The South Sydney Rabbitohs have announced the re-signing of centre Kirisome Auva’a for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons today.

Auva’a, 23, has played 26 NRL games for the Rabbitohs since making his debut for the Club against the Panthers in round six, 2014.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Michael Maguire is pleased to have Auva’a signed to the Club long term.

“’Somi’ has grown as a player and we’re looking forward to seeing him perform week in and week out in the 2016 season and beyond,” Coach Maguire said.

“Somi has worked very hard away from the game throughout 2015 to get himself in a position to make a contribution again on-field, and we’re all looking forward to continuing that work with him into the future.”

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  1. Despite his negative history I am pleased we have resigned him. Now to sure up Dylan Walker and offload Tim Grant and happy days.

  2. I’m surprised they re-signed him. He doesn’t suit Souffs culture, I mean he’s got too many teeth for starters!!

    • At this stage, 2cents, it is just allegations against Shaun Kenny Dowall. Remember he is entitled to presumption until proven guilty right.

      • Have to disagree with you, the police officer came on the news and told the NRL to stop sticking up for the players and making them the victims.

        • I heard that too, nrlisajoke, he was making a broad statement. As I said before Kenny Dowall is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Also his alleged victim had prior form. All will come out in good time.

  3. Doesn’t deserve to play NRL again after his AVO against his gf. This confirms the NRL supports White Ribbon but want to keep all things hush hush if its VAM. Still probably confirms Walker is walking.

    • How many times do I have to tell you HOMEY
      Walker is going nowhere and is, in fact, negotiating, with SOUTHS a new 3-year deal.

        • Think it was at his house this time. Walker Ava and Burguess all came over and did some lines, explains his nonsense

      • Walker has already signed with manly mate! 2016 is a done deal! C’mon bud it’s a done deal at manly your CEO has stated that he can leave

        • We’ll see. Avaua was going to Parra wasn’t he? The best outcome would be for Walker to sign and then backflip like that soft halfback you call DCE did to the Titans.
          Only difference being everyone hates DCE for being a grub and reneging on the Titans, where if Walker was to do it to Manly the rest of the Rugby League world would cheer because of the level of hate for your putrid club and Bob Fulton.

          Any club that treats a legend like Toovey like it did deserves to be hated the way they are.

        • Walker has signed and will be at manly for 2016 so go have a cry!! Hahahaha DCE did nothing wrong is there a rule you can’t backflip?

  4. I really hope Walker stays with Souths, Manly doesnt suit him and could ruin his career. He has potential and it would suck to see it go to waste

    • The bait for des I hope it’s not the truth! If it is the truth I think we are the only club that suits him plus he has already signed with manly so hahaha

  5. What the f&ck is going on at souths. Releasing walker in the news all week and now announcing they have signed the woman basher. The timing just doesnt make sense.

  6. Was hoping he would come to eels but maybe we might get walker. Already been rumoured to but as has Manly, Saints, Dogs and Panthers. The only problem is we could only give him 300k a season but on a 3 year deal about 1 million so I think we should sign him. Finally solve that centre problem.

    • Great stuff Rabbits. Great young player who didn’t bash his missus at all. Some of the bomb throwers on here should get their facts straight before going on their morale crusades.
      It shows you how full of tripe the media really are. I’m expecting Walker to re-sign as well despite all the guesswork from the media.

  7. Holmsey43 on a serious note there was talk of friction between Lyon and Barrett in regards to Lyon not wanting to play 5/8 and they are desperate to grab a half partner for DCE. This appears to be true as they were said to have chased Albert Kelly.
    If Walker does go to Manly would you say that you will have to get rid of a couple of players? Being in high demand he will not come cheap.

    • Rumours going round that Buhrer May head to newcastle to accommodate for walker.

      Also if these players can find a new club they are free to go:

      I’m am sure walker will be at manly, Barret is in love with him and won’t let him sign anywhere else! Yes we are very desperate to find a 5/8 and pretty sure walker will be 5/8. Lyon plays well at 5/8 not sure why he doesn’t want to?

      • I’m only having a guess but this is what I can see happening.

        Grant Parra, Newcastle, Tigers, Titans

        McQueen, Titans

        Lurgess, Souths

        Teo mid season Souths

        Walker, Penrith, Manly Souths

      • I haven’t heard the buhrer rumour but 8f true manly are really loosing it… buhrer is a great 2nd rower and we nteed him badly. Walker would be a great addition but not at the expense of buhrer. Mayne mateo burgess and so on is fine but not buhrer he is too good and versatile

        • Nah our cap isn’t full why would we be favs to sign him? Barret has publicly stated he is going after walker! Plus we have already signed him don’t you get it mate!

        • Nah sorry bud we will just backend the deal if we are a couple of thousand short, he will be at manly it’s a certainty.

        • Holmsey our cap is full mate. Ive done the numbers, theres no room for walker in 2016. I would hate to think that buhrer is getting shopped around to make way for walker. I do believe there is truth that hes signed for 2017. I reckon matai is going to retire with lyon so thats 1 million in salary cap for for 2017, so it makes sense.

  8. Thankyou Zero Tackle
    At the moment I’m doing some study on genetics and the effects that inbreeding can have upon future DNA analysis upon family lines.This site has made it all the more easy for me as I only need now to read Manly supporters comments to see the damage it can cause.

      • Walker isn’t staying at souffs when your CEO publicly states he is free to leave indicates walker isn’t wanted at souffs

        • Mcqueen and Grant are both going. Mcqueen has been in talks with GC about moving up since the start of the year.

          Grant also being viewed by GC but has no intention to leave NSW and is being veiwed as a last resort option for saints should Packer be deported.

          Walkers an odd case because manly want him, but a source of mine close to manly has said that they don’t have enough money to get him. No deal signed for 2017 as of yet but Barret is working his ass off behind the scenes trying to get some deal done. Also being chased by GC and Newcastle.

          The other option I have heard is odd and i’m not sure how reliable, but Barret and Lyon are believed to be rifted by Barret’s pushing of Lyon to move into the halves and caused a bit of a disturbance among the playing group as a whole. nothing too serious but Barret or Lyon could start off the season on the wrong foot.

        • Holmsey I’m a manly fan and I’ve never come across a person on this site I dislike more than you..ur the most biased uneducated misinformed imbecile ever to speak of my manly football team.

  9. There are alot Samoan boys who can do the same thing he does on the field who don’t bash women…Souths are a scum bag club kick them out again

  10. Lol Holmsey please stop. You are kidding yourself believing Manly have enough to sign Dylan Walker anytime soon. If he goes to manly, he would have to take a pretty hefty pay cut. Only chance he’s going is if Manly can offload Buhrer. Barrets basically praying to the football gods for Walkers arrival.

    • Haha you know nothing, manly can afford him it’s just going to give us no room under the cap, I pretty sure I know more than you about my own club. Barrett has signed walker already it’s done

        • Well if we can’t afford him this year he must be staying at souffs then because he won’t just go to another club for 2016 and then he will have to go to manly so I don’t get it

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