SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 27: Adam Quinlan of the Dragons offloads the ball in a tackle during the round 20 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on July 27, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The St George Illawarra Dragons have announced that Adam Quinlan has agreed to terms on a one-year contract that will see him re-join the Club until at least the end of the season.

Quinlan, who can play a fullback, made his first-grade debut for the Club in round 9 of the 2013 campaign against the Gold Coast Titans before departing at the end of the following campaign.

The local Culburra Dolphins junior joined the Parramatta Eels prior to last season before joining UK Super League team St Helens and has played a combined 36 first-grade games to date.

“Adam was keen to return to Australia and took the opportunity to re-sign with the Club at a time when we were looking for further depth at the back,” said Dragons Executive Manager Football Ben Haran.

“He is a well-liked player who will fit in well with the culture here at the Dragons and we look forward to seeing him on the field soon.”

Quinlan will join the Dragons for pre-season training later in the week.



  1. 1. Mann/Dugan
    2. Mata’utia/Farrell
    3. Dugan/Mann
    4. Euan Aitken
    5. Nightingale
    6. Widdop
    7. Benji Marshall
    8: Ah Mau
    9. Rein
    10. Jack De Belin
    11. Frizell
    12. Thompson
    13. Mike Cooper

    14. Ben Creagh
    15. Packer
    16. Dunamis Lui
    17. Mose Masoe

  2. Sooooo happy. I was devastated when he left. he is good utility being able to play fb and in the halves. I think they have a great squad now with good depth. He will probs play nsw cup but he is the perfect backup. YTB.

  3. 1. Mann
    2. Nightingale
    3. Dugan
    4. Aiken
    5. Mata’Utai/Hiku/Lafai
    6. Widdop
    7. Marshall
    8. AhMau
    9. Rein
    De Belin

  4. Dragons 2016 line up

    1. Dugan
    2. Mata’utai
    3. Aiken
    4 .Mann
    5. Nightingale
    6. Widdop
    7. Marshall (sign someone for 2017)
    8. AhMau
    9. Rein
    10. Cooper
    11. Frizzel
    12. Thompson
    13. Packer


    14. Havili
    15.Mose Masoe
    16. Will Matthews ( I reckon he has a bright future)
    17. De belin

    Dragons might need to sign a centrer / winger for 2017 and a halfback or play widdop at halfback and sign a five-eight. Creagh sucks and Quinlan and I would immediately sack DYLAN FARREL!!!!!

    • Come on josh, show some respect for the captain. I thought Creagh did well in most games last year coming off the bench with plenty of energy and plenty of quick play the balls.

      Defensively he is more than solid and I think he has another 2 years in him at least. Barring serious injury he will crack the 300 game mark in 2017

    • Saints recruitment has been an abject failure for years now, with Doust at the helm. Doust must be replaced ASAP. When we resigned B Morris, Nightingale and Hunt, Doust referred to them as marquee re-signings. I thought it was just a figure of speech, I seriously did not think they were “marquee signings”, but it appears that they were all on marquee money. Wingers are not marquee players and Hunt was not even up to first grade.

      Yes Saints fans are interested in quality players, but Saints recruitment for what ever reason always miss there man, when there are other clubs vying for the player’s signature. They have also made some major blunders in recruitment who they thought were going to be the answer to our problems. I recall Doust using us not getting Moltzen as an excuse for our poor year in 2012. lol. Then we signed Beale on good money too, who many Saints fans thought was going to be a great fullback. lol I hear that we signed Farrell to a 400K plus a season contract, while he was then currently playing NSW cup. lol Thompson is on 400K or even more a season too. I hear that Rein is on 450K a season. It is like we continue to shop at GO LO,The Reject shop and Canberra. I know that I would do a much better job than Doust and the Saints recruitment team, if I was ever given the opportunity, buy I know that will never happen. lol Doust also signed Price, after Bennett recommended we do so and then he re-signed him to another contract too. lol

      I have heard that Doust has a job for life with Saints. I have no idea why?

  5. As a Roosters fan I dont follow the Dragons closely but I wanna ask the Dragons fans here. Why are you all so keen to shift Dugan into the centers? I mean currently his arguably the best NSW fullback and was outstanding in the origin series

    • Jacks, I think it’s crazy to move Duges from FB to centre. He is safe and usually gets our sets started on the front foot. Hopefully he stays at FB

      • I agree I find it crazy it would be similar to the Tigers moving Tedesco to the centers makes no real sense to me but alot of fans seem to want it

        • When the team is going well Dugan would easily run for about 250 meters, plenty of tackle busts and make minimal tackles and get the set starting on the front foot.

          Move him to centre and he is making 25+ tackles and possibly touching the ball once a set. I could be wrong but besides being unable to pass and set up the outside men, I’m quite happy for him to use his size and run the right line and cause damage that way

    • My point of view is, that Dugan is not my style/type of fullback and I said that before we even signed him. He is a damaging runner of the ball, but in todays game, the fullback should have a decent passing game, and Dugan lacks that. He also doesn’t hit a hole such as someone like Slater, Stewart, RTS or Teddy. He doesn’t have the blinding speed of those I just mentioned either. You could say that he is a bit cumbersome compared to those I just mentioned. He is more of an individual. I think centre is his position now. He is a great competitor and he has a great will to win. I like a fullback to have blinding speed and to be able to rove around the field and sniff out a break or for a half to put a kick through for him and he be there in a flash, like Slater, Teddy, Stewart and RTS can all do.

