LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 07: Peta Hiku of New Zealand is tackled during the International Rugby League Test Series match between England and New Zealand at the Olympic Stadium on November 7, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Penrith Panthers are delighted to announce the signing of outside back Peta Hiku until the end of the 2018 season.

The arrival of the New Zealand international on a three-year deal adds both strength and experience to the Panthers backline ahead of the club’s historic 50th season in 2016.

“The Panthers are delighted to secure the services of such a well-credentialed representative class player as Peta Hiku,” Panthers Executive General Manger Rugby League Phil Gould AM said.

“We are indeed fortunate that Peta became available at this stage of the year. He will perfectly complement the emerging young players we have here at Panthers.

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“The fact that Peta, at a young age, has forced his way into that tremendous Manly backline and has performed so well on the international stage for the Kiwis is indicative of his tremendous ability.

“At 23 years of age he obviously has the best of his career in front of him and we are excited he is going to be a Panther for the next three years.”



    • The juniors have to be developed properly. When that happens they will be promoted if they are good enough, mickov.

    • Your an idiot
      They sign a quality player to add to the rookies they have and what dumbass and you think
      They’ve dumped their policy
      Go Troll somewhere else

      • It’s not just the quality of the player, it’s the quality of the system around him. There’s an obvious reason why average players can go to the good clubs and become a better player. Places like Storm, Dogs, Manly just have a good hierarchy setup around the players to help them play better*. Exactly what it consists of I don’t know, but it’s there. Interesting to see if Hiku can do well at the Panthers, I think they are trying to establish a successful model. One would think that having Hook as coach will help, as he has seen firsthand what a successful system looks like at the Broncos.

        * Manly fans will attest that this is why when some Manly players have left Manly for other clubs the players have dipped in form or at least not performed at their highest level. Just from what we have seen, they are probably right, and Manly certainly seems to be one of the clubs who has working out what works. How else can one explain the decade of finals football.

        • big fan of Hiku but I think they have paid overs. Great footballer, but hasn’t got blistering speed or tackle breaking ability. At the same time there are no obvious flaws to his game. He is 7/10 in just about every facet of the game and a 9/10 for versatility. I think there is a finite point to his development. I don’t think Mitch Aubbosson offers anything less to a club than Peter Hiku and would be more inclined to pay 250-300 for both players.

          Dylan Walker and James Roberts on the other hand offer x factor and should be in the 400-550 range

  1. I agree ,
    Good but ,
    Not many quality backs out their ,
    I think loosing Jamal was a bad thing ,
    I think Jamal and Hiku would have been a good combination

  2. @sharky1234me not many quality backs in penrith? dude Whare, Moylan, DWZ, Mansour, Blake, Robert Jennings, George Jennings, Brent Naden they have the best young backs coming through in any club. Hiku though is a good addition

    • Good luck Peta! Awesome player and will be missed. We have a very good backline for next season. With this backline it will be dangerous especially with forward pack boosting up.
      Manly backline 2016.

      1. Brett Stewart
      2. Jorge Taufua
      3. Jamie Lyon
      4. Steve Matai
      5. Tom Trbojevic
      6. Dylan Walker
      7. Daly Cherry Evans.

  3. seriously this guy isn’t competing for a spot, its the leftovers “competing” and then leaving, roosters might have to reunite the Jennings clan!

  4. Good signing penrith but they need maybe 1 more decent forward to win the comp next year. and maybe a better coach

  5. Penrith looking not bad for next year.
    My top 8 for what it’s worth.
    1. Brisbane
    2. Roosters
    3. Storm
    4. Cowboys
    5. Manly
    6. Rabbits
    7. Warriors
    8. Penrith

  6. yeeees. good buy Penrith. thank god parka didn’t get another manly player. All the best hiku aka the sloth.

  7. 1. Broncoes
    2. Roosters
    3. Cowboys
    4. Storm
    5. Manly
    6. Warriors
    7. Sharks
    8. Panthers
    9. Bulldogs
    10. Rabbits
    11. Dragons
    12. Eels
    13. Raiders
    14. Knights
    15. Titans
    16. Tigers
    7-10 seperated by 2 points

    • I would normally agree to this but, I’m gonna have to be a lil bias and say that I really can’t see the Raiders being out of the 8 in 2016. Unless both Austin and Sezer get injured mid season, they will be in the finals next year. I don’t know who would drop out though? Maybe the Roosters? Or the Storm? Don’t think the Panthers will be there either, they have made some good signings, but Wallace and Soward are too injury prone. One of them goes down the whole team suffers…

  8. Good signing for the panthers & now Brisbane will announce signing Roberts would love him at the dogs but the kid loves living up in qld lucky for the Broncs

  9. I thought Hiku would have been a long term player at Manly, he’s quite good.
    All these player changes better pay off!

    • so who comes in when Matai is injured/suspended, Taufua is supended/injured, Lyon is injured, probably all at once?
      Santini, Williame, Demitriou, Wolfman? No thanks. Hiku would had definitely played

    • I wouldn’t Say Trbojevic was better than Hiku but he is up there with him. But what Us (Manly) want to hope we don’t get injuries and with Tom being one of these I am talking about, I don’t think we have the Backs depth as much as we have Forward Depth. I think Tom Trbojevic has a suss Knee. Not good at his young age to be getting these sorts of injuries .

