SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 11: Siosia Vave of the Eagles is tackled during the round 23 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Manly Sea Eagles at ANZ Stadium on August 11, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels are today pleased to announce the signing of prop forward Siosaia Vave for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

The 27-year-old Tongan international has over 75 games of NRL experience and has been a major contributor for Manly this season after previous NRL stints with the Cronulla Sharks and Melbourne Storm.

Head Coach Brad Arthur said that the acquisition of Vave would provide additional strength to the Eels front row in 2017.

“I am pleased that Siosaia will be joining our squad as he brings experience and power to our front row,” Arthur said.

“As we continue to build towards 2017 it’s important that our acquisitions complement the current strength within our playing squad and I am confident that Siosaia will do this from day one.”

The signing of Vave follows the re-signing announcements of Corey Norman, Danny Wicks, Kenny Edwards and Isaac De Gois for 2017 and beyond.



  1. Souths will destroy the Dogs this weekend on recent form, which is pretty funny.
    Hopefully it changes at finals time like usual for the Doggies, but tbh the way we gave up the top 4 so meekly doesn’t spell well.
    Maybe Des has fooled even the most loyal of supporters.
    Kas back in the finals and a few trick shots maybe? But why none when top 4 counted if there is any?

    • I’m not too confident unless our playstyle changes. I have no clue what’s going to happen. Still can’t believe we threw away a top 4 spot. Bloody frustrating the last few days have been.

  2. Another player that eels have stolen and now we watch to see their career ruined by such a s*** club.Foran,watmough,now such a good talent in Vave,whyyyy manly!?!?!!?

    • Go buy a box of tissues and have a good cry mrmanly4life.
      Parra sign your players, Manly sign Parra players and every other team signs every other teams players. It’s the nature of the business.
      As for Foran and Watmough they were damaged goods before they reached Parra. Maybe you should be thanking Parra for taking the couple of rejects from your team.
      Gutherson has come on in leaps and bounds since leaving Manly and Lussick went back there a better player than when he joined Parra.
      Good signing for Parra and is a ready made replacement for junior paulo and at a much cheaper price.

      • Foran was all guns blazing going into this season,he had no problems,Watmough as well,he was playing good.
        Gutherson was given away so he could have a better chance because he was stacked over at manly,and lussick left and became one of the most ill-disciplined players in the comp.When lussick returned this year,look at him,he’s playing the best he has his whole season.

        Vave now leaving is another huge loss,and i’ll tell u from history of Foran and Watmough that he is not gonna play as well as he did this year.
        Another career ruined…

        • You and every other Manly supporter were saying you were happy to see the back of Foran as he had a crap year last year and was way to injury prone. You all said Watmough was past his best and should have retired several years ago.
          Lussick went to Parra with major discipline issues (he ran from the other side of the field to hit someone). His discipline improved at Parra and now Manly are reaping the rewards.
          Manly wanted to keep Gutherson but he knew he had a better chance of playing first grade at Parra so he left Manly.
          Watmough was well past his prime and Foran was a walking disaster waiting to happen. They are two players the inept Parra board at the time should never have touched.
          Gutherson went to Parra at a young age and has blossomed. Vave goes to Parra in his Prime and will improve greatly under a real coach.

      • I was thinking this a few weeks ago. I was hoping Parra would chase Vaughn, but knew we were close to Vave, which made me think Manly were in the box seat for Vaughn. See how this plays out, as I can’t see him staying at Canberra , even if he did get a start this week.

  3. If Parra is a s### club, what’s that saying about Manly? There all leaving to go there, they had there chance to re-sign him but they didn’t, more good news for the eels, well done Brad Arthur.

  4. the cheats are an absolute joke … they never learn .. still trying to sign players?? what a joke of a team they are … believe that

    • Must agree. Vave has been one of Manly’s best and consistent and he wanted to stay so you have to assume it’s about the money.

