NRL referees boss Tony Archer has admitted the match officials should have denied the Roosters their match-winning try against the Panthers on Saturday night.

“From the vision you can see that the touch judge is in good position to rule on the pass,” Archer said.

“After reviewing all the available angles and slowing the play up, I have determined that the pass is forward.

“It’s my expectation that the referees should have ruled that way.”

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      • Remember what goes around comes around. Expect the same sympathy later in the year when the Roosters get dudded. The truth of the matter is that last tackle on Peachey is a penalty in any other game when the game is not on the line. Also the offside on the kick chase that resulted in a try to the Panthers late in the game, the players that infringed did not take any part in the mistake made by the Roosters and the try should not have been called back IMO. It was a soft call.

  1. Did Tony Archer review last weeks Broncos VS Cowboys forward pass? Or the denied try Will Chambers who was judged to have lost control of the ball short of the line, although you can see the ball never loses contact with the arm and maintains downward pressure, which constitutes a try. The Bunker needs a missile aimed at it

    • Totally agree jarreau there has been a few shockers already how they can still make as many mistakes with the amount of technology is beyond reason no wonder people are starting to turn away from the game, it is disgraceful.

      • I agree. The ball was sliding through Granville​s fingers in his try last night. He didn’t have control of the ball. I am ok that it was awarded as long a the calls are consistent, but concidering Chambers try was not awarded, the calls aren’t concisten

  2. When a player is stop in a tackle as he passers the ball it gives the impression the ball goes forward . Didn’t look forward out of his hands at game speed .This link makes the most sense in regards to forward pass that i have seen.

  3. How can ARCHER make a statement like that when the video referee’s in the bunker are not allowed to rule on a forward pass if missed live on the field.
    Unless bunker reviews have changed this is a stupid statement by ARCHER.

  4. To me one of the biggest failings of Rugby League is what are the touch judges for other than confirming a conversion. They seem to miss forward passes knock ons police the same defensive line and we blame the referees for every error. If the bunker can make a decision of a knock on when a high ball is contested surely they can do the same in general play with the amount of money spent on it perhaps some should now be spent on more cameras.

  5. The refs had a Barry ,,, there clowns , they should also investigate the mollusc that sent Hodgkinson off , bet you’ll find that also deserves a smack down , as these refs abusing the ole Vincent’s or what !

    • Been celebrating the Sea Eagles win last night by the sounds of it. LOL

      Is it true that the Manly players did a lap of honour after the match? Hahahahahahaha

      • The Manly players went to the far corner to meet the away fans. And then Tom and Jake limped 120 meters to our corner to have a few selfies with the kids at our end. Inspiring.
        No victory lap.

  6. Moylan’s behind the back pass went miles forward as well and the try was awarded. Double standards much?

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