SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 13: Dylan Walker of the Rabbitohs looks dejected during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Cronulla Sharks and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Allianz Stadium on September 13, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have granted player Dylan Walker a release from the remaining year of his playing contract today.

Walker made a request of the Club earlier this month to be released from the final year of his contract with the Rabbitohs, in order to take up an extended deal with another NRL Club.

The Club has now granted that release.

Head Coach Michael Maguire joined Rabbitohs Members in wishing Dylan well with his future.

“We wish Dylan all the very best in pursuing the next phase of his career,” Coach Maguire said.

“I have known Dylan since he was 17 years of age, we have had some great times together and he has many good attributes.”

“I spoke to Dylan about staying, however I appreciate his desire to secure his long-term playing future.”



    • Very smart move by Manly. I predict that Walker will be the buy of they year, maybe even the buy of the decade.

    • walker to resign with souths ypu heard it here first. walker is going nowhere. souffs for life. No wait….

  1. If Manly is to buy him like reports say who do they move on… Hiku is a vital player some of these Manly fans on ZT arent loyal at all so expect to hear “Hiku was average at best”

    • As a manly fan I would like to say that Hiku is an incredible player and a lot of us are annoyed that he is leaving, however this is a definite upgrade.

    • Mate just because Hiku plays for Manly doesn’t mean i have to rate him. Especially to appease you. I don’t rate him and I think he is slow and plays a lazy game. Walker is the opposite. After a terrible 2015 I think we are moving in the right direction in 2016.

      PS 3hats thanks for all the wonderful insight the last few weeks. LOL. Find a rock. LOL.

      • @hussell99 ive had a few disagreements with you but 90% of the stuff you say i agree with we not see eye to eye but your hands down the smartest Manly fan on here

  2. Broncos should make a play for him as Hodges replacement or if Cowboys were looking to get Roberts then Walker should have a similar price range?

  3. Hey 3hats guess your source was wrong and mine was right, best thing about this deal is souths are still paying of his contract for next year,

    • If the player requests to leave then the club doesn’t have to pay anything. In fact, Manly may have to compensate Souths to grant the release. Maybe give up Hiku for a certain amount perhaps? That’s what Tigers did with Taupau/Ballin. Smart move all round as Hiku’s playing style would suit Souths while Manly need a FE.

    • I don’t think Souths will be paying anything if it was Dylan who has requested a release . Might be a deal on the cards – swap for Hiku ? lets wait and see .

    • I just got off the phone with my mate who gave me the mail about Walker and he said that Souths have a plan in place and not to worry about a spoilt brat like Walker. He reckons that we have a better long term signing ready to go and also will now be making a serious dig at getting Te’o back in the red and green.
      NOT HIKU,

      • But you said numerous times that Walker had just signed a new 3 year contract and it would be announced shortly. I thought you meant that he had signed a 3 year contract with Souths, not Manly. This is a massive blunder by Souths to let the future NSW long term 5/8 go. lol


      • Get off it 3hats you’re cap is blown out of the water I bet 2014 is under review to maybe another Storm saga I really hope not.

    • He actually did sign mate, but apparently Souths ripped up the contract before lodging it.
      A BAD ATTITUDE cost Walker his contract.
      That is what I was told.

  4. 3 hats But your source?

    I guess this spells the end of Hiku at Manly.
    Hiku has the potential to be a great FB but he is behind Stewart and Turbo. He is one of the worst wingers in the NRL but could be converted to a decent centre.

    As a Manly fan didn’t really want walker at Manly and was hoping Souths would keep him. I worry about his mental condition.

