The NRL will introduce a new player agents scheme that will see managers become more regulated amid the recent salary cap issues, as reported by Fairfax Media.

It ends a face off between managers and the league as the former drops their threat of pursuing legal action.

As many as 110 managers have until Friday to accept the new protocols or lose their role as player agents, as the NRL governing body looks to make them more accountable.

It is understood that should the managers protest the new laws, the NRL may revisit the cases of Manly and Parramatta and sanction them for any involvement, despite each matter already be resolved.

The new scheme will put managers and player’s contracts under the eye of the NRL more and ensure that they are following the league’s rules and code of conduct.

Players will be able to seek a release from a manager after two years so long as three months notice is given, while junior players aged 15 to 17 will now have the option of being represented.

The NRL may inspect an agent’s business records if a breach of rules is suspected.


  1. all well and good to introduce new rules but how about enforcing the old rules. I can’t fathom how the player agents got off scot-free in the eels case despite their reportedly being multiple instances where evidence showed that the agents were undeniably involved….its a joke.
    Even going back to the Storm scandal, agents and players were found to be complicit but the nrl refused to sanction anyone with anything but a wet lettuce leaf.
    time they got their stuff together and took a stand.

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