  10. 2016 top 8


    Bunnies just missing out rts Luke Johnson leuluai vatuvai a new look hurrell should make a great roster

    • I think eels can make it if we sign Lafai most likely my ladder for whole 16.

      Sea Eagles

  11. Now the only centre left on the market is Lafai. Eels, Dragons and Titans. The candidates, Titans have lots of money since jimmy the jet quitted the club. If dragons sign him Dugan would play fullback as I don’t think Lafai plays fullback and I know red v fans want Dugan at centre. The eels would be a good option the club could get a centre like him with Gutho shifting to wing we had been rumoured to him before he got released so a possibility.

    • duge’s will stay at FB if Saints get Lafai – but i dont see us pulling the right coin for him.
      Lafai is a far better / seasoned centre than Dugan… just not sure what Lafai’s asking price is.

  12. 2016 ladder.



    • I’ll agree with that Devout. Work in progress I’m hearing. We have stiff competition though.

      Hopefully Jimmy will be cautious signing any contract with heavily stacked incentives and TPA’s.

    • I agree also. Not sold on Hiku and not sure he is what the Dragons need.
      Roberts, Walker, Lafai all have more strike power than Hiku who’s main asset was his versatility.
      Hopefully Roberts will sign up as the Dragons are also the best fit for him and his desire to play FB.

  13. Great singing for Penrith this year was not his best but he will go good at Penrith he was our future fullback before Tom trbjovic came into the seen

  14. Its great to see that no one has the dogs in the top eight. Once again we are going to fly under the radar and shock everyone. Des will be happy.

    • Mate unless Reynolds gets injured or suspended & we get jaline back or play Chisholm at 7 dogs will struggle to make the 8. no kicking game less interchange our forwards will be out of steam in 20mins

      • 8 interchanges won’t make a difference. Jackson, Graham, Tolman, Trex, and lane can all play 80. Eastwood, Klemmer and browne can play 40-50 minutes, its only kassino that needs to put in the work and get a little bit fitter. Reynolds is a good player mate he just needs Mybe to step up and take control so he can play his natural game. The only issue I have is that Perrett is still playing first grade, lets in two flipping tries in a match and does f*** all in attack.

  15. Im dissapointed he is going, but at least turbo will be playing 1st grade. Cheers for the good times and he really stood up when snake was injured during the 2013 finals series and helped get us to the grand final. Glad he went to penrith and not parra!

  16. Well dragons fans, any money on the odds the dragons will not sign a single player they were talking to. Let’s sign 5 fringe players, ensuring local guns depart the club and skip the talent on offer.

  17. hiku gave us great service but u cant keep them all. all the best to him at Penrith a club that is only going to get better with all the youth they have.

  18. 1. Moylan
    2. Smith/Mansour
    3. Hiku/DWZ
    4. Whare
    6. Wallace/ Dockar-Clay
    7. Soward/Te-Maire Martin
    12. Taylor
    13. Peachey/Merrin

    14. Yeo
    17. McKendry

    18. Smith
    19. Sopoguna
    20. Garcia
    21. Hall
    22. Heffernan

    • I would be going

      1 DWZ
      2 Mansour
      3 Whare
      4 Hiku
      5 Jennings either Robert or his bro
      6 Moylan
      7 Wallace/Soward/Te-Maire
      13 Merrin
      12 Cartwright
      11 Taylor
      10 Campbell-Gillard
      9 Segy
      8 McKendry

      14 Peachy
      15 Yeo
      16 TBC
      17 TBC

      That looks a pretty strong line up, who are definite top 8 contenders. They just look bit light on props.

    • Wow that’s a big call apart from Smith…IF..Mansour/Hiku/DWZ/Jennings/Jennings/Blake/Wallace/Docker Clay/ Soward/ Te-Maire Martin/Peachey/Merrin don’t get picked in the top 17 then they are off to regies?..and that’s only if Smith 2 is the same as Smith 18. So lets say if Peachey plays 13 then Merrin doesn’t go ahead of Garcia at 20?. Man you’re an expert at deception and an extraordinarily good selector…lol

  19. Hahaha laughing at all these predictions. Dogs basically got ripped off the minor premireship last year. And your all not putting dogs in your top 8. They had a horrible season last year but we’re ripped off four games. Which would of had them on top of the ladder. You wait and see. No choping and changing halves. Dogs 2016

  20. In a completely separate issue. ..

    manly recognize 4 life members today. snake Matai sir Jamie Lyon and kite.
    well deserved and all legends of the club. pity twatmough ruined it for himself. He will retire after this year

    • Pretty cool how at least two of the Manly legends came from other clubs. With that being said, and it not mattering that those players did play for other clubs, why the hate for Watmough just for playing for another club?

    • It seems heavily influential in the criteria that was used was not the fact about playing for clubs, but the number of games played for Manly. With that being noted, didn’t Watmough play in excess of 270 games for Manly, coincidentally more than these other four Manly legends?

      Why deny Watmough? I can understand waiting to name him a Manly legend, because he is currently with another side and that would be a bit awkward, but when he retires I would expect Manly will claim him back as their own. So why the hate now?

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