not as good YET. Unfortunately I am not South’s recruitment manager. I hope he is there until a younger guy steps up like Walker and Johnston did.

    • redv13 Mate I didn’t think things could get worse but you squashed that theory by referring to me as Shadow.Wrong guy

  15. Let the team do the talking, yes our recruitment over the yrs has not been up to scratch but which other team can boast about not buying a premiership, out team was built not bought…ala chooks

  16. Very happy with our squad. Good blend of youth and experience. Two inspirational players in Burgess and Inglis and if Reynolds can recapture his 2014 from and stay injury free, we will be a big show come September. Yes Chalky, keeping the faith.

  17. Lowrie, Neilsen, Vave, Blair … is this forming a pattern for you? Leave Storm and chances are, you’ll struggle.

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