      Anyway, good pick up for Parra and replacement for Paulo

      • Remember Vave lives in Parramatta so he has to travel to trainings and games at Manly so I’m not surprised, it’s easier for him and his family.

        • Please ignore phatty, he does not speak for all of us Parra fans. Without knowing how much Parra have paid for him, I agree with footyfan that money would have played a part, but if he lives in Parra I am sure that did too. Manly might have seen him as one of those players that they would like to have kept, but they weren’t going to get in a bidding war for him. Either way, a great signing for Parra I think, as long as it is at the right price.

  5. Signed for 130k for 2 years where manly offered him 70k for 1 year. Well done parra great buy. Just need to get our 7,9 and another back all over the line than we are top 4 come next year easy.

  6. I’m so happy about this signing! Been in good form all year and will strengthen the forward pack heaps. Now eels fans for our hooker I think we go after reign then A Reynolds then if we have enough money another front rower. Sam Moa or even Aidan guarra at second row B Scott at lock. Or if they are happy with the forward pack go after mead for fullback

    • @parrafan012 Reynolds is a pipe dream. Souths let Keary go so they aren’t about to let Reynolds go either.
      Rein would be a good fit for Parra as he would excel behind a dominant pack and a fast backline to get the ball to. To be honest though I don’t think you will get him. Seeing as you guys re-signed De Gois, my guess is you will go in with a rotation of him and Pritchard. As far as 2nd row goes Parra are stacked with quality in that area and don’t need anymore. What you need is another prop to add to your rotation and I am hearing Nathan Brown from the Bunnies is all but done.

      • I agree, back row is fine with Scott, Moeroa and Ma’u, then Kenny Edwards and Gower off the bench, with Terepo and Wicks also able to play there. Eels need a 7, another prop and I still think a 9.

  7. All you Moanly mongs, hahahaha!!!! Parra will ruin his career, blah blah blah! How about worrying about your own backyard and $1.3mil halfback.Disgrace.

        • I’m with you the last criminals we had there were jokes.

          I would have thought as opposing fans you’d want Sharp and his merry men to stay there as long as possible in fact the fact they got the boot is probably the worst thing you could have wished for as opposing fans.

          Heaven forbid we get legit professional running Parra the story may well transfer to even better results on the field.Surely as opposing fans you would’nt want that.

  8. Manly have plenty of junior forwards coming through the ranks. Meehan, Hoppa, Knight and AFB all are rated more highly than Vave for that price.

    Manly chose to not resign him. So it’s funny to hear Parra fans saying their happy about it. He’s not wanted by Manly so everyone is happy in this instance.

    Hes 28 and almost didn’t make first grade this year cause he’s weight is a ‘big’ problem. 🙂 Let’s hope he stays away from the burgers during the offseason….

  9. Parra is gonna kill it next year, Vave:

    1. Clint Gutherson
    2. Semi Radradra
    3. Michael Jennings
    4. Brad Takairangi
    5. Bevan French
    6. Corey Norman
    7. Jamal Fogarty
    8. Danny Wicks
    9. Isaac De Gois
    10. Tim Mannah
    11. Manu Ma’u
    12. Beau Scott
    13. Kenny Edwards
    14. David Gower
    15. Tepai Moeroa
    16. Peni Terepo
    17. Siosaia Vave
    18. Kaysa Pritchard
    19. Rory O’Brien
    20. Buereta Fariamo

    • I do like your backline. But your forwards will let u down. Mannah, Scott and De Gois all over the hill.

      Also, Ma’u is off to Manly. Part of the Vave deal. Watch this space.

      So although you have a good backline – if your not going forward… Doesn’t count for much.

