Damien Cook

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have confirmed the signing of Damien Cook for the 2016 and 2017 seasons today.

Cook, 24, burst onto the NRL scene at the back end of the 2015 season with some energetic yet controlled performances out of dummy half in the Bulldogs’ charge to the semi-finals.

A Helensburgh junior, Cook made his first grade debut with the Dragons in 2013 before joining the Bulldogs in 2014.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire is pleased to be adding Cook to the Rabbitohs’ roster for 2016.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on Damien for a while now having recognised his talents, particularly out of dummy half,” Coach Maguire said.

“He’s gained great experience from what he’s done this year, he’ll add depth to our squad at dummy half, from talking to him you can see he has a professional approach to the game and his training, and we’re looking forward to having him join the team for pre-season training in November.”

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    • McInnes is a great young player who needs more time to develop. What do you see wrong with him? He doesn’t shirk the defence, passes well out of dummy-half and takes the line on when he sees a chance.

      He’s been playing in Luke’s shadow for a while now so don’t compare him to Luke because he needs time. Cook is going to be great for Souths but some big spending club with a coach with an over-inflated ego will try and steal him in the future. We need to keep McInnes.

  1. Great signing by South’s and stupid by the dogs to let him go, this guy will kill it with reduced interchange if he’s given a free reign as isaac luke was, was also as fast as bmoz over 40m so his speed is irreplacable

    • Hello old friend. where have you been? Do the dogs have any new signings for next year? and is trex getting sacked or will he play next year? Cheers

  2. Des needs to change his name to cook cause he’s 100% cooked!! how do let this bloke go & want to resign Perrett what a joke Unless he moves jileen graham into the halves & josh Reynolds to hooker dogs will have another year of what ifs

  3. @des, what’s doing buddy? My little boy been a bit ill over the last few weeks so been a bit busy. I can tell you that the dogs tried offloading trex but to no success, he will not be at the dogs in 2017 but will be in 2016 and you can bet he will play out of skin to get himself a contract elsewhere in 2017. We haven’t signed anybody at all besides a young gun fullback in brad abbey but doubt he will see fg in 2016, add the losses of Pritchard, hodko and now cook it will be a year where I have no idea how they will go. Different for the eagles, really active on the market for 2016, like the look of Matt parcell, he’s a gun! Do you think he will play at hooker or in the halves? Imo he looks a genuine half

    • I hope the little champion is ok mate. I think you will see more of Shane lane and maybe that rig that played once or twice. can’t think of his name. another beast. but with less interchanges maybe he will look for a more mobile player. As for trex he will crank next year so he gets a contract and he can play the 80 which is good. man he could of been one of the best. He really pisses me off lol. As for parcell I dunno.. He is so quick and we need that in dummy half yet we have api. I hear this new kid Wright could even play there same with Tommy t. lots of options all talented but can they fire in the 6. The addition of taupau will help us get some fear factor. I’d keep Mason he did good for us even though the rest were duds lol. the return of Lawrence will be good too oh and Buhrer. arrrgh we have to wait so long to see what we love. lmao wish I could hibernate like a bear then feast on awafi and watch my manly hahaha.
      we still need to shed perennial duds Mateo burgess and williame.

  4. kooribunny spot on mate about mcinnes, chalky must be talking about another player called mcinnes,mcinnes is a dud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @chalky you asked what do i see wrong with mcinnes,many things for starters he ain’t a 1st grader so dont reply saying he was a kangaroos junior captain that means nothing in 1st grade ok!!

    secondly never attacks the line all he does is one dimensional passes from dummy half.api and issac rushed out from dummy half getting the team forward!!!

    damien cook will be fast out of dummy half faster than issac!

    anyway chalky no point talking to you if you want to stick with mcinnes take a leaf out of kooribunny’s book mate he can see it which you cant!!! just stating the facts…………

    • @itsonlyagame and kooribunny, we see things differently and that’s ok with me. Cook will be better than McInnes in the short term but a time will come when we will need McInnes.

      The main thing is that the three of us support Souths. Glory Glory.

      • Boys i’m sure we can all agree Mcinnes isn’t a bad player but he certainly isn’t a game changing hooker, like Luke has been for us and what cook seems to be!

        I think it would be good to keep him as a back up until a better back up comes along at least he has a bit of experience and doesn’t have any terrible weakness but i sure as hell don’t wanna see him every week frustrates me every game.

        Too true chalky, Up the Bunnies!

  6. @itsonlyagame, I don’t rate McInnes but he is young and may well turn into a very good player and ill pass on taking him, we have young hooker too that we are waiting for to become a very good player….when that happens I don’t know lol

  7. @chalky i wish api was still at souths then id be satisfied but thats not the case i think cook should go ok,cheers and glory glory to our team souths,there’s nothing like a bit of passion hey chalky just look at bulldogz82 he is very passionate 2!!!!

    • Mate i have been thinking the same thing ever since i heard we were loosing Luke, i’m glad we didn’t have to put Mccinnes in last year could have been a very different story in the grad final api did an amazing job.

      • Just look at most of the top hookers playing today, not many as young as McInnes. Smith, Farrah, Ennis, Friend etc all took a little time.

  8. @des, I agree on the hibernating part till season starts lol, those players you mentioned you want gone I doubt they will see fg in 2016 with so much new signings and new coach but will be good as depth, I personally think Tom turbo should not be used in the halves just yet, so young and pressure could get to him. I’d ease him in as was the case this yr. Plz don’t remind me of what trex could be lol, he is so annoying as a player and I do believe he will kill it in 2016 for a contract but iv been told no matter how good he plays he will not be offered a contract in 2017 which I kinda like, he’s on alot of coin

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