SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 13: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs kicks during the NRL Charity Shield match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on February 13, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have agreed to terms on a contract extension for utility Cody Walker until at least the end of the 2018 season today.

Walker, 26, made his first grade debut for the Rabbitohs against the Roosters in round one this year, going on to play seven top grade games so far this year.

Walker’s versatility has seen him play in numerous positions in the South Sydney backline this year including five-eighth, halfback, fullback and wing.

Rabbitohs Coach Michael Maguire is delighted to see Walker extend his time with the Club.

“Cody has shown that hard work and persistence pays off,” Coach Maguire said.

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“We have seen him grow with his opportunities in first grade and I believe he has a lot more growth in him as he progresses in his career.

“He’s a very versatile player that has shown he has what it takes to play regular first grade football and we’re all looking forward to continuing to work with him on his game over the next few seasons.”



  1. WELL, SHONCO fans,
    Suck Eggs as I mentioned previously
    The Souths offer over 2 years was still better than the Shoncos offer over 3 years.
    The chance to play Fullback in First Grade far overshadowed playing Five-Eighth in Qld CUP!

  2. Sucked in Bennet, destoryed Newcastle left them on their knees and ran to the Broncos where the salary cap doesnt exist.

  3. Well done Souths’

    Is it becoming more obvious that Keary is going>? Whats the word in the Souths camp>?

    • I have a feeling he will end up at manly. I’ll be so ashamed if he and myles disgrace the jersey of my club

    • How would you know that Pedro?
      Nothing is set in stone with Keary he hasn’t made a decision one way or the other.
      Souths want to keep Keary but his asking price is way over the top for the modest CAP increase of $300k for the 2017 Season.
      Keary may stay in 2017 for less as the Cap goes up significantly in 2018.
      From $7.1m to over $10m

      Walkers asking price was initially over the top also but we managed to convince him to stay for less!
      He will get an increase in 2018.

  4. Myles faces a bit of a dilemma 2nite.
    If he doesn’t perform it’s the end of his rep career.
    If he does step up its a slap in the face to his team mates at manly and Titans last year.

  5. Tight half see how we go in the 2nd half. I cannot see anyway barring injury that Dylan Walker gets put on in this half wasted selection in my opinion.

  6. Nearly fell out of my chair when they called dylan walker a impact player LOL.

    Moylan was awful.


  7. Walker comes on has one run for 1 error bahahaha Daley you stupid gimp. no set plays. Piss weak attack. what a boring disgraceful game. I’ll say it again origin needs to be sacked or return to 1 game. What a boring dull affair. Andrews overweight sister is more entertaining

  8. Walker you farkin c#ck bag!! why risk it??.
    BJ leilua would be better in that role as long as he doesn’t throw no flick passes. Thurston kicking game showed its class in the last 10 minutes

  9. That’s this year and next gone. Time to look for a good coach and a good team for 2018 when we next have two home games lol

  10. Come on guys I thought everyone for us had a solid game with a few stand outs (Maloney, Cordner and Jackson come to mind) it was a very close game and considering we were smashed 52-6 in game 3 last year and made about 7 changes I think this side is the one to build around for the future, I just think having Walker as our impact player was the wrong decision should have had Tyrone Peachey or Jack Bird IMO.

  11. Thought NSW were the better team for 60 odd minutes. Moylan OUTSTANDING I haven’t seen him play a lot just highlights and against the chooks where I death ride him the whole time but he was very good. Jackson and Cordner were both good and should be the centre of the backrow for a while. Not sure if NSW should make many changes maybe bring in Bird for Walker that’s about it.

    QLD STRONG defensivly outstanding and just managed the game very well. Corey Oates very good debut.

    • Yeah, there was just a blade of grass in it with that disallowed Morris try.
      I think the blues needed to create a few more opportunities for Jennings and Mansour.

      • Yeah Jennings is close to the Blues most dangerous player and in game 2 I think last year where he won Man of the match he got early ball constintely and was allowed to attack Hodges who is a better defender then O’Neil caused havoc didn’t get that chance tonight.

        I will say it again and I have said it to manly des a few times Jake Trobovijic is in my team in front of Aaron Woods he walks into the defence and is the 3rd man into every tackle I cant rate him.

