Ryan Tandy
Banned for life

Former Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs prop Ryan Tandy will be banned for life from the NRL – even if he can find an NRL club that wants him.

The disgraced footballer still has several more charges – including the more serious one of lying to the NSW Crime Commission – but his rugby league career is finished.

Any NRL ban will be honoured overseas.

The life ban marks the most serious step in the game’s efforts to stamp out the plague of exotic problem gambling.

It came as NSW Sports Minister Graham Annesley confirmed that specific match-fixing legislation will be in place by the kick-off to next year’s NRL season. While NRL boss David Gallop shied away from declaring Tandy, specifically, will be banned for life, the NRL boss couched his language in the strongest possible terms to say he no longer has a place in the game.

An NRL statement began: “The NRL has reaffirmed that it will impose life bans on any persons convicted of match fixing.”

Gallop went on to say: “Clearly there remain some complex legal arguments to be heard and the rights of individuals through that process must be respected.

“The outcome for anyone found guilty of interfering with a match for any im- proper purpose could not be more apparent.”

Tandy is unregistered after being sacked from the Bulldogs, meaning the NRL has no need to rush in and declare his life ban.

Given there is also no lifeline from other clubs in sight, and unlikely to be, Gallop is prepared to wait until his legal matters have been settled before announcing his punishment.

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