      I also think Tedesco and Stewart are NSW best fullbacks. Dugan does perform at origin, but Saints and NSW attack is not what is should or could be and I think Dugan at fullback is partly responsible for that. I would be happy for Daley to pick Dugan and Fergo as our centres next year. Teddy should definitely be picked to play fullback, with Stewart next in line.

      I have not seen Mann play fullback, but there are a few who rate him highly as a fullback or 5/8-halfback. I am hoping that Mann may provide another dimension to our attack. But then I think, if Mann was that good, Bellamy would have given him a run at 5/8 ahead of Green last year and he also would have given him a run at fullback when Slater got injured. I would have liked us to sign Roberts and to give him a run at fullback. I don’t want us to sign Hiku and play him fullback, as I think Hiku is a similar type of player to Dugan. I would also like us to sign Teddy when he comes off contract, but I doubt very much that we will. I will not be surprised to see Teddy head to Easts or Manly in 2018.

      • Quinlan can cover so many positions – he’s extremely quick.

        Dugan will be back in the centres i think for a few reasons…
        In the last two weeks we have had a crack at getting Roberts / Walker / Lafai and came up with “0”

        Now we announce Quinny who i dont have an issue with – good allrounder.
        He predominately covers FB so can Mann>>>Dugan now goes to centre.

        We never seem to have that much strike power in the centres since Coops & Gaz left. Surely we can have one or two

        • Why buy Quinlan, when McGregor has stated he thinks Mann will be FB. I don’t think we should move Dugan from FB, but if we do Quinlan is not the answer.

  6. Dragons always get their man where no one else wanted them and they have history at the club…it is far from funny anymore it is a serious problem.
    Ben Haran and Finch running recruitment..well Finch / Haran had that gig before PM.
    Whilst I supported Mary’s stance re PM departure and why we better get a proper recruitment eye real quick.
    I don’t rate Quinlan as a 1st big knock took away his confidence all season. I though he had potential in the halves as can ball play and quick off the mark. But he does not like defending and is not up to 1st grade IMO so if this is not a Cutters signing then it is spending money for the sake of it…but that is the Dragons.

    In regards to Dugan being a centre… beat up I hear there is no plans to move him and agree with earlier post..WHY..would you he is a good solid fullback in all facets except Yes setting up players.
    DEVOUT say cause he cant pass..agree.
    Well what are coaching staff of 100 people for?. About time he learned and improved his game there..don’t you think for the money he is on!

    • I agree that I don’t see Quinlan as a first grader either.

      It is not just that Dugan lacks a passing game for fullback. He also lacks the blinding speed that I want in a fullback. I want someone who can rove around the field and hit a hole and either score himself or set up someone else to score, someone who the halves can put a grubber or chip through and the fullback be onto the ball in a flash. Dugan is just not my type/style of fullback. I agree that he is on too much for a centre, but he is on our books and we must utilize him the best way we can. I do think he can be a top centre and make NSW regularly there. Maybe if we play him centre, he will get p d Off and want to move to another club and play fullback there? Then we could spend the 700K plus to target Teddy. lol I am laughing about me hoping that Saints could manage to sign Teddy. lol

      I have heard that we are chasing Hiku, with the idea to play him fullback. I am not a fan of Hiku at fullback either. I don’t think he has a great passing game either. I see him as a bit similar to Dugan.

      As for our coaching staff teaching Dugan how to ball play, I think you either have it or you don’t and Dugan still doesn’t have it. I know that you could counter and say, it is a bit late in his career to move him to a new position?

  7. Farrell is on his way out with a back injury and Duges may go back to the centres. Good signing. at least for him

  8. has anyone ever thought about moving Dugan to five eight as it would get him a heap more involved by him making tackles, setting up plays and getting his hands on the ball a heap more! It sounds like this is why you want him in the centres but me personally his wasted out there, but yes I know you’s still have Widdop and Marshall

  9. 1. Mann
    2. Nightingale
    3. Aiken
    4. Dugan
    5. Matautia/Hiku*
    6. Widdop
    7. Marshall
    8. Ah Mau
    9. Rein
    10. Packer
    11. Frizzel
    12. Thompson
    13. Cooper

    14. De Belin
    15. Creagh
    16. Masoe
    17. Matthews/Liu

    Tbh I think just outside the 8. Good underrated forward pack if Packer plays good. Great halves IMO and if you sign one more back starting to have a deadly backline. Just think your Forwards could benefit from one star player being there at Lock and have Cooper move to 17. As he ussualy plays better from the bench.

  10. You Dragons are bunch of useless. You cant even develop your under 20’s players to first grade. All you want to do is buy quality players from other clubs. WHAT ARE SHAME? just like HOW YOU DID WITH JACK BIRD? letting him go. When he performed at another club you wana lure him back. SORRY DRAGONS LOOOOOOSERS. AGAIN ST GEORGE ILLAWARA DRAGONS LOOOOOOOOOOOOSERRRRRS

    • Gee I hope your parents didn’t invest too much $$$ into your education. They would be so proud of how far you have come…. Bye bye muppet

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