  12. Andrew you’re a f’ing c’head!!! Moylan played well as did every player on the field tonight. Step up idiot and you play.
    Well done Queensland very gutsy win.
    Only change I’d make to the nsw team would be Josh Reynolds in for Walker and with more minutes.

    Sammy Thaiday what a disgraceful answer, get a brain you idiot.

    • Moylan was best on the field i thought. Blues played good. was only 1 try all after all.
      there was that moment when reynolds put kick across and GI marked that was the defining moment. needed a repeat set there. thought reynolds was great otherwise

  13. Dominated them physically but offered nothing in attack, sort of like watching the Dragons with the ball in hand.
    Moylan, what do I say, terrible, lost and indecisive. But I hope he comes through over the series.
    Please Daley get rid of your bum buddy Farah, that was some of the sloppiest dummy half service I’ve seen in Origin.
    NSW did so well to dominate them but were useless at Qld’s line & it killed us.

    • Moylan had an alright game, made a few mistakes but at least he ran to the line and made some nice passes.

      • I was a bit disappointed but I do think he’s the answer into the future. He did show some good touches.

  14. Why not put Walker on when NSW had them on the ropes. Daley, in a genius tactical move, throws him on at the end.

  15. BORING. origin is pathetic and a waste of time. 2 tries yay. not one memorable moment bar walkers stupidity

  16. Blues had no attacking flair tonight. Players to consider for next game if changes are made…. Cartwright, J.Bird, Peachey, Austin.

  17. Nate Myles needs to retire from Origin. Matt Scott, Corey Parker & Matt Gillett & Boyd amazing! Solid from Oates Gagai & Oneil. Cronk Thaiday & Thurston were off. Qld really need Dylan Napa and Ethan Lowe. We lack grunt, no more Webcke & Steve Price in stocks

    Goodbye Walker & Farah, bring in Ennis & Jack Bird. Fifita, Jackson, Cordner, Klemmer, Tamou very solid. Mansour was great!

  18. Agree NSW maybe better team on the night but honestly believe that is the best they can play, they just don’t have the points or attacking options with that team.

    Qld on the other hand played poorly in attack and the kicking game was off. None of their big players stood out and they still won despite NSW possession and field position.

    Poor player management by Daley, Walker on with 10minutes to go made no sense.

    Walker touched the ball once and knocked on, Reynolds poor bomb with 10 to go were crucial errors.

  19. The comments from people bagging the Blues players have no idea. Look at the conditions, look at the defence of Queensland. I thought our halves were good, walker had little time but imo he’s out of his depth so bring Josh Reynolds in as he can attack through the middle of the ruck and create more opportunities.
    To finish I thought that was a great/tough game of football.
    Loved the Kevin Walters interview after the game also, I’m a blue through and through but I’d love to have a beer with him.
    Series not over yet blues fans.

  20. The critisicism of Walker while maybe justified I will defend him a touch his attempt to milk the penalty was in a way justified Cam Smith had been lying in the ruck a lot of the night and had not been penalised once so attempting to make it obvious was almost required to make it clear to the refs. Clearly failed and didn’t do it at the right time but I can understand what he was doing

    • He’s an idiot and so is Daley for putting him on 10 mins to go.
      Toovey needs to be coach. Daley has got nothing. Our attack was pathetic

      • Idiot is a bit strong I feel I understand his thinking clearly it failed and was the wrong time to do it but I understand his thinking.

        I would bring in either Bird or Cartwright for him having said that. But I also would bring in Jake T for Woods and I have said that to you before and after tonight I believe that either or more.

        Reynolds, Moylan and Reynolds can only improve as a combo which is a good thing for NSW. Farah I at times just want him to give the ball early and let the halves do their thing

        • Jacks, I understand what you saying but to be honest, Walker was the least experienced SoO player on the field, had no feel for the game or ref’s mindset so he is an idiot for trying to milk the penalty. If Gallen and Bird, who played the game and have experience couldn’t milk penalties, why on earth did Walker think he could?? It was stupid and idiotic and it was a lost opportunity for NSW to win the game

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