      • Ma’u is not going anywhere Promise you that much, I put Gower on the bench as Utility and we can have rotations if De Gois needs as Him and Edwards are very versatile. Mannah is a workhorse forward, Scott is a defensive Machine, De Gois is nothing special but he is a sound player that makes jobs easier for match winners

    • @ScorinCoreyNormanThat is mostly right. I think Gutho will be on the wing and French will be the fullback. Also not sure if Fogarty will be the starting halfback.
      Gower won’t be there as I think he is going to the UK. Nathan Brown will take that spot. Then either Brown or Terepo will drop off the bench for Pritchard as I can’t see De Gois playing a full game.
      Ma’u will be there as him joining Manly is just wishful thinking by certain people. Arthur wouldn’t let his best 2nd rower go to sign a prop. Manly couldn’t match the offer from Parra for Vave (even though it was for under $300k) so there is no swap deal for Ma’u.
      Parra’s so called over the hill forward pack has matched it with the best this year and dominated the weak forward packs like Manly’s and will do so next year to.

      • Actually Kev…. Manly ranked 6th for run metres this year. In a season full of shocking injuries. Injury free that’ll only improve in 2017.

        The Eels finished 14th….with no injuries.
        So you really do need a bit more go forward.
        Do some research next time champ. Just embarrassing yourself.

        And FYI – Manly chose not to match the eels deal cause he’s not worth it. Their cashed to the eyeballs at the moment with numerous retirements and players leaving.
        Manly just have better juniors coming thru who can do the job and will announce some big signings in the offseason. One of which will be Ma’u…. Watch this space.

        • Not embarrassing myself at all.
          Your much vaunted forward pack was beaten easily by Parra twice this year making it 5 in a row now.
          Parra lost Watmough for the year, Mannah missed half the season through injury. Scott, Moeroa, Ma’u and Alvaro all missed games due to injury. So much for your “with no injuries” comment. Maybe you should do your research champ.

          Parra got Vave for the bargain basement price of $250k. It’s not that Manly chose not to match it, the fact is they couldn’t as they are paying $1.2m a year for the next 8 years for their halfback.

          Ma’u is signed until the end of 2017 so the only way Manly could sign him is if he wants to leave and Parra want to let him go. he doesn’t want to leave and Parra won’t release him.
          As you said Parra are cashed up so watch for Ma’u to sign an extension for two more years. Parra gave him his shot and he will repay them.

        • Kev, reading is obviously a stretch for you. So is common sense. A couple of things…

          5 in a row over the cap!!! Ha. Your boasting about beating a team while your a bunch of dirty cap cheats.

          Remember? Your club cheating the cap. Had to sack players? Ringing any bells? And even now your club is over the cap but getting off lightly. Not including Foran and Watmoughs payouts, what a joke. The NRL feels so bad for your joke of a club they have to allow this sort of carry on. I mean, your so poorly run that if the NRL punished you properly – you’d have to sack another half of your players for 2017!!! What an absolute joke of a club!

          In regards to Ma’u, have you never heard of players changing clubs while under contract? Or are you new to Rugby League. In all honesty, we don’t need him anyway so happy for him to play away his career at the Eels.

          And I said Manly is cashed up. Their cashed up and didn’t want Vave. It speaks volumes.

          Our forward pack already makes more metres than yours. So once our injuries to backline players are sorted – the only way is up.

          Parra on the other hand – came 14th for run metres! Not much happening there champ. And your forward pack is aging. Good luck with that for next year.

          And all the while over the cap. Bunch of cheats who can’t better 14th on the ladder from run metres with a cheating cap roster. Unbelievable.

          Just wait for the news to come out about Parra knowing of Foz’s betting and the cover up that followed. That’s about to go down real well in the offseason. More to follow for the eels. 😉

        • How laughable, a Parra supporter accusing another club of overpaying a player…Parra and their brown paper bags at coffee shops!

        • batman you are embarrassing yourself – no point in making lots of run metres if you cant defend it coming back at you.
          Ma’u going to eagles is sure sign that you have lost your marble – there has only been one report of that in any of the media and that was back in May when the mole reported that manly were keen on him (as were Roosters and Warriors).
          Cheating the cap is one thing – but fixing matches is something else….where there is smoke there is fire.