    • I think you will have changed you mind about Walker by the seasons end. I am predicting that he will be the buy of the decade and I am very jealous too. lol

      • You truly are an idiot 3hats give it away. Roberts was sacked by Rabbits and Panthers he’s not leaving Titans. Burgess contract can’t be lodged because of cap space you’re precious rabbits can’t sign before offloading stop living in your fantasy league land and get real

  5. Souths are paying half his wage, fact and now with grant, Macqween and walker gone they can sign
    Rusty s mate

  6. As a manly supporter if he does sign with manly he would be a good signing to play 6 to leave lyon at centre until he reitres then walker to centre and get a 6 in. Upset pearsall went to knights actually. And with hiku. I rate him highly hope he stays in 1 more year we wouldn’t havte this years problem of too many high quality backs. Hiku is best served at fullback he can get caught out in defense on wing but wont get fullback now with tom there…would definitely be a loss if hiku leaves but hopefully who gets him play him at fullback and watch him shine

  7. surprising to see this especially when they have no good back up. So it looks like either hopoate or hiku to the rabbits and walker to manly or hopefully brisbane. Either way souths have lost a very good centre.

        • Cherry and Walker will be the best pair of halves in the comp and in years to come, you can tell everyone that Devout told you so. lol

          Yes, Hunt and Milf are a top pair of halves and so are Thurston and Morgan. As for Ash Taylor, I will wait to see how he goes in first grade before rating him. but personally I think it is a bit of a joke mentioning Taylor in the same sentence as Cherry, Walker, Hunt, Milf, Thurston and Morgan right now. Mayben years to come, you can remind me how highly you rated Taylor?

        • Best halves pair in the comp?
          Cherry probably won’t even get into the QLD side in 2016 and Walker had a bog average 2015. He wouldn’t get in the blues side unless there was an injury, and if he was to get in it would be as a centre not as a 5/8. The guy is a speed bump and only any good when put into a hole.

        • lol. I disagree whole heartedly. lol

          I have Cherry in the top 3 halfbacks in the comp along with Thurston and Cronk, with Hunt not far behind the top 3. I think he will have a top year next year and be dominate. I think Walker will be a superstar at 5/8 and I also think Cherry is the right type of halfback for him to play outside.

          Yeah, I doubt that Cherry will make the QLD side next year too. I expect that Qld will pick Cronk and Thurston as their halves. I do however expect Cherry to be QLD’s permanent halfback in about 3 years time. I think he will shine in the years to come.

          I am expecting Walker to shine to the max and push for NSW 5/8 next year. I think his biggest rivals for the NSW number 6 jersey will be Moylan, who looks like he will make a top 5/8 and Blake Austin, who could go alright in origin too.

          Anyway, time will tell if I am right again. lol

    • There are other clubs than Parra. Just becuase he MIGHT be leaving manly, doesn’t mean he’s heading out west.

  8. “Itsonlyagame”

    What happened? I thought you were in the know. You’ve been going on and on about walker resigning with Souths….?

    Obviously the Souths board didn’t share their plans with you. Madness.

  9. Just thinking the same thing…..signed, sealed, delivered and set in stone according to 3hats…….Walker staying at Souths. Wow, talk about a re-build on the northern beaches….I’ve been an Eagles supporter all my life, the last time I recall anything close was following the joint venture collapse with the Bears.

  10. Manly have just made the buy of the decade. I predict that Walker will be NSW and Australia’s long term 5/8. Manly will have the best pair of halves in the comp and even better than they had with Foran and Cherry.

    I have been screaming for Saints to sign Walker to play 5/8 for 2 years now. Saints recruitment is still pathetic. Walker playing 5/8 for Saints would have been the best signing we had made in over 35 years, but they could not make it happen as usual. We continue to shop at GO LO and The reject shop and take other clubs off cuts. Manly have given Saints a lessen in recruitment over the last 6 months. I say that we need a complete overhaul of our recruitment and management, starting with Doust and Craig Young. This is becoming painful.

    • I don’t think it says he signed with manly. Officially released and a few clubs will rush for a chat. Hope he goes to manly but see what happens.. agree dce and walker halves could be anything. Walker running game and dce brriliance exciting stuff

  11. I watched Dylan play most games last year and i thought he was very lucky to stay in first grade. Good luck at Manly, hope you play well.

