SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 30: Brodie Croft of the Storm passes the ball to a team mate during the round four NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Melbourne Storm at Southern Cross Group Stadium on March 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Brodie Croft will join the Brisbane Broncos on a three-year deal after earlier being released by the Melbourne Storm.

Croft will join the Broncos effective immediately until the end of the 2022 NRL season.

“We are bringing Brodie home to Queensland and giving him the opportunity to represent our club and the club he grew up supporting,” said Broncos’ head coach Anthony Seibold on the club website.

“Brodie has performed at an elite level throughout the various stages of his development and even as recent as last month represented the Junior Kangaroos under-23s team.

“I believe Brodie is ready to step up as a leader and key position player at the Broncos after learning his craft in Melbourne. He experienced a Grand Final in 2018 and is at an age where he is ready to lead a team around the park.

“Brodie gives us depth in the halfback position and he, Anthony Milford and Tom Dearden are players we believe can have a strong influence in what we do in season 2020 and beyond.”


  1. Smart move by Bronco’s , a solid halfback is what they needed, this will make them serious contenders next year

  2. As a Storm supporter, I am not sorry to see the back of Croft. He is solid as a half back but not spectacular and he has some defensive issues. He is a good pick up for the broncos given where they are at but I suspect he is a stop gap until young Dearden matures a bit.

  3. A lot of pressure will be heaped on this bloke to succeed. Meanwhile, a fat, lazy Milford will amble around the paddock for a cool million. Broncos need to start selecting on form, not reputation, salary size or presumed potential.

  4. Croft does not make them contenders. Their attack was woeful but the thing that really sunk them was the absolutely almost worst defense in the league. They were horrible. As a fan, it is hard to watch teams score the exact same try over and over again on them (establish overlap on right side defense, score either with the centre or the wing).

    Absolutely right, guru – ever since they shunted milford to 5/8, he bulked up and completely lost what made him good. They tried to turn an evasive fullback into a half and it has absolutely failed. Then they put him back to fullback, still fat and expect him to do the same things he did at canberra. I am not an expect in how to set your body up for rugby league but it looks to me like they basically just made him fatter, rather than stronger.

    They’ll have Jack Bird back for his 3 week cameo. They actually looked quite good at the start of the season. Jack Bird was playing well. It was very unfortunate for them to lose him.

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