SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 03: Players and Coaches from the Raiders and Roosters pose for a photograph during the NRL Grand Final Fan Fest at Martin Place on October 03, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters and Canberra Raiders meet in Sunday’s NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium (AEST) in what promises to be a big one.

The Raiders were the feel-good story of 2019, coming from outside the finals to skyrocket into flag contention. Ricky Stuart’s team are searching for their first premiership since 1994 and go into the decider as the $3.10 outsiders.

Canberra will take confidence into the game, having won four of their last six games, including victories over the Melbourne Storm and South Sydney Rabbitohs to qualify for the grand final.

They will take in an unchanged 17 from the side that ousted the Souths last week, despite hooker Josh Hodgson battling a virus during the week.

The Green Machine’s defence is their backbone, conceding the third least points in the league behind only the Storm and Roosters. Their losses have been marginal at an average of just 5.6 points, the second-best effort in the NRL.

You can trust that Canberra’s stingy defence will keep the scoreboard close, so backing them to cover the line of +7.5 points could be the way to go.

Canberra’s defence stood up strong in their preliminary final win over the Souths, holding them to just 10 points despite being under duress. And they and will need to be just as brave against the Roosters.

There is enough talent on this Raiders team to get the job done, but how the handle being on the biggest stage of them all is unknown.

If they aren’t daunted by the occasion or their opponent and settle into the game early, the Raiders can be the ones lifting the cup.

After another dominant campaign that saw them finish second, the Roosters are looking to claim back-to-back premierships.

The Tricolours have been the favourite for most of the season, and with the Storm and Rabbitohs knocked out, go into the granny as the hot favourites at $1.40. For the best Rugby Betting odds visit this link.

The Chooks are running hot with nine wins from their past 10 games, defeating the Rabbitohs and Storm during their finals campaign.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves will return from a one-game suspension, sliding Siosiua Taukeiaho back to the bench and Lindsay Collins to the reserves.

This star-studded Roosters outfit have proven they can win on the big stage and have match winners all over the field, led by the recently crowned Dally M medallist James Tedesco.

The question might not be if the Roosters will win, but how much will they win by. Leading the league this season in tries, try assists and line break assists and ranking second in points and third in field goals, this team can score and score big, averaging a winning margin of 19.1.

It won’t be that easy against the Raiders, but a 1-12 Roosters win looks like the best play at $2.70. Tedesco will have his head up after claiming the Dally M and his teammates always look to get the ball in his hands, priming him as an anytime try scorer at $2.20. Latrell Mitchell has showed he can shine on the big stage and ranked second in the NRL in tries this season. He also has $2.20 odds for anytime try scorer.

These sides have already met twice earlier in the season, with the Roosters winning both matches. In total, they have faced off 63 times, with the Chooks winning 35 to Canberra’s 28.


  1. The amount of media this week surrounding the Sydney Sombreros salary cap is amazing.
    Success for this club doesn’t bring respect, only cynicism from the broader NRL community.
    It’s a big reason for the membership exodus over the past couple of years.

  2. “WTF Politis owns more of Sydney than the Chinese”


  3. I hope all you pathetic Souths fans enjoy watching us go back2back tomorrow. Souths will never win another premiership.

  4. Twentyone Answer The Question…..

    Souths lost 6 Thousand members since 2015. Roosters always have around 16 thousand. Please Explain this!

    Success for this club South Sydney is avoided year after year trying to buy a premiership with a multitude of second grade players and washed up first graders which doesn’t bring respect, only cynicism from the broader NRL community.
    It’s a big reason for the membership exodus over the past couple of years. Six thousand members is a huge exodus from Souths.

  5. Sydney Roosters will be comfortable winners. If the Roosters do not have their second half sleep they could win by more than twenty.

    Souths supporters will be uncomfortable losers. Regardless of the result tomorrow, Souths fans like that idiotic fool twentyone will be having a miserable off season after choking two years straight, with two different purchased teams and a purchased no defence tactician coach who was fired from Brisbane.

  6. Mark …. I would not bother trying to educate nu.tters like Twit#One or the other south geese, when ever FACTS are presented they are all in denial and think it is made up.

    Twityone is just yout typical disgruntled South Sydney Supporter. I reckon he is one of the 6000 members who have turned their back on Souths and have walked away from the club after they continually purchase import after import who are of no value to the playing roster.

  7. Easts will win this game by at least 20 points, it will resemble an AFL blow out, i have been saying for months now that Easts will win the comp, infact i put $1000 on them at $3.85 to win plus right now $100 at $2.80 for a plus 13.5 start and another $100 at plus 20.5 start, but you know what? I would still love to see Canberra win.

    Very good article in the herald today about the salary cap of Easts, good read.

    The only way to distribute talent in the NRL is to have a point system where if you played for Aust or SOO you get so many points , this takes away any questions on salary cap rorting.