    • According to these Zero tackle forums, every player was lucky to be in 1st grade!
      Its lucky we had a comp a at all!

  12. Welcome to Manly son. congrats manly.
    Souths backline is a disgrace lol
    reddy Goodwin gray. good luck with that. Also burgess not registered with the nrl yet as Souths still over the cap.
    McQueen to titans or Pennys. He’s a good player but a weirdo

    • Site is full of manly tossers . If it’s not this flop , it’s numb nuts Holmesy . Know s-it about the game or simple math . Over the last 2 years Souths have let go of Merritt, Lote , Teo , L Burgess , Korosai , S Burgess , Reddy , B Lowe , I Luke G Stewart ( thank f— ) ,D Walker and a few others . They got Brown , Carter , Grant , Stewart ( who has gone ) , Grant and resigned Sam . Hopefully off load Grant and Macqueen . Yet you tools keep blurting salary cap , do the figures . Bunnies will sign Teo and smash Manly . Behind Sam and Teo , Inglis and Reynolds will shine again . Goodwin was most consistent back all year , Walker was very pedestrian all season behind a very sorry pack . Good luck to him , he will never be the player he was behind the Burgess boys and Teo made him . Definitely not behind the Eagles forwards .

  13. Hiku leaving wouldn’t be a much of a loss for Manly. Walker I think will be a bad signing – seems like a ticking time bomb to me. Would have much rather seen the team keep Clinton Gutherson.

  14. I keep hearing that Walker is not Hikus replacement. That Hiku is being released for Whare. Gus has a couple of targets in mind and if they go to Penrith Whare back to Manly

  15. Look, Guys, I have been copping it as expected, but I couldn’t care less. but read this, please.

    I will tell you all this, there was a major development, between the 13:15 e, mail about the drugs announcement and Punishment and the 16:56 e, mail of the release statement??? For Club Members.

    ASK yourself this Question…Why would South’s mention about the programs that both players have to do and the community work that they have to perform and the Education Classes they have to attend?
    WHY would Souths mention all that if they were going to release him?

    I will tell you this, Walker went off his head about the FINE, about $15K in total. He mouthed off at a Senior Manager.
    Walker was sacked on the SPOT.
    Walkers bad attitude eventually got him sacked, today.
    I will say this again WALKER did, in fact, sign, but the Souths management got sick of his big head and Poor behavior.
    THESE are the facts.

    Only a few hours ago, I heard Souths will try and get James Roberts back,
    NOT HIKU, that was a Media idea, NOT SOUTHS.

    • Didn’t you say above souffs were going to get teo back? Now its Roberts lol. how can they afford them when they can’t fit Sammy Boyle in

  16. Let’s talk about facts souths still can’t sign burgess as they are still over the cap even with walker gone

  17. If Bennett wanted a quality centre, and walker wanted a serious change, Brisbane should jump in. What a threat, Milf on the left, Walker on the right.

    • broncos apparently after his Souths contract is up.

      @3hats I applaud you. you came on here knowing you were gonna cop it. Bravo sir ?

  18. Manly is after whare? Why? If hiku leaves, turbo is in. Walker will be at 6. So where is whare going to play, in reserves? I dont think so. I think the signing of an international was a double bluff to try and get souths to pay some of his wage.

  19. I think souths treated walker pretty poorly this year. Made him play injured when he really needed some time off. Apparently he has developed arthritis in his hand. Not good. Anyway good luck at Manly he has a stack of ability. My sources are no better than anyone elses but I heard McQueen to Penrith in a trade for Whare to Souths. Inglis has a massive wrap on Whare. But I’ve gotten bad mail before…

  20. 3hats stick to your guns mate you have more credibility than most on this site .. i hear were your coming from . he was sacked today over a dummy spit about the fines .. there was on preconceived agenda . he mouthed off and was sacked post haste .. thanks for the facts and clearing the air . and let the babys have there bottle . water of a ducks back . once again thanks for stating the facts

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