NSW win Game 3 to avoid sweep

New South Wales scored an incredible 18-14 win at the death over Queensland in State of Origin III with a miracle try to Michael Jennings.

Captain Paul Gallen, who is retiring from Origin football, slotted a conversion to ice the cake.

Queensland captain Cameron Smith was named as Player of the Series.



  1. Great to see Gal go out a winner, nice final pass for the assist to Jennings,

    Poor Ronnie can’t take a trick at the moment haha!

    • Winner – what rubbish. This man is the greatest loser in Origin history and he presided over this year’s Origin Loss.

      What was more sickening was watching the NSW orchestrated officials awarding penalty after penalty to the blues. Talk about trying to give NSW the game. This is the worst example of match fixing by the refs that I have seen since the Broncos-Storm GF a few years ago.. Half time penalty count was 9-1 in favour of the blues with cronk being sent off in the second half and this was despite many dubious actions by the NSW players. This match was a travesty made all the worse by the sight of that man kicking that last goal.

      Despite the fact that QLD lift the trophy again and not Captain Boofhead, I am disgusted by the way this game was manipulated to be a PG celebration from beginning to end.

      • I see your point but if Cronk is getting sin binned for holding a player back, I expect to see every player who’s done that be sent off from now on.

      • * Gal retires with a better record than your hero Craig Bellamy
        * Bellamy still the only blues coach in NRL history hopeless enough to lose 3-0
        * Bellamy still the only muppett to ever name his captain starting from the bench

  2. What an ending. If only this was the decider and the Blues won the series with that ending, would be the best thing to see but oh well. Better luck next year boys!

  3. Another amazing effort from the champs, another year, another series win. Quuuuuueeeeenslaaandeeeerr. Just quickly, how good is nsw future lookin πŸ˜‰ haha losers!

    • You nailed it thorn – the officiating was dreadful. I have always stuck up for the refs and accept that they can get decisions wrong and don’t really care about that but what from what I saw was a lot of biased decisions. It was fairly clear at half time that everything was being done to let NSW win it. I am not a Queenslander (but admire many of their players) but that was sickening.

  4. Glad the blues won but my lord some of those penalties and ref caΔΊls were disgraceful; handed to the blues tbh

    • Glad to see that I am not alone in being disgusted at the way this match was handled. There should be an inquiry by Archer into this match.

      • when under the pump and things not going your way as they normally do for the maroons, then resort to infringements.
        I will admit that there might have been a couple of 50/50 calls that went the blues way, i dont believe it is as bad as all the qld supporters would have you believe.
        Cronks sin binning i thought was fair as was fifita’s. Most club games cronk would have been binned for holding back a player like he did.
        Grubby tactics from both sides, but serously that McGuire has taken 3rd man sams mantle as the grubbiest in the game.
        any way, whenever qld lose, its always the ref’s fault.
        Maybe captain grubs chq didnt clear in time this time around lol

      • and ronnie, you are only disgusted due to your man crush on gal, you cannot see anything else whilst you are staring into his loving eyes

  5. Congratulations to Queensland, deserving winners again.

    Fantastic finish from the blues. Someone should check on Ronnie and take his belt and shoe laces from him.

  6. Did anyone else notice when Jennings scored that no one from NSW team was celebrating with him? Just weird

  7. Sorry Ronald. Not quite the ending you were hoping for. Gal goes out of origin a winner and it may not be his last big game win in a sky blue jumper at that venue. Just add a bit of black and white to it.

    • No he doesn’t bbbj, he goes out having lost more Origin series than any other player or captain. He also goes out knowing that he played in a game which the blues won but which ought to have a judicial inquiry into how it was officiated. It was as if an edict had gone out to give this game to the blues. In some ways winning in that fashion is a fitting end. Drug Cheat, Thug, Loser and now final game winner in highly suspicious circumstances and that is how the biggest Losers go out..

      • I think we are starting to get the picture that you weren’t too happy with the officiating Ron. Have to agree it was worse than ordinary, and that’s from a blues fan. As a spectacle this whole series just didn’t do it for me at all and the refs, along with NSW’s selections until game 3 to a certain extent, made it hard to get fired up about it all. There was a degree of predictability about it all again. Maybe that’ll change a bit with the change of the guard.

