28 Apr 2002 :Matthew Johns of the Sharks in action during the Round 7 NRL Match between the Sharks and the Bulldogs being played at Toyota Park, Sydney, Australia Mandatory Credit: Nick Wilson/Getty Images

Can you remember what club these players ended their careers at?

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  1. I got 11 of 15 correct… Ricky Stuart retired at the dogs! i must have been on the beers that year…

      • Yep, he left himself open there. 😉

        14 out of 15 (Matt Orford wrong, went with his second last NRL club!)

        How did you go chalky? If you only wore 2 more hats you would research yours on Wiki. Bahahahahaha

  2. Can honestly say 15/15
    Was 2 guesses but guessed correct.
    Nearly forgot bout Ian Roberts heading to North Queensland though

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