    Finally to you Easts supporters here, Souths may buy players but still have 7 local juniors in their first grade squad, how many Easts? Get off your high horse, you know as well has everybody Easts are the new Manly and are hated by all supporters, they cheat allright just read that article in the Herald all is explained, Easts are nothing but a virus in this game who do nothing to promote junior league

  8. Enz0 you Goliath of sooks, how do you explain that of the 17 chosen in the 2019 GF, only seven players have played NRL with other clubs all the rest 10 have only played NRL for the Roosters.
    Please explain, or will you avoid it and hide like TwitOne.
    By the way I will be laughing at you what ever happens. You will be cheering the Sydney Roosters to win big to win heaps of money, and if you lose you threw twelve hundred dollars away. That really makes my day. No that makes my year.

  9. Enz0 could you explain on behalf of your Souths mate TwitOne who shy’s away from facts that Adam posted, which was a link on here showing Souths have lost almost 6000 members from 2015 of 35k to this season 29.6k?
    Please explain!

  10. where were you ‘staunch bunnies supporter’ PEN!SO when holmsey (b2b19) used racist slurs against your own team on zt ?
    you and that other centrelink fool, stdboy (21) are THE gutless hypocrites of ZT and a disgrace to the Rabbitohs
    oh btw, juniors and loyalty don’t win premierships… and the smh ?? experts at fake news and lefty BS.
    as for manly, we own the most hated crown and have done since 1947, buying prems, cheating, stealing and abusing women is our mantra !

  11. TheAngryEagle now your a person that is on the eight ball corner pocket. A person that hits the nail on the head with commonsense. Back2Back19 is great value but clowns like EOD, Enz0 and 21 are drop kicks.

  12. TheAngryBeagle(Woodynic18) not hiding like all you johnny come lately Sydney Sombrero supporters after R1 and R25 for 1 week.
    Speaking of centrelink that you refer to, nothing personal but I could probably buy you and your whole family 20 times over.
    Always happy to compare social status with you seeing you feel a good judge.

  13. Now that your out of hiding Twit One, how about some answers on your Souths Membership Exodus of 6 thousand disgruntled Souths fans.
    2015….. 35.3k
    2019….. 29.6k

    Please explain this fact!

  14. @Dave99 b2b19 is a manly supporter, he is so sick of being a loser he jumped on the roosters bandwagon
    @screamer, the zt policeman who struggles to keep up, harmless but easily led. stfu.
    manly – the most hated club thanks mostly to our rabid and racist supporters.

  15. To all you Sydney Sombreros put as much spin as you like on it, a Sydney Sombrero GF win doesn’t come with respect, it comes with cynicism from 90% of NRL fans and journos.
    Membership is the true indicator of credibility and soul of any club regardless of sport so when you have the SYDNEY SOMBREROS running last of all NRL clubs (taking away the 5000 freebies) there is no argument this club is a sham.
    Comments from a few lightweights above who say “members and juniors don’t win premierships” forget to add that stacking teams with poached talent and r.orting the salary cap does.
    That’s the reputation of the SYDNEY SOMBREROS, wow what an honour.
    That’s one of several reasons for your members exodus this year.

  16. @21
    anyone who spends so many hours each day on ZT and TheRoar making excuses for coming 4th and being wrong about The Premiers cannot be gainfully employed or capable of managing finances.

  17. TheAngryEagle October 5, 2019 at 11:14 am
    “anyone who spends so many hours each day on ZT and TheRoar making excuses for coming 4th and being wrong about The Premiers cannot be gainfully employed or capable of managing finances”
    So you’re a centrelink recipient according to your theory.

  18. Twityone you fool, answer the Question everyone wants to know.

    Why has Souths fans had a Massive Exodus and left them in the thousands. 6000 have left the transit club.

  19. @21
    looks like i hit a raw nerve regarding yours and pen!so centrelink status.
    as for : ‘i can buy you 20 times over’ 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 you need to use the zero credibility website, this is zero tackle !

  20. Penso you miss the point of why the Roosters can afford so many superstars. Its because no club but Easts developed young players and turned them into Nrl star quality. Because the Roosters never poached Cordner, Liu, Aubusson, Radley, Tupou, Mitchell, Manu, Friend, Collins, Verrills, Butcher, Tupunnua, Ikavallu, Smith, Famausulli, Lam & throw in JWH who played 6 games for Manly and Taukeiaho who played 1 game for the Warriors.

    There is 18 players the Sydney Roosters developed and did not have to pay a fortune to buy from other clubs.

    If Souths want to buy Mitchell that will cost them 10 of your dud players money. Same goes for JWH if Penrith try to poach him. They wont leave this great club for those backward clubs with no culture. These players are happy to be successful for just a small percentage of what others offer.

    Napa, Materson & Fergo took the money and played their last ever grand final. At least they will have rested bodies after this Sunday nights grand final.