        As for Gal your’e only as good as your last game champ. He captained NSW during an unfortunate era where QLD just had the guns and the series of losses can hardly be directed squarely at him. Call him a thug or a grub or whatever you like but he showed pride and commitment in the blue jumper and actually picked up a few m.o.m gongs along the way (although in your view that was probably orchestrated by channel 9 and undeserved. Correct?) Things are looking up for the blues and hopefully Gal can move on now and focus on getting the sharkies across the line for a much deserved premiership this season. There are a lot of players in the NRL that don’t have half the motor that Gal has.

    • πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ that’s funny the Sharks will choke and bail out of the finals

  8. Take my hat off to Wade Graham,. In a side full of cheap shot grubs but just plays hard and tuff. Sure your not a Queenslander mate.

  9. James maloney man of match? Haha classic. Go the maroons. Blues are still losers, no matter how much they try and hype up this win.

  10. I am a blues supporter and I could see from the start the refs were handing this one to the blues. I guess it was their square up for the refereeing in games 1 and 2.
    To little to late.

    • I fully agree. Not sure about the square up but this game needs an inquiry. This match does not show our game up in a good light. Overseas watchers must wonder what was going on. Surely the NRL has to investigate this ?

  11. Sad to see Jennings celebrate his winning try by himself but it also happened when Frizzel attempted to chase down Gagai no player rushed to him either.
    Time to find some Queensland passion NSW and congratulate your team mates.
    I’ll take a blues win any day but once again the refs f&@ked the game by blowing the pea out of the whistle.

  12. NSW look so much more youthful & vigorous but don’t have the combinations and skills. I can see the tide turning now at long last.
    Tedesco great running game but be aware of who is running off you – missed a few cracking opportunities to put someone away. Good debut. For all the negativity Moylan has copped I thought he looked reasonably good in the halves and will only get better. I think he should stay there, looked better in one game than Pearce did in 4 years. No reason why he can’t become a top player for NSW.
    And I like the look of Wade Graham, Bird, Frizzell etc there is a good team building.

    • Like I was always saying, if they’re to pick the side that I was naming or something very similar and actually get the teams’ attack right they would build a dynasty of their own. Now some words from our beloved ZT nut, believe that πŸ˜‰

        • I don’t understand the Jackson hate either. When he actually gets some ball like he has this series he is pretty dangerous down the right edge. He has a damn good pass, a good step and defends like a machine. He is an amazing tackler and he will cut any player down, also tireless too! Definitely one of our better players.

        • Whether it’s a harsh assessment or not I thought he was a bit poor in offence, drop balls and getting bundled into touch and what not. However he’s an origin player, he’s tough and he tackles hard and usually doesn’t have errors in him. NSW need him for years to come.

  13. Daley has to go, no idea whatsoever. When you find yourself having to agree with the 9 commentators too often over the coaching you know it’s bad.



    • What’s so bad about that. I seem to remember an ecstatic Fatty doing the same thing when mark coyne scored the miracle try. No one complained then.

      • I don’t see an issue. About time we hear a NSW commentator go off like that. Fatty was worse than Gould if you actually want to consider Gould’s one being bad.

        • Your kidding right. U blokes are dilusional, channel 9 is embarrassingly nsw bias, hearing fatty 3 times a year cheer for qld is no where near as annoting as listening to gus rabs sterlo fitler johns finch carry on every week. My god. U nsw chumps have no idea. Go the maroons.

  15. Tedesco, Frizzel, Bird and Graham were easily among NSW’s top players for that game. They also just so happen to be the players that the NSW selectors seemed the most reluctant to select.

  16. My question is how was the blues 2nd try allowed??? Michael Jennings was offside and inside the 10. If he wasnt chasing it O’Neil would of ran to the ball instead of focusing on Jennings. Horrible performance from the ref.

    • Simple – the message had gone out

      This wasn’t an Origin game it was give Gal a party at all costs.


  17. Surely Daley still has to go. Like paulo said our best players are the ones they reluctantly put in. And why was friz off so long. Things only look like happening when he is on

  18. Not a bad game for a “dead rubber”
    A few observations
    1. Daley has no idea.
    2. Fifita has no brain.
    3. Bird was put on 20 min too late. He should have been on from the start.
    4. NSW should have won by 20 with Penalties and possession in the first half.
    5. Gallen played 2 series too many. He should have went out with a series win in 2014
    6. NSW future looks bright but QLD should win again next year. They are still a better “Team”
    7. Jennings was offside and should have been penalized. and I though Dugan? knocked on anyway.
    8. Woods looks like he’ll get in the way of the halves like Gallen did.
    9. QLD will be even better next year with Nappa and Milford added to the squad.
    10. Kevie picked up when Big Mel left off.