          Also not sure where you get the Parra finished 14th with no injuries – have you looked at the team sheets over the back half of the season???? At least 1/3 of the legal cap has been sitting on the sidelines.

          Take your head outta the sand and look at things objectively.

        • @thecatman
          If you think decent ARM stats mean your pack isn’t getting dominated its you that needs to do some research and stop embarrassing yourself.
          Are you talking about your holden cup juniors ? You make me laugh with your BS.
          You forgot to say believe this with your prediction… oh right, thats your other login.

        • Im going to be honest with you Fatty. Numbers don’t lie. And cap cheats never prosper.

          If your arguement is that you dominated – I’d probably agree with you. You dominated because you had and still have a cheating cap roster.

          It’s just that the NRL knows that if they punish you properly and Watmough and Forans payouts are included in your cap – then your club will be destroyed for 2017 and beyond. What a joke. I’m embarrassed for you.

          So count yourself lucky that the NRL feels sorry for your cheating club, cause no one else does.

  10. Vave has been awesome this year for manly, but manly have a fair few young forwards coming trough and you can’t keep them all. Meehan fonua Blake Hopoate knight I think are all priorities as they are younger and need a chance, also Lawrence is still to come back in and he is good. Vave is only a bench forward as the only game he started this year he had zero impact, so paying $250k for a bench forward this needs to make sure he keeps his weight down is a big risk, hopefully parra don’t wreck all vave’s hard work on his fitness, like they wreck all the other manly players

  11. It’s a shame to see Vave leave Manly. As so many have said before me, he has being playing fantastic this year. I do look forward to seeing more of Liam Knight next year. I think Manly doesn’t need to go crazy on buying but rather working with what they got and getting alot of players to ‘glue,’ with one another specially whoever is partnering with DCE.

  12. 2 weeks ago manly fans were talking Vave up as a key player 2017 now they are running him down. pathetic.

  13. Manly are stupid and dumb!!! Get rid of Myles and Brown…Vave was the best forward beside Buhrer and Jake Trob putting in week in week out!

  14. Parra can buy all the Manly players they want, they will never be as good as Manly.
    There is a reason we have finished higher on the ladder then them EVERY year since 2006. They will all claim next year is Parras year they always do.
    More premierships, not cheaters and never a wooden spoon, even in our worse year in over a decade we still finish higher then a salary cap cheating eels,
    Ahhh it’s a good day 🙂

    • Finally some common sense….

      They just can’t get it through their thick thick thick skulls that they cheated the cap, are still cheating cap and are still pathetic. Finished 2nd last. So close to a wooden spoon again! Another one for their spoon cabinet.

      They claim to have beaten Manly the last 5 times – all while over the cap. They claim to have stolen Vave but Manly chose not to resign him.
      They claim next year is their year – but they’ll be over the cap anyway so it will count for nothing.
      Cheating club, players, culture.

  15. Thats funny.. Manly bottom 4 again next least Parra has a culture hahaa Manly team of mercenaries. We gave you an improved lussick and gutherson was a nobody before he came to parra, Even your ‘future captain’ foran abandoned yous…aw poor manly

    • Lussick was awful when he went to Parra, commentators use to label him a future Origin star, but that ceased when he went to Parra,
      When he came back to Manly he still played terrible and was dropped to NSW cup, he didn’t start playing well until his mother died about round 12 I think from memory.
      unless Parra killed his mother you can’t take credit for his resurgence.
      As for Foran was a champion player at Manly, enough has been said of what his done for Parra.
      Gutho was an Aus school boy from memory and hasn’t improved at all since joining Parra, just as good as he always was

  16. Can I just say that Batman is an idiot?
    Oh, I just did and will again.
    Batman is an idiot.

    Hey Bats, you lost to the eels twice this year and have so for the past five games?
    Your team is a freaking mess and so is your coaching staff. You are the nucleus of the match fixing scandal and are about to receive an absolutely monstrous cucumber up the sphincter.

    Anyway, being a Manly supporter..?
    Good times.

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