  21. PENSO You said they cheat alright just read the article. Well i read it and does not claim that easts cheat.
    It says they have inducements outside the cap but that is not against the rules.All clubs can do the same and do.
    It also says Brisbane are number one in NRL for inducements but it has not worked for them as yet.
    The article says you have to be well led well coached and do the job on the field.
    With Crowe and Packer in your club are you saying they dont do the same? Packer could buy and sell Nick 10 times over.
    This article says that easts are playing within the rules they are not cheating. As Phil Gould and Nathan Brown have said they just do it better than the other clubs. This is just Tall Poppy bs. This Jurno has a problem with the system itself not easts.
    I know you were around way back as was I mate and the Juniors were treated badly thats why the Colts left but would not have come back if things did not change they are back and things have changed.
    Easts declared 200k in TPAS The Storm 1 Million So its not the extra money via these agreements its the inducements after their playing days are over Uni fees a Trade etc. Again it is LEGAL they are not cheating.

  22. Still beleive the ExBronco sacked coach will guide you to this years premiership.


  23. EastsAreDivine I’m plesed you admit what I said. By you suggesting Luai could play in the centres has alarm bells ringing that he is first to be moved out of the halves department.
    Like I said both Cleary and Luai are overrated.

  24. Wow , I knew my comments would hit a nerve, just shows how much the chip on the shoulder hurts, and who is billy77 now, is it Dave 99, who knows, but you guys need to get a life , fair dinkum.

  25. Penso
    September 24 2019

    “I believe Wayne Bennett will win Souths our 22nd premiership”

    Still beleive the ExBronco sacked coach will guide you to this years premiership.


  26. So you are Dave 99 , woody and all the other people your useless brain can conjour up, i feel sorry for you buddy, hopefully that mental health facitity is assisting in your recovery, but by the look of things , it’s not going well.

    Also backtoback is not Holmsey he has more diginity than that

  27. So woody you are Dave 99 and all the other people your useless brain can conjour up, i feel sorry for you buddy, hopefully that mental health facitity is assisting in your recovery, but by the look of things , it’s not going well.

    Also backtoback is not Holmsey he has more diginity than that

  28. Every year all you Souths fans embarrass yourselves with the endless garbage that you all dribble out all year only to see your stain fail year after year. How many more years of falure untill you have to admit both your halves and the fullback are duds?

  29. Back2Crack19 that’s 7 less failures than your Sydney Sombrero slurry I believe.
    Ask your rabbi if your not sure.

  30. Sourhs fans are dribblers big time. Crowe has lost the plot instructing his stoogers to continually purchase hopeless imported players turning their team into the laughing stock of the League and becoming the modern day transit lounge of the 21st century.

    Their fans are sick of travelling many kms to a home ground that does not represent their district, their fans are sick of supporting a team that buys rubbish imports and Chokes in the big games. Their fans have shown it with 6000 members leaving their support and their fans have shown it in home crowd attendance, by getting outmuscled by Sydney Roosters 17.1k to 15.3k per home game average.

    Sourhs are a club without a Leagues Club and when the New Footy Stadium is built woukd be extremely stupid if they think there fans will watch them play in Easts territory.

    The bottom line is they need to relocate. The NRL wanted them out of our comp, relocation is the next best thing.

  31. StarOfDave99 you make many points that have a look of familiarity about them under 14 previous nics.

  32. You of all people should know Steve.Syd alias Twit#1.

    But as usual you are incorrect. I’m new to this site but picked up pretty quickly from reading all the stuff that yoyr a serial idiotic foolish being.

    By the way TwitOne, could you muster up enough courage now to inform us all on here why Souths have an Exodus of 6k fans.

  33. Souths fans better remember 2014 because in a couple when Sam Burgess moves on you will be back to being a bottom 4 team like the previous 40+ years before he got there.

  34. True Back2Back2Back20. Already it is a distant memory of 5 seasons ago when they won their FIRST and ONLY Modern Day 6 tackle rule premiership. Ahahaha

    1 grand final appearances in 48 seasons is a total disgrace by South of Sydney
    Why just 20 years into the 21st century and the Sydney Roosters have already qualified for their 8th grand final appearance. Eat our dust Rabbits.
    Ahahahahahah Ahahahahahah

  35. Here’s another fun fact Dave, in the NRL the roosters have played in more grandfinals then Souths have even made the finals.

    Roosters played in 8 grandfinals and Souths have only managed to make finals 7 times. They can dribble on about members all they like

  36. Dave99 October 6, 2019 at 1:32 am
    “I’m new to this site but picked up pretty quickly from reading all the stuff that yoyr a serial idiotic foolish being.”

    Liar, Liar arse stained trackies on fire.

  37. TwentyOne
    April 1, 2019 at 11:07 am

    “Souths chance of a grand final after playing like pure ArseClowns are next to zero. Murray looks lost most of the time”.

    Please explain this Twit One and why Sourths an Exodus of 6000 members deserted the choking rabbits.

  38. Just confirmed on 9 news sombreros fans heavily outweighed by Raiders fans at ANZ.
    What a rubbish club

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