    • Good observations. I do see the gap closing. It was looking drastic after Game 2 but with combinations to form NSW have a good nucleus of players coming together.

  19. 13-3 what a Joke, the NRL Ref’s really need to get there sh#t together. At the end of the day THE MIGHTY QUEENSLANDERS WIN AGAIN. but I think the ref’s got a brown paper bag off Daley in the car park b4 the game.

  20. Good game of origin and congrats to Qld for another series win ( but you’re still rednecks )
    My highlights were

    1. Jack bird is a star along with wade graham .
    2. Gallen is finally retired please take Farah and Jennings with you .
    3. Frizell is a beast
    4. Tedesco good debut .. Good not great
    5. Great to see sin bins

    My lowlights

    1. Nsw walking off whilst smith gave a speech bit dissrespectful
    2. Cronk allowed to have a meeting with Thurston while being sin binned
    3. Farah still in the side along with Jennings
    4. The penalty count yet we went in at halftime 2 points up
    5. Channel 9 commentary .. Fatty way too biased , gus and joey are idiots and no sterlo

    Anyway great game and hopefully nsw get a series win next year without Gallen , Farah , Jennings and Daley

  21. Paul Gallen! What a legend, what a competitor! Is there nothing this man cannot do?
    Good to see you bow out of origin a WINNER Gal, & kick the last goal to rub salt in to the Qld wounds lol
    It took the Sharks “flavour” to end Qld.

    • Is there nothing this man can’t do? Win more than one series maybe. Play without the use of drugs, pass the ball. Glad to see the back of him. No Gallen, Farah or Jennings and hopefully Daley next year, we should have a chance.

  22. I’m a NSW fan but I think it was rigged and QLD didn’t want to win. JT missing 2 kicks and in front, something is up. Then they let Ferguson through the massive gap then let jennings score, they could have stopped him. And also the penalties and the Fifita try, thats a no try anyday of the week. But I’m happy we won but it was clearly rigged.

  23. Ronnies having nightmares Cronulla are on top of the table and Gallen goes out a winner haha

  24. Qlders whinging about losing a penalty count is like Eddy Obied whinging about someone not paying their taxes. Now you now how we’ve felt for the last 10 years of crap refereeing whilst qld bent every rule in the book and still whinged when they didn’t get everything they wanted.

    • +1 exactly were where the whinges in game 3 last year when they won the penalty count 12-5 and had a 5 metre defensive line as opposed to NSW 12 metres.

    • I thought i was the only one from reading the other comments (even from NSW supporters) I didn’t see a penalty that wasn’t unwarranted. Smith the grab ties himself up on purpose every tackle and never gets called on it drives me crazy!

  25. NSW were super lucky to get away with that game. Shades of what QLD have done to them snatching victory at the death. Should have played much smarter when Cronk was off and the result wouldn’t have been so close. Buy Mansour some new boots please.
    Was the Cronk sin-binning anything to do with repeat (yet very soft for origin) infringements? They’d blown about 3-4 penalties in a row, was that the last straw? General consensus now is if you hold a player back in a try scoring opportunity they sit down for 10, the standard has been set.
    NSW building with players like Tedesco, Bird, Frizell, all look quite comfortable at that level. Give Jennings and Moylan the flick for next year.
    Woodsy needs to be in Rio for high jump, what a funny guy. NSW a bit disrespectful walking off while Smith was still talking.
    Congrats QLD on the series victory, next year will be a beauty.
    I’ll leave you blokes with a hypothetical, so if Hayne comes back and finds his form again, does he play next year and where? Fullback? Wing? Centre? Five-eighth? Will be interesting indeed.

  26. Haha Ronnie looks like NSW found the key to victory – pick lots of Sharks players! I guess last night couldn’t have got any worse for you.

    * Gal offloading to former Sharks team mate Frizzell to score a try, converted by Sharks team mate Maloney
    * Gal watching on as Sharks team mate Graham kicks the ball through for Sharks team mate Fifita to score, converted by Sharks team mate Maloney
    * Gal again throwing the final pass, this time for the match winning try. Gal converting after the siren with his final touch of the football in Orign

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